A guardian angel

A small boy sat in the junkyard, resting against a pile of discarded metal, his long green hair obscuring his face. He felt alone, like always… No one wanted him around. No one ever wanted him around. That was why he was left here in the first place.

A few tears came to the four-year-old's eyes, and his lower lip began to tremble.

Hey, hey, don't cry.

The boy sniffed in surprise, and his tears dried on their own as he lowered his legs and blinked, looking around for the source of the comforting words.

"Who… where are you?" He asked awkwardly, confused but not scared.

I'm right here. You aren't able to see me now, but don't be scared. I'm here to protect you.

A bright, childish smile appeared on the boy's face.

"Are… are you an angel?" He wondered shyly.

Suddenly he could sense… confusion, from… from somewhere. It was all around him, or… inside him? That couldn't be…

As quickly as it had come, the feeling the child sensed changed from confusion to contentment and a touch of happiness.

That's it, I'm an angel. I'm a guardian angel for you, Tsukasa-kun.

Tsukasa giggled happily, all traces of sadness gone from his face and mind.

"You won't leave me? Like…?"

Now the boy felt a sense of anger and protectiveness, but not against him.

No, not like them. I'll never leave you alone, Tsukasa-kun.

He wrapped his arms around his chest in happiness, as he was unable to hug his angel.



Tsukasa smiled again.

"That's your name, Hikaru. It means angel."

Tsukasa felt a connecting sense of happiness like the emotions he felt before.

Hai. My name will be Hikaru.

Authors notes: Yes, I know, very short. T.T I have inpiration for a ton of fics, but as soon as I start writing, they all dissapear. I wrote this, though. Anyway, I'll be 16 in less than a month... scary... anyway, I WILL have posted more by then, hopefully a Shinigami chapter as well. (It's hard, though, for the next chapter I have no solid ideas, only vague ones... I'll get it done as soon as I can though!) Hope you liked this.

Okay, apparently Hikaru means "Light", not "Angel"... (O.o Why in the world did they name him that...) cough Anyway, I like this story, so I'm keeping it up anyway. Sometime I might try and change it to make it fit the -real- description, though.