Title: The Date
Pairing: JamesII&Scorpius
Words: 277
Rating: R
Warnings: Language

By the time James Potter finally tracked down Scorpius Malfoy in the Green House Three, he was furious. He'd just heard from Lily that Malfoy had the gall to ask Rose to the next Hogsmeade weekend. He didn't know what nefarious plans the sneaking Slytherin had developed but he was determined to put an end to it before his cousin got hurt.

"I want you tell Rose you changed your mind," he demanded.


He grabbed the slighter boy by the robes and pushed his back into the nearest table. "You are going to tell her that she is too lovely, sweet, and smart for you to ever be worthy to date her."


James pulled his wand from sleeve and pointed it at Scorpius' chest. "If you touch my cousin, I'll kill you."

Scorpius began to struggle but couldn't break free from the older boy's grip.

"Do we have an understanding?" James growled.


James swore and released Scorpius' robe. "Fine. I'm going to find Rose then and convince her to put an end to this bloody nightmare."

"And if she refuses?"

James pointed a finger at Malfoy's chest. "If she refuses you can bet all the Galleons in Gringott's that I'll be dogging your every step, keeping an eye on things, and making sure that you behave yourself."

"You are beginning to sound a bit jealous," Scorpius smirked.

"You sick, bastard!" James exclaimed his mouth falling open. "She's my cousin."

Scorpius laughed and reached out to tap a finger gently on James' nose. "No silly. I meant you are starting to sound like you are jealous of Rose going on a date with me."

The End