Let Me Know When You Can See Through The Eyes Of The Unloved

I walk through Konoha sadly, unnoticed by anyone as usual. A cool summer breeze blows through my shoulder length brown hair but I hardly notice it. I had planned to visit my best friend but the guards around her family's estate wouldn't let me enter. I sigh as I reach my favorite spot, a forest clearing near a waterfall.

I focus my chakra to my feet and walk to the middle of the waterway so I can sit underneath the waterfall, not even caring that someone had followed and is watching me. After an hour of mediating to try and forget what had happened only a few hours ago, I give up and break down crying for the umpteenth night in a row. I had long since stopped counting. One of the three who had followed me pulls me out from under the waterfall roughly and slams me against the rocks behind it, crimson Sharingan eyes boring into my dark eyes.

"What?" I snap, glaring at the black haired idiot in front of me. I am not in the mood to deal with him.

"What are you doing here again, Inuzuka?" Itachi glowers, deactivating his Sharingan. "I told you to stay out of my training area."

"You weren't training when I got here, so I didn't have to worry about it. Now, back off," I snap.

"Itachi," a voice comes from near us.

"Get lost, Uchiha."

"This is none of your concern, little brother."

"Leave her alone, Itachi," Sasuke orders and Itachi reluctantly releases his grip on the front of my shirt.

Thank god Sasuke is in charge of whether or not Itachi is sentenced to being tortured by special Jounin and head of the interrogation unit of the ANBU Black Ops Morino Ibiki. That's the only reason Itachi listened.

"Fine then," Itachi mutters and walks off.

"Why are you here, Uchiha?" I ask, not really thankful he had saved me from his brother.

"You really are a bitch, Yasha," Sasuke smirks. "Can't you even be thankful I kept my brother from killing you?"

"Not when it wouldn't have mattered if he had killed me."

"What?" my teammate asks, a hint of concern barely audible in his normally emotionless voice.

"It wouldn't have mattered if I had died, no one cares about me," I repeat as I glare hatefully at my reflection in the water.

In case you're wondering by now, I'm Inuzuka Yasha, 13 years old, Genin, and twin sister to Inuzuka Kiba. Yasha means 'female demon' and Inuzuka means 'dog hill' hence my nickname 'Bitch.' And it's not just Sasuke who calls me that, it's mostly everyone in the village.

"What are you talking about? How can you say no one cares about you?" Sasuke asks from his spot near the water a few feet away from me, a dark tone in his voice and a scowl on his face.

"Because no one does!" I snap, fighting back the tears that once again threatened to fall. "No one in my family even notices that I'm alive! Hana doesn't talk to me, my brother is too busy flirting to even spend time with his twin sister unless he has to, and mom cares more about them and the dogs than she does about me!"

"Dumb Bitch," Sasuke shakes his head at me. "Ever think they want you to learn that they won't always be there for you?"

"They've never been there for me, baka," I snap. "They've never once paid any attention to me. You only know what its like to have your brother get more attention and be noticed more than you. Try having two siblings that matter more than you and having your mom pay more attention to the family pets than you on top of that."

"So? Get over it and move on," Sasuke snaps back, anger resonating in his voice now.

"Idiot," I mutter and begin to walk away from the one place I could always retreat to after being treated like I didn't exist.


I follow my brother out of the Academy, both of us proudly wearing our new forehead protectors. Mom and Hana greet Kiba enthusiastically and congratulate him but they don't even seem to notice that I'm standing next to him. Thier attention never leaves him, even when I say that I had graduated the Academy as well and with better grades than him. It's like I'm not even there.

-End Flashback-


"Kids, dinner's ready!" our mom calls and all of us take our places at or near the table, the family pets next to the table and me and my siblings at the table. As usual, I'm served last, and by last I mean, I'm served after the dogs are. I also get the smallest portion, or as the case usually is, whatever's left after everyone else has had two servings each, dogs included once again. Shaking my head in disgust and sadness, I put my plate in the sink and leave the house without anyone even realizing I had left.

-End Flashback-

No one has ever cared about me. It is like I never existed. Conversations at dinner are always about Hana, Kiba, mom, or the dogs, I am never mentioned at all.

"What was that?" Sasuke asks in a cold voice, not having heard my insult in his effort to keep the anger from his voice.

"I said you have no idea how I feel, so you should stay out of my life," I snap as I continue walking. "You might as well show your face, Kiba."

My brother emerges from the forest and looks at me sadly. "Sis, none of us knew you felt like that."

"Just shut up, Kiba," I snap, not wanting to hear any of his pathetic excuses.

"You shouldn't talk to your brother like that, Bitch," Sasuke comments as he begins walking away.

"And you shouldn't talk at all, jerk-face."

"Yash, calm down, just come back home."

"No way in hell, Kiba. I'm not wanted there, I never was. If anyone's looking for me, tell them they can find me in the Forest of Death," I say as I head towards said forest.

"What? You can't!" My brother runs to stand in my way. "That's too dangerous. You'll die."

"You never cared before so why should you start caring now?" I snap, glaring at my twin brother mercilessly.

"Because he cares about you," Sasuke says like it's the most obvious thing in the world. Why he's still here is beyond me though.

"Stay out of this, Uchiha!" both Kiba and I snap.

"You can't go, Yasha."

"Move it, Kiba," I push past my brother only to be stopped by another pain in the neck, the great Uchiha himself.

"Out of the way, Uchiha," I snarl and shove Sasuke out of my way and into a tree. He recovers faster than I expect though and grabs my wrist. "What?"

"Your brother's right, you can't go. You may not see it but there are people who care about you. And besides, going into the Forest of Death is something even Naruto wouldn't be stupid enough to do."

"Yeah right," I yank my wrist from Sasuke's grip and continue on towards the Forest of Death, purposely ignoring his comment comparing me to Naruto.

"Argh! Wait up!" both Sasuke and my brother call as they try to catch up to me.

"Tell me when you can see through the eyes I've had to see through my entire life, let me know when you can see through the eyes of the unloved and then I'll come back," I call from the forest entrance.

Unknown to me, my brother and Uchiha are the two hurt most by my decision to leave.

"Nice job, loser, you made her leave us."

"I tried stopping her, we both did, so don't insult me, mutt," Sasuke sighs. "Why are we fighting? We're both to blame."

"I get how it's my fault for not spending time with my own twin but I don't get how you're at fault."

"Because I was too stubborn to tell Yasha that I care about her."

"You mean you're in love with my sister?" Kiba questions and Sasuke nods just enough so that it's noticed.

"We're both idiots, you more so than me though."

"Agreed- hey!" Kiba shakes his head, knowing Sasuke has a point.

"Yasha, in case you can hear us, we're sorry we never told you we love you," both Kiba and Sasuke say in the hope that I'm listening.

My voice echoes out from within the Forest of Death in response, "Let me know when you can see through the eyes of the unloved and then I'll come back."