As he washed up on Ogygia, my heart grew heavy. Had it been a few millenia already? It had scarcely felt like two months. I skipped over to the shimmering water and gazed upon his face. He was definitely unconscious, but I would fix that. Who was this mysterious man? My latest love, Percy Jackson.

I would not let myself love him. As hard as I tried, I could not stop myself. His cut, emaciated face only made him look more handsome in my eyes. I started healing him by moonlight with simple incantations and by morning he was awake.

While he was sleeping, he muttered a few phrases. Grover. Tyson. Luke. These words meant nothing to me. Kronos. Okay, maybe I did know a little bit. But then came the next word: Annabeth. I knew then and there that there was no chance of him staying with me for all eternity.

When he finally awakened, he asked me the basic questions: who I was, where he was, and if I was evil. His voice, to me, sounded sweeter than a bird's song, but to avoid another heartbreak, I held back.

He noticed that, too, and asked me what was wrong in that angelic voice of his. I would not tell him for fear of rejection yet again. He went back to sleep and I thought of how heartbroken I would end up.

The next night, he planted some moonlace with me and told me about his life. I did not understand most of what he was saying, but I still listened intently. Abruptly, he told me how lovely my garden is. I'll admit, I was extremely flattered. He said how his mother wanted a garden in a place called Manhattan, but there wasn't enough room. My garden is one of the few things I own that helps ease my heartbreak. I could not survive without despair if I did not have it.

I remembered the past heroes that had broken my heart. They were all older than Percy, but none as charming. I felt sad, so I pondered who the people or things that he had spoken of were. He had said that Grover and Annabeth were friends and that Tyson was a brother. For Luke, though, I had no clue. Kronos. What has happened in my absence? Has he risen again? Faded away? Will I fade away? I dearly hope not.

I suddenly became excruciatingly mad. Mad at myself. Mad at the gods. Mad at the world. The only person who I could think of who I was not mad at was Percy. If he could just-

No. I refused to think of what could happen if he stayed, which heroes never can.

A day after, Lord Hephaestus came to visit my guest. I thought I knew what he told Percy. Just the thought makes a tear roll down my cheek.

My fear was confirmed. Percy kindly told me that he could not accept my offer. He had to save the world.

I gave him a sprig of moonlace to plant in Manhattan. He promised he would, and did not look like one to fall back on promises. I sent him on his way.

And as I looked back at his retreating figure on the horizon, I started crying.

He would not come back.