Heart of Ice Will of Fire


The Third sighs as he is disturbed from doing his paper work by a knock at his office door wile waiting on the arrival of Tsubaki. Wearily he replies "Enter".

As his door opens he instantly regrets speaking up in the first place as the shinobi counsel of Konoha step in to his office.

He looks through the members of his council he knows theses people well all but reluctantly before him are the heads of the major clans of Konoha he sees

Hyuuga Hiashi dressed in his formal white obi and stern emotionless face makes for an imposing figure he is also the father of Hinata Hyuuga and the uncle of ,

Negi Hyuuga, significant role in the lives of his daughter and nephew. Hiashi was born seconds before his twin brother Hizashi Hyuga, making him the head of Hyuga clan.

The fact that Neji would never be able to succeed the clan, and that he would be marked with a curse mark so that he could be disciplined caused friction between the brothers.

When his daughter, Hinata, was kidnapped by a Kumogakure Jonin, the ambassador of the Cloud Village to be exact, he had no choice but to kill her kidnapper.

The Land of Lightning overlooked the kidnapping, and they demanded a life for a life, asking Hiashi surrender his life and be killed, or else a new wave of warfare between the Hidden Leaf and Cloud villages.

While Hiashi planned on accepting the punishment, his brother insisted on taking his place, saying that while he hated the main family, he wanted to save his brother and decide his own destiny.

The next clan head is Inuzuka Tsume a beautiful if not feral looking woman wearing the standard Jonin outfit she is also the mother of Hana and Kiba Inuzuka. Like most Inuzuka clan members,

Tsume is tough, but cares for her family. During the Kyuubi indecent, she fought alongside her dog Kuromaru. She prefers to use wolves when she is fighting, and has a friendship with Kuromaru.

Following Tsume would be Aburame Shibi his odd appearance only due to the ever present dark shades and tan trench coat is a man ruled by logic

always wanting the facts to concluded is own judgment also the father of Shino Aburame there clan characterized by their use of insects as weapons.

The insects live in symbiosis within the body of the shinobi. At birth, members of this clan are offered to a special breed of insects as a nest, residing just under their host's skin.

The next member would be the first of the Ino-Shika-Cho trio Nara Shikaku his lazy appearance hides his keen intellect his posture of half asleep hides his true thoughts.

He is the father of Shikamaru Nara who seems to follow in his fathers lazy foot steps. He is married to Yoshino Nara who, as his son says, has him whipped. Despite his claim that

"a woman is always tender to the man she loves," his son is never convinced. As a member of the Nara clan, he raises deer, whose antlers can be used to make a medicine

which halts the destructive effects of the Akimichi clan's three colored pills. He is probably the most skilled shogi player in all of Konoha.

Next one of his best friends Akimichi Chouza seems to be a gentle and caring man, even sage-like at times, and has deep concern for his son, Choji Like the rest of his clan,

he has a large appetite, and is prone to eat everything on an entire page on the menu. It can also be speculated that he has the same bad temper as his son, should someone call him any fat-related names.

The finally member of the trio Yamanaka Inoichi wearing his standard Jonin outfit with a red vest owns the Yamanaka flower shop along with his daughter Ino Yamanaka Inoichi's signature Jutsu,

Mind Destruction Jutsu makes enemies attack each other without any control.

The last of the clan heads would be Uchiha Fugaku captain and head of the Konoha Police Force, and father of Sasuke Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha.

He is highly skilled and very talented as well. most of the members respect him like a father. While he often seems stern and focused on the interests of the clan.

Finally he sees his three advisors also know as the elders of the council Danzou, Utane Koharu, and Mitokado Homura. Danzou suffered dearly in the attack just six years ago losing his left arm

and covered in burns he looks like a living mummy and walks with a cane. But his frail form hides his true form that of a general seeking his next conquest always looking for more power for the good

of the leaf ha he like to say but the Third knows he is just an old war hawk who resents not being named the Third Hokage.

The last two would be the Third's very own teammates having worked along side each other for close to forty years they seem to know everything about one another and agree on most topics

and are always there to remind the Third Where he came from. And right now the esteemed council of Konoha was acting like a bunch of children all arguing over the last cookie or such.

And the Third had about enough "Silence!" with at they all turned to the Third some with surprise clearly shown wondering how they ended up in the Thirds office.

"Now what are you all doing in my office and what are you arguing about as I recall I summon you not the other way around" with this said Koharu decided to bring there problem to the Thirds attention

"Sarutobi is it true that the Demon child killed last night?" The Third somehow knew that this was what there petty problems would be about and decided to nip this issue in the bud before it could bloom

"hear me well last night there was an attack made on Naruto Uzumaki and it was dealt with buy my personal guard and if I hear anymore false accusations made against Naruto the offenders will be punished accordantly"

most council members seemed to find ease at the Thirds words but Danzou decided it would be a good time to try and get the Kyuubi container in to his NE program and make the ultimate weapon.

"Hokage-sama I believe we all understand that Naruto was the victim of lasts nights events but it has come to my attention that this isn't the first time that Naruto has been attacked

would it not be best if he was protected and cared for seeing as what he contains may become unstable due to the villagers foolishness?" "I agree Hokage-sama"

quickly spoke Homura with Kohara nodding in agreement. "Is this how the rest of you feel?" the Third asked wile looking at the remainder of the council. Getting nothing but nods the Third smiles

"Good so we are all in agreement then Naruto Uzumaki need to be protected and cared for better then he is now do to his condition"

again the council agrees with the Third wile Danzou smirks thinking he has already won but how wrong he was "So with us all in agreement one of you would not have a problem adopting Naruto then?"

At this the council stills wile Danzou looks furious. "I mean no disrespect Hokage-sama but adoption?" spoke Tsume for the first time since entering his office.

"Yes its very simple I even have the forms here on my desk since we all agree that Naruto needs more care and protection which one of you will adopt him?" Danzou quickly seeing a chance steps forward.

"I would like to adopt him" this sends a ripple threw the remaining members of the council all asking them selfs why would Danzou do this. "Hmm Would you now Danzou?" says the Third not trusting the man in the least.

"anyone else? Remember he is just a small boy barely six years old who has had no one since he lost his parents to what he contains"

now the council was trapped by there own words but none of them wanted to step forward "no one then this is a sad day that the members of this council say one thing but mean another."

the Third frown wile looking at Danzou "Danzou to your request is denied now step back." that did it that set Danzou over the edge "this is an outrage I offered to adopt the child why is it I was refused?"

"simple I wont allow you to have him for your weapon Danzou." the Third said firmly Danzou sputtered in shock he knew the Third knew the whole time and set him up. He tried to quickly refute the charge.

"I am not sure what you mean Hokage-sama" said Danzou smoothly "don't question my intelligence Danzou I know of your little project and NE and as of right now that is no more"

Danzou wanting to do something to stop the Third from striping his power from him did the most foolish act he could he drew a kunai and attacked the Third. "ANBU!" shouted the third as he back handed Danzou away from him.

In a poof of smoke three ANBU members appeared two of them quickly grabbing the fallen Danzou wile the third member bowed waiting for further orders as the remaining council members looked on in shock of what the elder had just tried.

"Take him to Ibiki! And have him locked away till further notice!" with that the three ANBU and Danzou where gone.

The Third looked at the remain members of the council and spoke again.

"Now that the trash has been taken out if any of you have failed to notice I am the Hokage and you are all merely advisors meaning I listen to you if I wish never forget your place or Danzou will have more company then he cares for,

I have let this go on for to long" said the Third sternly "Hokage-sama what do u mean?" asked Shikaku "I am glad you asked Shikaku, do any of you know what exactly happened last night?.

Anyone?" the remaining members of the council looked to one another coming up with no answer other then speculation and hear say, they choose to remain quiet hoping the Third will enlighten them.

"I am sure I speak for everyone here Hokage-sama that if we had known the truth we would not have assembled her to find out." said Shibi

"very well said Shibi and once again I see no fault in your logic now on to the topic at hand last night our villagers and ninja consisting of a several Genin a few Chunin and a handful of Jonin formed a mob with one intent.

That intent was the end of Naruto Uzumaki's life which I might add was almost a reality if it wasn't for the quick actions of one of my ANBU saving his life and rushing him to the hospital,

I believe he would have died last night. Now the traitors" at the word traitors a soft mummer came from the council members "yes I said traitors are being dealt with as we speak,

they will all spend time with Ibiki to see how deep this scandal runs and if I find anyone here has anything to do with it I will have your head." as the third finished speaking Chouza spoke up

"Hokage-sama scandals traitors I am not sure I quiet understand." at this Shikaku informed his friend to the Hokage's words.

"Chouza its simple the mob was formed and attacked with out anyone noticing and almost killed the Yondaime's Legacy,

its hard to believe that this would be possible with out help to make sure the ANBU and Police force wouldn't be in the area in question. So it would seemed that this was a planed attack.

To explain the rest would be to troublesome." Chouza seemed to understand and the Hokage continued "that is correct Shikaku which brings me to my next point in question where was the police force last night Fugaku?"

being singled out Fugaku answered "patrolling the festival Hokage-sama to keep the peace as there was several disturbances last night from fights to fires."

"Hmm it seems we all have been played and its time to let everyone know who is in charge of this village, now my last question how is it that when I find Naruto he was malnourished wearing rags and filthily?"

Homura answered this one "Sarutobi it was our understanding that Naruto was provided a monthly allowance and a guardian I believe her name is Tsubaki was it not?" the Third nods his head and asks

"I believe your right now we need to find out were Naruto's allowance has been spent from what I have seen he hasn't seen a cent and we haven't be able to locate Tsubaki I have one of my ANBU out looking for her right now,

when she is found how ever she will answer to me then Ibiki under charges of embezzlement fraud and child neglect. I am tired of this crap and I will have no more of it.

The time for talk and stepping softly are over. We are a ninja village a military power yet we let fools with money decide how we operate this ends today

in tonights meeting I am disbanding the civilian council each of you will take over a section of responsibility." the Third was interrupted by Inoichi who asked

"what if the village council threatens to leave the village?" "dose not matter if we lose a few villagers over there petty beliefs the village will grow stronger without there bickering,

and will allow new shops to open or thrive where larger ones kept them from coming in." said Hiashi "I agree" said Shibi

"new commerce would only be beneficial to the village to many merchants grow lazy and raise there prices just to make more money, it would be good to have new competing shops."

said Koharu "good good I see were in agreement here now as to what will be done with Naruto I have decided that he will become the legacy he is meant to be he will be raised as a child of Konoha he will be taught everything"

said the Third "but Sarutobi you cant mean that what of the demon he contains?" asked Homura

"what of it, its as you said your self he contains it not the other way around and I have a feeling that will only make the boy stronger I will not let another of my ninja lose there will of fire

due to bias options he will be granted every right to learn anything, none of us have adopted him so we all will as a true child of Konoha the Legacy he is meant to be Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze

will be the greatest ninja in the world when we are done." at the name Namikaze the council members stopped breathing in shock "Y-yo-you mean H-he-he is the son of" Tsume started to say before the Third interrupted her

"Yes Tsume Naruto is the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. "Dam this is Troublesome" said Shikaku the third nods

"its all true it was hidden from him and the village in hopes to protect him from his fathers and mothers enemy's but what good is it if he is in danger from our own villagers?"

asked the Third the council members all seemed to understand . "where shall he live Hokage-sama?" asked Inoichi "well after tonight he shall know of his family so why not his family home?"

answered the Third "and a replacement guardian Hokage-sama?" asked Hiashi "I have thought of that as well Hiashi one of my ANBU Niko will be his official guardian

she will help him with food clothing and anything else that may come up however I would like it if one member of each of your clans were chosen to be his guardians was well, if you deem a member of your clan worthy

I will explain the situation to them, and if I find them lacking they will be rejected remember he will be a son of Konoha. Not of the clans." "I hope we are doing the right thing Hokage-sama a child should stay a child as long as they can."

said Tsume "This is his path in life as laid out by his father if there was another way I would take it but for Naruto's sake we must make every effort to help him, now if there is nothing more to be said

I will see you all at tonights meeting expect it to be rough." after the Third had finished the council made there way from his office feeling the weight of the world now resting on there shoulders each knowing that Naruto

will face hurtles in his life not meant for anyone but he has the will of fire and the power of Kyuubi to help him through.

In one swift motion she takes her mask off and for the first time Naruto can she her face her creamy complexion reminds his of Kyu's own fair skin

but thats where there similarity's end but to Naruto she was still beautiful from her purple hair to her light brown eyes she was just as pretty as Kyu was and now she was on his list as one of his few precious people.

Naruto smiles and says "Your really pretty"

Niko smiles brightly at Naruto "and your a little charmer arnt you, now eat up before it gets cold." as she breaks apart his chop sticks and hands them to him he digs in to his bowl eating as if he has never tasted food before.

Niko stares on in shock at the rate the noodles vanish, only to become concerned when he begins to choke on a mouth full of his noodles. Reaching quickly she pats his back to help him get them down and says

"careful Naruto-kun there not going anywhere take your time after you finish your bowl you can have mine if you still hungry" all the wile thinking to herself watching him eat she suddenly dost feel all that hungry anymore.

"when u finish your going to take a bath and change in to some clothing I brought you and we will go see the Hokage alright?" Naruto tilts his head to the side and swallows his mouthful before asking

"Whats a Bath?" Niko just stares at him as if he has grown a second head "How dose he not know what a bath is, this cant before real I swear if it is Im going to maim someone."

"well Naruto-kun its when you wash the dirt off yourself so your clean and smell good, dose that help?" mean wile Naruto had just finished him bowl and was eying her ramen when he spoke up

"You mean like when people sprayed me with the hose or when it rains?" Niko just smiles "something like that Naruto-kun but better ill show you here finish mine Im full."

"Yep some one is going to die he has never herd of a bath this is crazy I hope the Hokage is doing something about this"

Forty Minutes and a lot of splashing later Naruto was as clean as Niko could manage but for some odd reason his hair just wouldn't lay flat like it was defying the bushes attempt to well brush it.

Figuring he was presentable as he was going to get Niko checked him out of the hospitable and Roof hoped to the Hokage's Office carrying a screaming but happy Naruto.

When she landed out side of the tower and sat Naruto down the first thing he said was "That was Awesome can we do that again?" Niko with her mask back firmly in place said

"Only if your good Naruto-kun" Naruto took this as a yes because he would behave just to do it again. Niko took Naruto by his hand and lead him up the many stairs to see the

Hokage five minutes and a tired Naruto later they arrive at the Hokage's office door, as Niko was about to knock the door opened with a screaming woman being dragged away by an ANBU in a dog mask.

Screaming how it wasn't her fault and the Demon should suffer. Naruto watching as she was hauled away tugs on Nikos pant leg and looks up at her mask.

Not realizing that the door was open to the Hokage's office and the Third could see and hear him clearly. Naruto asks "Who was that woman and why did the pervy-dog take her away?

Niko thanked Kami for he mask right then as she fought to hide her laughter at Naruto's description of Inu's habits. The Third chose this time to speak up seeing as Niko was at a loss for words.

"Naruto what did you mean when you asked who that woman was?haven't you seen her before?"

Naruto heard his voice and looked behind Niko to she the Old Man letting go of Nikos hand he rushed to the Old Man and jumped in to his lap giving him a hug

wile talking at a rapid pace trying to fill the Third in on everything that has happened since he left him. "Naruto-kun I think the Hokage needs some air"

Naruto froze at Nikos voice forgetting she was there before he let go of the Old Man and said "Sorry Old Man, Niko I'll behave promise."

Niko nods knowing Naruto cant see her smiling at him or the way he calls the Hokage Old Man and thinks to her self "wait till I tell Anko about this I think shell pee her self from laughing so hard"

the third looks to Niko after setting Naruto down finally seeing the boy in his new clothing wearing a pair of blue shorts with a white shirt and blue sandals.

He smiles at Naruto and asks again "Now Naruto what did you mean when you asked who that woman was?" Naruto looked at the Old Man and said

"just wait I ment who was she was she a bad person or something?" The Third rubs his temples for what felt like the hundredth time today trying to chase of the impending headache

"well that explains a lot hes never even met his guardian" "something like that Naruto she is a bad person likes to steal and be mean to little children" answered the Old Man

"well that not right Im glad she was caught stealing is wrong and you should be nice to everyone" said Naruto getting a shocked look from the Third

"I don't know how or where but this boy learned what right and wrong was now all I have to do is break his heart by telling him of his parents, Minato I wish it was you here with your son and not me."

"well Naruto-kun that was a very wise thing you just said makes you sound much older then you really are." said the Old man. Naruto just smiled and rubbed his head sheepishly at the praise.

"Have a seat Naruto we have a lot to talk about." "Ok Old Man" says Naruto as he climbs in to a chair. "Now Naruto I want to know what you think of Niko here" asked the third

"Well Old Man I think shes pretty and nice and I like her a lot why?" asked Naruto "Well I was wanting to know if you wanted Niko to stay with you for a wile at your home you know to help you cook and clean and other stuff like that?"

Naruto became really happy almost bouncing out of his chair Naruto looks at Niko and asks "You mean it!, Really?" Niko nods wile smiling brightly behind her mask.

"Now Naruto she will be staying with you to help you so you should listen to what she has to say because it would be fore your own good ok?" asked the Third

"Sure thing Old Man, but dose that mean she would be my new mommy?" asked Naruto Niko Blushed Brightly before answering before the Third could speak up

"No Naruto-kun not like a new mommy more like a big sister is that ok?" Naruto was on the verge of tears but smiles and nods "Ive never had a sister so that should be ok,"

Naruto became very still and quiet making the Third and Niko worry "Old Man who was my mommy?" ask Naruto as tears started to pour from his eyes

"Dose she hate me to is that why she left, because she didn't want me?" Naruto continued to cry harder each passing moment finally letting the mask fall of a happy boy.

Watching as this happened broke the Thirds and Nikos heart Niko reach over and gave Naruto a Hug and rubs his back trying to sooth him.

"Naruto Your mother was a beautiful woman with ruby red hair and bright blue eyes and she loved you almost more that anything in the world the only thing

she loved just that same as you was your father." Naruto hearing the Old Man telling him of his parents stopped sobbing but refused to let go of Niko as he listened the Third continued.

"Naruto your parents where the greatest people I have ever met and you have seen you very own father more times then I could count you just never knew it was him"

Naruto looked confused trying to figure out who his father was as the third kept speaking. "Naruto your dad was Minato Namikaze the Fourth Hokage the same man who died trying to save everyone when the Kyuubi came."

Naruto looked down with tears in his eyes and begun to cry again. "Naruto don't hate him for what he did he..."

"I don't I love him even more every day in the orphanage I always dreamed that my dad died saving everyone that he was a hero and when I found out about the Fourth Hokage and the Kyuubi,

I had hoped my dad could have been like him and I got my wish I have the greatest dad ever he loved me so much that he died to save me and everyone else." said Naruto with tears still in his eyes.

"Old Man what was my moms name?" "Naruto your mom was Kushina Uzumaki im sad to say she died when you were born it wasn't your fault she was already sick she simply went to sleep and didn't wake up Naruto."

Naruto Hugs him self in to Niko And cries softly wile Niko continues to comfort him. "Naruto I know your sad but we have other things to talk about before you and Niko head home ok?"

Naruto pulls him self from Nikos arms and looks up at the Third and Nods. "Now Naruto I need you to answer some questions for me then you can go ok?" Naruto just nods and says

"I'll do my best Old Man." "ok Naruto with what you know now I need to know what you want to do about it" Naruto looks at the Third and says

"I want to Make my Dad Proud I want to be like you and him and protect my precious people." the Third Smiles at this and says "So you want to be a ninja then?"
"No" now its the Thirds turn to look confused "what do you mean No Naruto?" Naruto stands up on his chair and smiles brightly at the picture of the Fourth above the Thirds desk

"I want to be the greatest Hokage ever!"