Ch 9

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Sephiroth wasn't exactly sure why he'd been involved in this meeting. It wasn't like he had any say on the goings on of the running of the business. Lola Gibson, the current president of the Chiran Corp stood at the head of the table, actually wearing a shirt today, though it was rather low cut. Katachi sat on her left while Sephiroth was to her right, beyond that were several others whom the ex-general didn't give a damn about, all of which were nicely dressed and attentive as Lola conducted the business part of the meeting. They currently couldn't quite focus on Sephiroth, and thus was he ignored. Seph would never tire of being able to simply hide in plain sight. Katachi and Lola knew he was there, however and thus he could not make them think he was just a random bystander not worthy of noticing, but Katachi was still pissed and Lola was too busy speaking.

The room was a bit larger than Lola's office, though hardly the grandiose affair the Shira meeting room had been. It certainly didn't have an airshaft that connected to the bathrooms! Finally, Lola finished up the agenda, but certainly wasn't through. "Now for our last order of business," she stated, confusing several as they looked on their lists for anything else. "Our funds have been low for decades," she stated, "all of us have been overlooked and underpaid," voice rising and falling melodically- yes, she was a very fine speaker and the fact that she was pleasing to the eyes wasn't bad either. "We have been hard at work up here while we get paid the same wage as one of the lowest employees in the business, stomped on by the government and mistrusted because of what happened so long ago. How could WE- those who keep this world running smoothly and advancing be so treated?" she asked, hands coming to rest on the back of her chair after lifting them above her head briefly. "We should take this opportunity to strike at the heart of it all! Everyone is complacent, they've grown lazy and ignorant, they wouldn't expect anything so bold as an uprising from us. They don't realize how large we've grown! Now is the time to get our just rewards!" She slammed her fist into her palm, a vicious gleam in her eyes as she spoke.

The other seven business men and women in the room seemed to agree with the idea. Several nodded, one even went so far as to grin. However, one spoke up. "And how do you plan on doing that? We've no way to accomplish your plan though I'm more than up for it." The man had strawberry blonde hair, a clean shaven face and somewhat innocent seeming green eyes. Randal Davis was his name, an intelligent and ambitious young man who was the youngest of the group gathered. Even Katachi couldn't match him on that, though they were both probably fighting over the women. He folded his arms, clear voice stabbing a frozen knife into the muted excitement of the room. He was the current head of the space program and automobile industry and had been in the position for four years.

Lola's red-painted lips curled into a sweet smile. "Mr. Davis, how kind of you to bring that up," she said after a moment of silence, "I'm sure this will be something dastardly enough to impress even you." She stepped around the table, pacing slowly, coming to stop behind Sephiroth's chair- and thinking better on placing a hand upon him, she set her delicate hand on the back of his chair instead. "I hope you all remember your history lessons.. for we're about to reenact one of the world's greatest moments!"

Sephiroth had never really been one for dramatic entrances, though Lola's introduction had been quite interesting. He simply dropped his cloaking, allowing those gathered in to room to actually focus their eyes on him... Yes, the lack of getting stared at before was fully made up by this moment and he eyed them all in return. Lola spoke again, gaining a fraction of their attention. "Doctor Katachi, our dear little over achiever went a step beyond what I had asked him to do. I give you the great General Sephiroth of Chiran Corp. He will be handling the military side of our plans. Mr. Sephiroth- perhaps you'd like to say a few words to your co-workers."

Slowly, he turned his head- looking at her from the corners of his eyes. Was she an idiot? "Not particularly," he stated, eyes sliding back towards the rest of the group.

"Ms. Gibson, are you certain that this is a good idea- after what he did-" one middle aged woman spoke up, her graying hair twirled into a bun and pinned tightly to the back of her hair, her pudgy face gone a rather unhealthy looking shade of white.

Lola snapped a hand up, silencing the protest, keeping more from being voiced. "I assure you, there is no danger." Sephiroth was.. confused. What in the world were they talking about? What had he done? Simply followed orders in the Wutai war, how could THAT have been twisted? Well.. it WAS possible. He felt compelled to speak up in his own defense, however, his lips remained closed, expression stoic. "Sephiroth owes us his life-" Lola continued from behind him; his brow twitched.

"My life means nothing to you, however," the general stated softly, cutting her off- causing the woman to turn a bit pale, matching the rest of the group except Katachi who was still preening from having his name mentioned and praised. "I will follow orders so long as I have no objection to them. Currently I have no objection, however, if you continue to speak as if I were a mere object I would feel compelled to forcibly correct that line of thinking." His eyes trailed over the others gathered, including Katachi. "If I am in charge of the military operations, where is my army?" he asked, getting no answer, "Weapons? Targets?.." still no answers..

Silence fell and finally Sephiroth's eyes fell upon the young man that.. somehow reminded him of Rufus Shinra- though perhaps more intelligent- and finally got his answer. "I believe that would be your responsibility, sir," he stated, "We are severely limited in our abilities and manpower, we cannot form an army as such, nor buy weapons in mass quantities." Randal Davis paused, "However, I would like to see this plan succeed, thus, my division of the Corp will give you the funding to do so. None know that you are alive, I assume- and none know that you are working for us. Thus, you would have the ability to do what we cannot."

Yes.. Much more intelligent. Sephiroth had to admit, that he liked the man. He was very businesslike. Giving a nod, Sephiroth settled back into his chair, Lola having returned to hers finally. "If there is nothing to work with already then perhaps a small team, or several would be best. I will need to be more updated as to the current affairs of the world. However, a concise list of targets would give me something I could make a battle plan from," Sephiroth replied, accent still rather bad, but he didn't particularly care. They could understand one another and that was enough.

Randal nodded slightly- though he was beaten to the punch by someone else speaking up, wanting to get into Sephiroth's favor as well. "It will be done by four tomorrow, sir."

"Send it to me once you have it," Lola interjected, "I will look it over and forward it to the General." Giving a pleased smile towards the eager middle aged man who'd volunteered to do the research on that subject- he'd been trying for some time to get Lola's favors as well and thus had he killed two birds with one stone. "Is there anything else you need?" she asked Sephiroth.

"My sword," he stated coldly, "Which WAS my payment. It has been three weeks since our first meeting and you have yet to follow through on your promise. There are many other ways to kill someone, but I prefer Masamune."

Lola took a slow and careful breath, "Your sword happens to be on tour through the western continent and we are not in a position to acquire it at the moment. Patience, Sephiroth, you have other things to do for now that do not require fighting."

He WOULD have growled at her if it hadn't have come out rather animalistic and seemed immature. Sephiroth settled for a glare and tapping of his fingers. "Then I would greatly suggest FINDING a way to get it as soon as possible... or I will." Silence fell once more.

Closing her eyes briefly and taking a breath, Lola replied, "Perhaps something else will suffice in the meantime? Is there a gun you fancy?"

Silence had fallen otherwise, those gathered looking back and forth from Lola to Sephiroth- gawking. Apparently, this was not what they'd expected Sephiroth to BE like. It was quite a lot better than his killing them outright, thus they were not unhappy with the current argument.

Sephiroth's brow twitched slightly. "No." He stated firmly and stood, long coat falling straight as he did so. "If we have so much time to waste, then I will take my leave of you." Pushing his chair back he turned, heading towards the door, hair flowing artistically behind him. Reaching the door, he pulled it open, paused, turning to face those gathered, gave a slight bow before stepping out and closing the door behind him.

Feh! 'can't get your sword cause it's on tour' "My ass," Sephiroth muttered, cloaking spell in place once more as he headed for the stairs. He was too irritated to take the elevator. "Supposed to take over the world with nothing but a handful of unmastered Materia and some pocket lint. They WANT to be stopped, don't they? Stupid bastards." His mouth stopped moving, however, his thoughts continued, that Davis boy seemed intelligent enough. Lola was ambitious, but was simply too slow. She would be discovered if she kept up the pace and didn't follow through on promises. He would have to observe Davis a bit more before making a full judgment on him, but he seemed like the most intelligent of the group, as well as the most sane. Perhaps if Lola proved too incompetent, Sephiroth would suggest to the others a slight change in leadership? Even Shinra wasn't overly cautious, fat, lazy, and a bit stupid, but he never hesitated to throw the best he had at a job, which was exactly what won him the war. If he'd kept Sephiroth locked in the basement for any longer then he would never have gotten the General to cooperate.

Shaking his head, Sephiroth stepped out into the first floor of the building, having been so lost in his thoughts that he didn't realize that he'd completed his trek down nearly sixteen flights of stairs. Stupid memories with their clarity and lack there of in some respects. Perhaps he would go to the library today? That was certainly ONE thing that this new time had that he wasn't used to. Free and public access to knowledge. What a strange concept!



Blessed silence- a relief from the noise outside, from the street and just the world in general. In the large building, there were many books, ages old manuscripts and newly printed books and computers with information that had been preserved in hardware before their original sources crumbled to dust. There were sections on science, and fiction, and art, aisle dedicated to those genres. However, the only one Sephiroth was interested in was the history section.

He sat at a table with a large book open before him, coat removed and dropped over the back of his chair. On the table before him were several other books that he had already looked through, still trying to find the time period HE was from. He'd finally found the part about the war- and to his amazement, the account was rather unbiased, even from his view of it. It simply stated the facts and that was it. His own name came up several times, mentioning how he had won this or that battle and been promoted to general on what day or whatnot. It was shocking how much they knew about him. Though that still wasn't much in the long run.

Giving a brief sigh, he skipped ahead a few pages. There was some stuff on the time after the war, and then-

A very strange picture took up half the page. A glowing ball of flaming rock sailing towards the ground while white-green wind-liquid flowed up from the ground.

Sephiroth didn't get the chance to read further however.

"Sir?" the elderly woman who was on duty in the library interrupted his thoughts. "Sir, the library's closing." She stared at him through her large glasses... and Sephiroth realized that he'd forgotten to hold his cloaking spell. Sighing, he shut the book, taking it and the others back to the shelves, placing them back where he'd gotten them. He supposed that was what he was supposed to do. Returning to his table, he picked up his coat- the old woman had moved on thankfully. Perhaps she will have thought she'd been hallucinating if she even recognized him at all. It hadn't looked like she had. She seemed more surprised to find anyone in that section of the library than anything.

Oh well. He would have to try again later.