A Twilight Fanfic

By Sylamesio123

Bella has always loved working in the local nursery for plants. She volunteers there daily. What happens when Edward Cullen is sent to work there also, but because he has to serve 700 hours of community service? Will they find love, and will Edward find that he can trust someone other than himself and let Bella in? And will Bella be able to tell Edward the secret her family has to keep hidden? ALL HUMAN

Chapter 1. My life


"Bella, dear, don't forget you twenty dollars." Mrs. Keebly called after me as I headed for my Chevy truck. I sighed and turned around, smiling at her small body as it ran toward me.

"How many times do I have to tell you?" I said, laughing, "I am just volunteering, I don't want to be given money."

She just ignored me and rolled her eyes. She finally reached me, that wrinkled old woman, and she grabbed my hand. I put my hand in a fist, but she was strong for and old lady and she pried it open, and placed the twenty dollar bill square in my palm.

I sighed playfully and turned to get into my car, "Thank you for the money." I said over my back. I could almost feel her large smile spread across her face as I started my truck.

Suddenly I got this sick feeling in my stomach as I got to the street on which I lived. For it was not the street that made me sick to my stomach, but seeing my uncle's car in the driveway sure did the trick.

About four years ago I moved in with my aunt and uncle when my parents died. They had three kids: Jasper, Emmett, and Alice. Emmett was seventeen along with Alice. Jasper was sixteen, and I was the youngest; I was fifteen. I loved my cousins and my aunt very much. My uncle was a different story.

I parked a block away from the small two-story house on purpose, thinking that I could maybe sneak in without my uncle seeing me and get up to my room.

I walked down the street as slowly as possible, thinking that maybe if my uncle had one last sip of his beer he would pass out before I got home. I looked over in the street across from my house to find that Alice was also home, probably already with my uncle, him doing what he did. I sighed, thinking of Alice crouched in the corner of the laundry room, pure horror on her face as her father neared her. That was how it was this morning, the last time I had seen her. I was five o' clock now, and my aunt wouldn't be home for two hours, giving my uncle plenty of time to do what he did to me.

I also noticed that Emmett or Jasper's car wasn't in the driveway or on the street, I sighed, missing them already.

All too soon I neared the house, and then after a moment the front door. I reached in my purse and fumbled for my key, and then realized it must have been in my school backpack. I took the bag off of my back, and unzipped the front pocket. But before I could even find the key and enter it into the lock the door opened.

I looked up to find Alice looking at me, a purple ring surrounding her left eye. I gasped and stood up immediately and went to examine her, my fingertips softly touching her face. She closed her eyes as a tear slid down her cheek and landed on my shoulder as I hugged her tightly. Then I heard a loud bang coming from the living room.

"Get upstairs." I commanded her. Her eyes widened and she stared at me, not moving an inch as she shook her head. "Alice, I don't have time to argue." I said as I heard footsteps coming from the hallway that lead from the living room to the kitchen and then to the walkway, where Alice and I now stood.

I softly shut the door, leaving my purse and backpack outside. "Bella, but you are so young." She was right, I was two years younger than her, but I had been through so much. I felt as if I was so much older. She pleaded with me to go upstairs, but I refused. I didn't want to watch her get hurt like I had that morning.

Then I heard my uncle's footsteps getting louder, so near to us. I sighed angrily and glared at her. Finally she ran up the stairs faster than I could have possibly moved. She was much more athletic than I was. If only my uncle would let her stay out later than three-thirty to go to track practice, something Alice loved to do more than anything in the world.

Finally Uncle Zachary rounded the corner, his eyes only focused on me. I closed my own eyes and imagined happy things, like plants and getting away from this house. I could hear Alice's bedroom—well the bedroom that we shared—door slam. My eyes shot open at the sudden burst of sound. My uncle didn't even flinch as he heard the noise.

There was a beer bottle in his hand, not a surprise to me, yet I still flinched. As he smirked I felt I shiver shoot down my spine. I hands and legs were shaking with every step he took near me.

"Hey, little girl, are you ready to party?" I gasped as he dropped the bottle on the ground as the glass broke on contact with the wood floor. I clamped my hands together, something I did whenever I got nervous.

Then he suddenly jumped forward and pinned my shoulders against the door. To my surprise no tears came. I must have been completely dried out. I had done enough crying because of this for one lifetime.

I looked up at the ceiling, not wanting to watch, as his hands felt every inch of my body. I gasped when he squeezed my butt. He clamped his hand over my mouth and I cried out in pain as his fingernails scraped under my shirt and into my back. I felt blood drip out of the scratches, and it stung like hell, but still no tears came.

He lifted my shirt off of me and squeezed my breasts with both hands, and I gasped once again. Then I heard a loud knock on the door, saving me from my uncle going any farther like he had just two nights before. . Uncle Zachery quickly let go of me and pushed me to the ground, "Get upstairs, bitch." He whispered as he opened the door. I made my way up the stairs but I stopped to see who it was at the top, eavesdropping.

There, in the doorway, stood my angel. Also know as Emmett Cullen. He looked so beautiful, standing there rescuing me. He glared at my uncle and walked right past him, at least a foot taller than my uncle. He came up the stairs, still frowning. He didn't always used to be this way, angry and depressed all of the time. He used to never be serious; he was always telling a joke. But I hadn't heard anything funny come out of his mouth since I moved in, since my uncle started the beatings…and the raping.

I got up as quickly as I could and ran into Alice and my room, shutting the door softly behind me.

I looked over at Alice's side of the room to see her glowering at a picture of her mother—and my aunt—that stood on her nightstand. "I hate her. She won't tell anyone what he does to her…and us." She suddenly said as I sat on my bed opposite of hers. I cocked my head to the side a little bit. I don't see how anyone could hate my Aunt Esme, she was so amazing, despite all she had been through. Ever since my uncle had thought she had an affair with her Doctor, Carlisle Cullen, she had gotten beaten along with us. Though I didn't understand why she wouldn't tell, I still couldn't ever hate her.

I didn't blame her for not telling. Alice didn't understand that any one of us could tell: Jasper, Emmett, her, or even me. I was too scared to say anything. What if it didn't go well and the police didn't believe us? The abuse would get even worse and he could end up severely injuring us, if not killing us.

I sighed as Emmett came into the room and I instinctively reached for the bat that laid by my bed side. He lifted his hand, the frown never leaving his face, and I put the bat down.

"Are you both okay?" He asked softly as he sat next to Alice.

"She got the worst. I only got a punch in the face. She always gets the worst." Alice whispered, thinking I couldn't hear her. Her voice was much louder than she thought.

Emmett's eyes narrowed as he realized that I was shirtless. He cocked his head to the side and pain came into his eyes as his eyes traveled down my body, seeing the bruises that covered my arms and legs.

"He barely did anything to me. It was nothing compared to what he usually does. Thank you for that, Emmett." I smiled at him, but he did not return anything. He sighed. He didn't believe that I had gotten off easy, though I had. "Emmett, I mean, look at how he makes Alice dress. She got the worst." I tried to convince him as Alice tried to cover he almost bear chest. The shirt her father made her wear was barely a shirt at all.

"Bella," Alice said, her voice hard. She wasn't convinced either.

"I'm serious," Then suddenly something shot through me and I was suddenly sobbing, the tears I had saved up pouring freely, "She she she g-got the w-worst." I sobbed as Emmett came over to my bed and sat beside me. He wrapped his arms around me and smoothed my hair as I cried from the pain. My whole body ached and I needed to sleep to get away from this horrible world.

As if God himself had answered my prayers I immediately fell asleep in Emmett's arms, escaping finally. Or at least until morning…

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