…..this is the last chapter of this story … and I loved writing this one for you guys really it was a journey and I hope you guys loved it … Im sorry I kept draggin the ending of this story and this is the end or it... I thank you guys that kept reading it cause you guys kept me motivated in doing this... and its done just for you ….. again thank you for reading it :)

"spence" she softly whispered her lips near her ear . " wake up please I need to tell you something"

"mm .. ash" spencer spoke turning around facing her; barley opening her eyes and staring into brown eyes. "whats wrong?" she tiredly spoke sleep still in her voice .

She stood up from the bed turning so her back was to her . "I need to tell you ...something..very important"

spencer sat up noticing that the tension was slowly rising . " ash .. whats going on ?" she spoke more awake and alert .

"you ..sss...seee ttheres something ..."

spencer stood up from the bed walking towards ashley standing behind her . "ash whats going on" she said moving her hands up to her arms and softly touching her encouraging her on to speak. " please just tell me already"

ashley closed her eyes as a tear slowly started marking territory down her cheek. "I..I ..Mandy planned all this out …I didn't want you to know about me !... a.. who I was ….Mandy forced me to do this!" ashley spoke turning around facing spencer tears drifting from her eyes. " I sss..wear I didnt want to do this … but I ..hhad.. no choice"

she moved her hands up her cheeks wiping away her tears . " ashley what are you talking about ...please dont cry"

she closed her eyes "I..im sorry"

"open your eyes and tell me whats going on!"

she opened her eyes . " ok … but please promise not to hate me ...please"

"ash .. I could never hate you I love you so much and nothing or anyone can change that … now please just tell me whats going on"

"I've never told anyone about my past .. but you need to know ...bb.. back than I was reckless and I did anything just to feel something ...aand..I..I I mean aa..as in sex"

spencer closed her eyes not liking the idea of anybody else being with the girl she fell in love with.

"go on" spencer spoke moving her hands away from ashley.

' great she must be disgusted with me ' ashley thought as more tears gathered around her brown eyes.

"after …oone ..of tthose careless nights... I got pppregnant...i swear I was..ggoing..tto keep it!" ashley shouted the last part out as she slowly fell to the floor. " I was..ggoing to keep it to have somebody to love and have to love me ffforr....mmme"

spencer hurriedly moved to ashley gathering her up in her arms. "shh.. its ..ok love you don't have to say anything more.."

she lifted her head up staring into sad blue eyes " no you have to know …. I..I ended up having a miscarriage … losing my ..baby"

"ash ..you really dont .."

"no!" she shouted standing up . " I didnt want you to find out about any of this ever … but I guess mandy found out … and … the day after you left that check to me .. she came and made this whole plan where I would go and live with you a..and then we would switch making her ashley and me leaving as mandy......I..I told her no … I swear I did.. but she said if I didnt ...do it she would come to you and tell you about ...my past ..about me."

closing her eyes standing from her position ' mandy … fucking mandy' she angrily thought her hands forming into fists.

' she hates me .. she hates me ' ashley started slowly moving towards her but stopped when she saw spencer hold her hand up

"don't..don't come near me ."

"spencer ..I didnt want this to happen I swear.. "

"ashley …. I love you ! I wouldn't be ashamed of your past or judge you … loving all of you means everything no buts or exceptions.... I just wish you would've come to me early" spencer said opening her eyes sadness seeping on to them

" spencer I was afraid ! I didn't want you or anyone to know about this cause it hurts...and there's too much pain!"

she released her grip on her fists as she moved towards her.. " ash … promise me that there is no more lies and that there wont be anymore."

"what?" a confused ashley asked thinking that spencer would've kicked her out by now

" I said promise me no lies"


"just promise me ..please" spencer spoke pulling ashley towards her

"I promise..."

spencer pulled her in letting their lips softly touch her hands moving up her cheeks wiping away what was left of those tears.

"but what about mandy?" ashley spoke breaking the kiss.

"do you really have to ruin the moment?" spencer spoke raising an eyebrow . " And Mandy thinks she has won.. but were just gonna have to surprise her"

"and how are we gonna do that?" ashley said intrigued by spencer's words.

"just wait my love when was the switch gonna happen?"

"..um..tonight around 3 in the morning."

' Mandy Mandy how is it that you come up with these brilliant ideas.. such a mastermind... well not only did I come with beauty but of course the use of a great mind.... a very great mind if I may say so …. stupid ashley and spencer did they actually think they were gonna live happily ever after ha ha this isn't a fucking fairytale … once I go back to my house ill be in charge again and that bitch of spencer will be under my say since she is in love with ashley whom I shall become once that hand on my clock turns to 3 see what a fairytale ..haha. '

her phone started ringing . "hello"

"mandy its me ashley"

"didn't I tell you to call me at three." she spoke looking down at her manicure

" yeah but I just want to get this over and done with so you can come and switch now"

"fine ...spencer hasn't woken up has she ?"

"no not at all"

"ok fine ill be there in a couple … but I'm warning you this better come out good or else your dear spencer will find out what kinda of a whore you were.. got it "

"yes "

a smirk forming as she thought ' finally ! Back to my kingdom … money ..money and more money'

"its done shes on her way ."

"good... I'm so gonna love the face she's gonna make when I'm done with her" spencer spoke a big smile forming on her face.

she opened the door to the dark mansion walking in slowly and quietly … she noticed a figure on top of the stairs their back facing her...' showtime'

"ashley" she whispered going up the stairs moving towards the figure.. the figures back still turned to her .

Finally reaching the figure.. she laid her hands on her turning her around " ash..." she stopped mid sentence when she noticed it wasn't her,

"not ashley but spencer " the figure spoke giving her a chaste smile … the lights turned on by ashley as spencer stood there staring onto mandy


"mandy mandy …. to think that you would ever change .. huh? how stupid of me ."


"no dont say anything let me do all the talking"

mandy moved her sight between both spencer and ashley

"did you actually think that you would win … that your fucking plan was going to work ! Well I guess your little plan failed " a small chaste laugh left her lips as she kept her blue eyes one her .

" you fuckin whore … you ruined everything!!" mandy shouted pointing at ashley as her anger kept growing. " fucking bitch !! I guess you really did what spencer to know what kinda whore you really are!!!"

she grabbed her arm her grip hurting her . " don't you fucking call her that ever again and if you're gonna tell me anything about her I don't want to hear it especially if it comes from your filthy mouth... ashley has told me everything and theres nothing that you can say or do that will make me stop loving her"

mandy pulled her arm back stepping away from spencer . " ha ha you're both pathetic and did the little whore tell you everything from the slut she was to losing that fucking prick?..."

she slapped her feeling her anger arise from the insults she was implying on her love .. " fuck you mandy and get the fuck out you have nothing here.... the door is that way" spencer spoke pointing towards the door.

Hand on her face .. mandy moved her gaze from ashley to spencer one last time before she quickly started moving down the steps and out of the door shutting it hard on her leave

"I'm sorry she insulted you that way." spencer whispered turning towards ashley.

"no babe please don't apologize for that bitche's wrongs... she knows now that nothing can tear us apart from each other … and the only thing that matters now is that I love you ."

a smile forming on her lips as she moved close to her. " and I love you ashley." she whispered moving in lips touching and moving against each other with such softness and love

the end......