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A/N - If while reading you can think of something better for any of the letters, please inform me. Some of them are just...wowzers.


by Undercooked

A is for Aang

Aang is a short, bald kid who has problems with color coordination (see his outfit?) and also happens to be the Avatar. But he should really work on that color thing.

A is also for Azula

Has better color coordination than Aang, but happens to be an evil bitch. Huh. Oh, and I should probably mention that she's a princess and therefore has the power to USE her evil bitch-itude.

A is also for Appa

Why does everything in this show start with A? Appa is a flying bison. No-one can really TELL how he flies, but it appears that he flaps his tail around a lot to achieve liftoff. He ferries the Avatar and his merry band of losers around.

A is also for Air Nomads

Those hobos you see in the sky.

Oh, okay, they're the Airbenders (who blow at each other as a method of attack) and they're all dead (what a shocker).

B is for Ba Sing Se

An Earth Kingdom city where some nutty shit goes on.

B is also for Boomerang

Sokka's misused weapon which is more like a prop for a comedy routine.

C is for Cave of Two Lovers

An excuse for Aang and Katara to make out.

Also provides us with a funny song to sing.

D is for Dai Li

The crazed and disillusioned brainwashing organization lead by the guy with the Girly Braid of Doom.

E is for Earthbending

When people throw dirt at each other.

F is for Fire Nation

Who put a bee in their bonnet?

A fly in their soup?

A hair in their terriyaki chicken?

A cheese doodle in their anti-aging lotion?

G is for Grass

What Appa probably eats, and because I couldn't think of anything else for 'G'.

H is for Haru

An Earthbender who the Lame Brain Gang meets, greets, then rescues, all within the space of what seems like an hour.

I is for Iroh

The fat, tea-chugging uncle of his Emo Highness.

J is for Jet

A freedom fighter with terrible reasoning who constantly chews on a weed. Hint, hint, Nickelodeon?

K is for Katara

An annoying Waterbender who is comparable to Tea in Yu-Gi-Oh. See it? I do. She's also got some short, bald, un-color-coordinated kid fetish. Go figure.

L is for Lu Ten

The dead son of the fat tea-chugging guy. You have to wonder if he's better off taking the dirt nap...

M is for Momo

A lemur who is more intelligent than any of us think...

M is also for Mai

A very, very, VERY bored girl who won't stop expressing her boredom. She's friends with everyone's favorite psycho Firebender Azula.

N is for Nuts

What everyone in this show is.

Also what the Lame Brain Gang has to eat many a time (and they won't let us forget it...shut up already!)

O is for Ozai

Seems to need to attend parenting classes.

O is also for Omashu

An Earth Kingdom city where a crazed old king with some kind of unnamed disease rules.

P is for Prince

All of which are whiny and emo.

Q is for Quiet

What Sokka isn't but we wish he was.

What Zuko is when he isn't angsting.

R is for Roku

The former Avatar who needs a beard trim.

S is for Sokka

Katara's brother (pity him). He happens to be the lamest one in the group. The only thing he's good at is thinking of snappy nicknames. Also being a man-whore.

S is also for Suki

Member of the Organization Where We Paint Our Faces Like Clowns and Hit People With Fans (OWWPOFLCHPWF). One of Sokka's many loves.

T is for Toph

A little blind girl who can miraculously see through her feet. Question: Does she have eyes in her toes? And aren't they always getting dust in them?

T is also for Ty Lee

All bendy! An acrobat who pokes you a lot. She's friends with that nutty bitch Azula.

T is also for Tea

The drink that Iroh obsesses over and oddly enough is pretty important to the show. But it tastes really nasty. Ewww.

U is for Ugh

The sound everyone makes when Sokka opens his mouth.

V is for Violence

Lots of it, yet no-one ever bleeds. (...?)

W is for Water Tribe

The place, essentially made from ice and frozen dirt, where Katara and Sokka hail from. Go figure.

W is also for Waterbending

Equivalent to a squirt gun fight.

X is for Xylophone

No significance to Avatar, but it begins with 'X', so why the fudge not.

Y is for Yue

A disgustingly selfless girl with grandma hair who by some awkward miracle turned into the damn moon. Another one of Sokka the Man-Whore's many loves.

Z is for Zuko

His Emo Highness. Thinks that it's okay to angst all the time JUST BECAUSE he has a large, awkwardly shaped burn on his eye (why the hell is it his eye?) given to him by the former Whiny Prince who just HAD TO become Firelord. I guess it runs in the family.