Tommy and Jason sat in the front of the ambulance next to the driver, while the two adults worked on Kimberly's wrist. Nick cut the cast off Kimberly's wrist. The wrist was all swollen and purple.

"I don't like how this is looking. We are going to have to operate immediately." Joseph said.

They arrived at the hospital, Nick had told the boys to wait in the waiting room. Joseph and Nick immediately took Kimberly for an X-ray.

"I don't believe this, why didn't we notice it before." Nick said as they looked at the X-ray of Kimberly's wrist.

"Well that explains why it is still swollen and why she is having trouble with the blood circulation." Joseph answered.

In the waiting room

Jason and Tommy were pacing with worry. They knew that whatever it is that is wrong with Kimberly's wrist is serious. After what seemed like hours and probably was, Nick and Joseph came out to the waiting room.

"How is Kimberly?" The boys asked.

"We are going to keep her here tonight. Her wrist is worse than what we originally thought." Nick told them.

"She is very lucky that she got here when she did. If you hadn't called us, Kimberly would have more than likely have lost her wrist and her hand. There is an infection in the break, but that is not even the worst part." Joseph added.

"What is the worse than an infection in her wrist?" Jason asked.

"The break was worse than we originally thought. The bone was crushed, which is how she ended up with the infection. It is also why that her wrist keeps swelling up when we had thought it was healing."

"But you can fix it, right?" Tommy asked.

"No, her wrist is currently being held together with pins. But the crushed bone is permanent." Nick added.

"So what happens now?" Jason asked.

"Now we treat the swelling as it occurs, but her wrist will always be in a cast; unless some miracle occurs and her crushed bone starts healing. As her doctor, I am not counting on that miracle happening. However, as her father, I am hoping that the impossible happens and she gets her miracle." Joseph answered.

"Kim should be waking up from the anesthesia in about an hour, you two can visit with her then." Nick told the boys as he and Joseph start to walk away.

"Hey dad, wait a minute." Jason called catching up with them.

"Yes." Joseph answered turning around.

"I was just wondering about Kimberly's gymnastics."

Joseph knew what his son was getting at. Kimberly loved her gymnastics.

"Are you going to allow her to continue with a crushed wrist?" Jason asked.

"No! Of course not. It would be too dangerous." Joseph responded.

"She can get hurt." Nick added.

"Could she possibly get any worse then what she already is?" Tommy asked

"She could break her other wrist by putting too much pressure on it." Nick answered.

"With the extra training and practice, she could pull it off. Be the One-Armed Gymnast who is capable of getting the perfect score." Jason added.

"No! Absolutely not! I am not risking her health; or allowing her to do something that could injure her further." Joseph defended hoping the boys would drop this topic.

"Dad, you know as well as I do. She will never give up gymnastics. It was her lifeline during Caroline's cancer. She would never have made it through that if it wasn't for her gymnastics." Jason defended.

"That was different she was 8 years old. Now that she is older, she can handle it much better."

"There is nothing in this world that would make Kimberly give up her gymnastics, not even a permanently crushed bone in her wrist. Do you really want to spend the next 3 years fighting with her on it, or just let her put in the extra practice and training and hope for the best." Jason argued.

"I suppose you are right. I don't like it and I never will. But, I don't want her sneaking around either. So I will talk to Lacey about it when she shows up with the others." Joseph finally agreed to the situation.

"Boys stay here, I will have a nurse come and get you when Kimberly wakes up." Nick told them.

Tommy and Jason sat in the waiting room talking to pass the time while they thumbed through the magazines on the table.

"You really went to bat for her." Tommy commented.

"Yeah I know, while I happen to agree with Dad about her gymnastics. I know Kim all too well. I mean look at what happened during that competition. Nothing could talk her out of competing. Besides I didn't really want to spend the next 3 years fighting with either of them on this topic. I would be just caught in the middle again." Jason agreed.

"You know. I don't want to be in the same room as Kimberly, if Joseph tells her she has to give up gymnastics permanently." Tommy replied.

"I know what you mean; I don't want to be on the same planet as Kimberly if he tells her that."

"Think Zordon would allow us go to another planet until Kim calms down?" Tommy asked.

"Unfortunately no, that would be using our Powers for personal gain. Even if it would save our sanity."

The nurse came up to the boys.

"Kimberly is waking up. You can go see her. She is in 421"

"Come on, let's go see her." Jason said grabbing Tommy arm and headed towards the elevator.

AN: I actually knew a girl who had the bone in her wrist crushed permanently, of course she happen to be anorexic at the time. Her wrist is being held together by pins and for the rest of her life.