"I can't stand her anymore" she said as she looked at carmen. " Aren't you supposedly in love with her?" carmen said as she smirked

she looked at her giving her a grin. "I was, but now I just can't even look at her. Time changes just like feelings."

Carmen nodded her head side to side. "I hope you don't feel the same way about me?"

"Of course I don't you're my lover and spencer is just my boring wife. I just want to escape." she mumbled going on top of carmen.

"then let's go away." carmen whispered giving her a kiss.

"it's not that I'm hungry let's go eat." she stood up getting ready.


They entered the restaurant and sat across from each other. "I'm going to the restroom." carmen murmured standing up.

"hello I'm Ashley, your waitress for the evening, What would you like to drink?" ashley spoke looking at the notepad in front of her.

She looked up from the menu and noticed Ashley immediately. "Oh my fuck." she said. Ashley moved her gaze thinking something bad happened, but was surprised at what she saw.

"yyou...mme..uh" ashley whispered not believing the sight in front of her.

She stood up from her seat and grabbed ashey's arm dragging her to her car. " get in" she said. Ashley got in listening to her orders.

She drove to the beach. She turned off her car and moved her gaze to ashley. " you look exactly like me...well except I'm much prettier and I do have more filling in the front and the backside, but nevertheless you're like a copy of me."

Ashley sat there listening to her rant about them looking alike. Ashley felt lost and didn't know what to do. "as surprising as this is. Why did you drag me all the way to the beach and who are you?" ashley asked.

"I'm Mandy Musgrave-Carlin, but just call me mandy and I brought you here because I have a proposition for you." mandy spoke keeping her gaze on ashley as she still was amazed how ashley did really look like her.

" what kind... of proposition are ...implying?" ashley asked feeling slightly scared.

Mandy gave her smirk. "It involves you taking my place."

"what place?"

" Like being a devoted wife and mother for about a couple weeks . Its nothing to much to ask for and if you do it. I will pay you 2 million dollars." mandy said.

"You must really hate your husband." ashley said giving her a small smile.

Mandy nodded her head side to side. "I never said I had a husband."

"well you said to be a devoted wife." ashley said becoming confused.

" do you want the money yes or no?"

"If I do it I get paid 2 million dollars right?" ashley spoke moving her gaze out the window.

"yes, and if you do a great job I'll pay more. Believe me this job is way better than your job down at the restaurant." mandy said trying to get ashley's attention.

'I do need the money and it just for a couple weeks' ashley thought then moved her gaze back to mandy. "fine I'll do it."

mandy clapped her hands. "good. This is going to be the best vacation for me."

"aren't you going to tell me about your family." ashley asked

"oh right...okay before I tell you anything you can't back out... promise." mandy said keeping her gaze with ashley.

" is it bad or something?"

"of course not...I told you that I'm married, but not to guy it's actually a girl." mandy said still keeping her gaze on her.

"a...a..ggirl?" ashley moved her confused face down to her hands. Mandy rolled her eyes. "yeah a girl is there a problem with that?"

ashley gave her a scared look. "I don't know how to be with a girl."

Mandy raised her eyebrow. "who said anything about being with my wife. Me and my wife haven't had sex in a long that won't be a problem."

ashley nodded her head. "okay fine. How does your wife look like and whats her name?"

Mandy took out her phone. "this is my wife, Spencer and the little girl is our daughter Sammy." she said pointing to the picture on the phone.

Ashley watched in amazement at how beautiful Spencer looked and their daughter. 'why would anyone want to leave her side she's so beautiful.'

"hello ashley?" Mandy said getting annoyed.

"huh" ashley said

"you kinda spaced out. Look we don't have time for this shit so let me give you the basic info about my beloved family. First, spencer is my wife she owns a record label with her best friend, aiden. Aiden is married to Kyla, which is spencer's sister. Thats all the people you need to know and they hate me even my own wife so you won't be talking to them that much. I'm a major bitch that loves money and everyone knows that. Thats all you need know." ashley gave her a small smile.

"lets get you out of those clothes and into more classy ones." Mandy said as she started the car.


Ashley felt uncomfortable in the clothes she was wearing they were to revealing for her own taste.

"okay so here's the address to the mansion and don't get lost. Remember you're a bitch that loves money. Any questions?"

"uh...I" ashley could barely speak getting nervous

"good. You can go now. Oh please take care of my baby." Mandy said

"oh..sammy yeah I'll take care of her." ashley whispered

"not her. I'm talking about my car, which you're driving." Mandy said as she entered back to the restaurant leaving a nervous ashley behind.

' okay can do this..its 2 million dollars. You need that money.'

she started the car heading to the Carlin's residence.


"why are you with her?" aiden asked as he saw spencer looking at a picture of her family.

"because she's my wife." spencer said putting the picture back to its place.

" you don't even love her." aiden whispered as he sat in front of her. Spencer covered her face with her hands.

"That doesn't matter because we have a daughter together and it would break sammy's heart if I wasn't with her mom." spencer said as she moved her chair around not wanting to face aiden. She knew that he was right, but she couldn't bring herself to let Mandy go.

Ashley arrived at the mansion and stared at it not believing something this huge could be a house. 'wow..I can't believe Mandy would leave this.'

she got out of the car and headed towards the front door. 'should I knock...nah I'll just go is my house' she went in without knocking.

"Mandy is that you?" spencer screamed coming out of the dining room.

Ashley stood still not knowing what to do. "Y..yyeah!" she said. Spencer stood in front of her. "I can't believe you Mandy. Your 30 minutes late for dinner. Why are you late?" spencer asked

ashley looked at spencer taking in the view of spencer's beautiful body. "I...I was"

spencer sighed. "Its always the same thing with you every single day. When are you going to change?"

ashley didn't have time to answer. "Mommy!" a little blond girl came running towards ashley. "Sammy" ashley whispered kneeling down to the girl.

"I missed you." the little girl said as she hugged ashley.

Spencer was surprised that Mandy accepted the hug. 'she has never let sammy hug her before.' her thoughts were broken when she heard giggling. She looked down and saw Mandy tickling sammy.

"!" spencer smiled liking the laughter of Mandy and sammy.

Ashley stopped her movements sitting up with sammy on her lap. "Since I have to give mommy a kiss?" ashley said pointing to her cheek.

Sammy looked thoughtful for second until a small grin appeared on her face. "okay, but mama has to give you one too." ashley stopped smiling upon hearing sammy's request and moved her gaze to spencer.

Spencer stood quiet. 'I haven't touched Mandy in while and I don't think I can. She has hurt me way to much and just because she hugged sammy doesn't mean I have to be nice to her or do anything with her.'

"sammy, honey its time for dinner." spencer said not wanting to look at ashley. Sammy stood up and taking ashley's hand. "Do you want to sit by me?" sammy said while pouting at the same time. Ashley softly smiled at her. "Why wouldn't I?"

sammy moved her gaze down to the floor. "you said before that you would never sit with me because I eat like a pig." ashley frowned at what the little girl had said.

"sammy forget everything I have ever said to you. Mommy had just been really angry with some people, but Forgive me for being a mean witch. I promise never to say those mean things ever again okay. " ashley gave sammy a soft kiss on the cheek and on the forehead. 'I can't promise you forever, but I promise for the weeks that I am here I will be the best mom that you could ever ask for' ashley thought as she pulled sammy in for a hug

"okay" sammy whispered wrapping her small arms around ashley's neck. Ashley moved her gaze to spencer and saw how hurt and angry she looked.

Spencer wanted so much to go up to Mandy and slap her across the face for saying those cruel words to a child, but stopped her movements when she heard Mandy speak and apologize. She had never heard Mandy apologize for anything, but she still knew that mandy would always be the same girl. This was just an act.

"why don't we go eat." spencer said as she signaled sammy towards her. Sammy nodded her head up and down agreeing with her. "come on mommy come sit with me." sammy excitedly shouted.

Ashley smiled following the little girl. She stopped her movements once she saw the huge dining hall. 'WOW' was the only thing she could think that could describe the dining hall. "come on mommy" sammy whined pulling ashley's hand towards the seat.

Spencer kept her gaze on th girls as they still kept on giggling for the simplest of things. 'I don't know what Mandy is up to, but she better not hurt sammy.'