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My life totally sucks, Sarah grumbled to herself and the currently plummeting rain soaking her entire body making her shoulder length hair cling to her face and neck, her clothes were no much different as they stick to her body. Somebody up there must hate me.

She had been at school with all her friends and had decided spontaneously to stay after hours to work on the extra credit she had requested with her History teacher. Now she wished she should've went with her friends and got on the warm bus instead of staying at school to finish her paper on which president of the USA had made the best contribution in the constitution.

Stupid paper, Sarah once again muttered under her breath making small puffs of air appear in front of her face. Is it just me or is it getting cold?

Sarah was completely wrapped up in her own world that she didn't even notice a pair of grey coloured, slightly tattered Chuck Taylor Converse following her. She also didn't notice that the rain had suddenly halted from drowning her with its seawater. It took her a minute to finally realize the rain had stopped and that someone rather something is hanging over her head.

What the hell? She literally raised a perfectly arched eyebrow and looked up noticing a black umbrella over her head. She instantly felt a lot happier.

"Took you long enough," The umbrella owner jokingly commented. "I was beginning to think that you were intentionally ignoring me." He then gave her his most heart-warming smile.

"Thanks," She grinned, slightly altered from the fact that she was freezing. "You might not want to get too close or else you'll get wet."

Right then and there the boy beside her genuinely wondered whether the girl was insane or just blatantly unobservant.

"Sarah, have you seen me?" The boy indicated his attire. True enough, he was as soaking wet as she is if not wetter.

"Oh," She smiled. "In that case you might want to get too close so we can share body heat."

"Works for me," The boy said with amusement lacing his tone. He then pulled the girl close and immediately felt warmer as he sighed in contentment.

"Eddy?" She called, her head resting on his chest. He sure has been working out, She thought.

"Yeah, Sarah?" He asked, entwining his free hand with hers. I may only be seventeen but damn, do I have it bad for her, He mused to himself.

"I think I love you," She suddenly stopped walking which sent him skidding to halt as well.

The boy beside her was nonetheless speechless. He felt as if he was about to burst in glee, however, he just gave her a huge smile instead.

"I think- no." He cut off suddenly, looking down at the girl in his arms meeting her eyes for the umpteenth time that day. "I know I love you, with all my heart."

With that said she instantaneously jumped at him and smothered his face with kisses as her lips met his. The kiss was soft and tender, full of pent up passion and love. With the umbrella long forgotten, both teens paid no heed of the cold rain pouring down showering them yet again as they continued to kiss.

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