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Cake learned to shave! I'm so proud!! Aren't I such a great father? Soon, I have to send him to Sawyer...Wherever he is.....Or is he dead? Didn't the island disappear? And what happened to Vincent? What came first; the chicken or the egg? All valid questions. But I miss all the little birdies (No pun or Bird Kid relation intended) that I used to have, like Patches, Ruffles, Ari, Snickers (...Lots an' lost o' CANDY!!), Teapot (Dude, do NOT even ask...), Slithers, Pawky, and other various genetic mutations that I thought of on a passing day, all to my lonesome. They were all such good little freaks... (SNIFF!)

So! I brought them all back to life!! Ta-DA!!! I know, I know; I should win the Nobel Prize! Aren't I a GENIUS!? So I went out to the Pet Cemetery yesterday and revived them all using my uber-secret-special voodoo powers, and BOOM! They all came back! Ruffles, with his potato chip shell and slimy belly, and teapot, with his cute little lizard feet and glass nose, and Snickers with his...well...CANDY!! It was so nice to see them all once again. Some of the best times I've had were with them. And annoying Max, but that's more of a passing hobby... Unfortunately, they all promptly died again. Apparently, my uber-secret-special voodoo powers only work for a couple seconds....(SNIFF!!!!!)

So after all that totally busted, I sent Cake to Sawyer, and then got very, very lonely. So I made a new flying kitty! I know, I know; a complete shocker, right! This time, I named him Frosting and sent him to "Stop. But don't stare please." He seemed strangely happy to go.... I wonder why that is...?

So after I lost yet ANOTHER dear, dear pet, I finally decided to give up on pets altogether. WHO NEEDS 'EM!? They just leave you in the end!! (Starts bawling) (Gives Max an uber-painful voodoo headache due to incessant wailing) (Feels slightly better) (Stops crying)

(Sniff) (Sniff).......... Anyways!! After that I decided to go through some of my old things, you know, way back when televisions was the junk random hobos wrote on the walls...Good times, good times... And I found my old tie-dye t-shirt!! My old friend Jimmy had made it for me on our last day of college ('Cause a Voice can totally go to college). Actually, there was this one time when me and Jimmy -....Well, never mind...

MaXiMuM vOiCe OuT!


Subj: .....Duuuuuude.....

....................................You are so freaking WEIRD!!! Get a hobby other than mixing snails with freakin' POTATO CHIPS!!!

(Posted by Indestructably-Max890)

Subj: Run, little aneemals! Run!!

Ahahahahahahahahahahaha! Vonce again, Voice, I have proven my superior intellect over your stoopid and childish antics! It vas I, the great ter Bortchy, who released those aneemals from you and took them as my SLAVES!! Vhat now!?!?!

(Posted by Bortchy565)

Re: Subj: Run, little aneemals! Run!!

It was YOU!! So my uber-secret-special voodoo powers DID work!! Give Ruffles, Patches, and Snickers back NOW you German (...or something like that. Dude, really, what ARE you???) thief!

(Posted by MaXiMuMvOiCe)

Subj: FAIL.

I've probably said this before, dude, but I'm saying it again. Your blog is FAIL. EPIC, EPIC FAIL. I can't even say anything more. Just FAIL.

And, p.s: No one wants to hear about what you and Jimmy did in college, man!

(Posted by Fnick#1)

Subj: Woot!!

Yeah, Voice, man! Gettin' down and dirty with the dudes! You GO man!

(Posted by TehBlindPyro43 and staydownwind5555555)

Re: Subj: Woot!!


(Posted by nUdGe!!)

Subj: ....I think I'm confused.

Aren't you a VOICE? How are you even doing all this, anyways???

(Posted by ellalella987)

Re: Subj:....I think I'm confused.

....You will NEVER know.

(Posted by MaXiMuMvOiCe)

Subj: No, really, what ARE you?

Seriously, dude, I've seen my fair share of some pretty freaky things (Trust me...). But never have I encountered a VOICE in all my travels....How odd.

....If only you Earthlings knew...Muhahahahahaha....

(Posted by Alienated2)

Re: Subj: No, really, what ARE you?

.....You're just as bad as ANGEL, dude! No, wait! Lemme guess; you're working with HER!! That's it! This is all a trick, like one of those hidden camera shows!! Yeah, that's it! Any minute, they'll be popping out, just you wait....(Waits) (Nothing happens) (Starts sweating) MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!

....Do Voices even have mommies? Dude, what a horrible thing to think about...

(Posted by MaXiMuMvOiCe)

Subj: Mreow.

Meow Voice! Lookit, I has teefies!!! I found Sawyer fine, and were on the Island having a BLAST! Wish you was heere!

(Posted by Cake-ums0000)

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