Carnival of Death

Author's Note: Teenchesters--Dean is seventeen and Sammy is thirteen. This story is for Juliana who requested a hurt Dean story. I hope it meets up to your expectations.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Winchesters or anything related to the Supernatural television series, nor am I making a profit from this story.


"Hey Dean" When's dad coming back?" thirteen year old Sam inquired as he flipped through the five channels on the decrepit black and white television in the latest motel room they were staying at in nowheresville Wisconsin.

"How many times do I have to tell you Sammy, I have no idea how long dad will be gone. You know Caleb is hunting a pack of demon dogs and asked for dad's help. Dad said he could be gone for a few weeks."

"Yeah, I know Dean. I'm just bored. We've been stuck in this crappy motel now for five days and I'm bored" whined Sam desperate to have some fun.

"I know you are Sammy, I am too" Dean wistfully admitted. "But you know how mad dad will be if we leave this motel room. The last thing I need is dad busting my ass for taking you out of this room when we were told to stay put."

"I guess you're right, and I don't want you to get in trouble either Dean" said Sam with a pout on his face as he went back to flipping the channels, not finding anything to watch. Sammy turned the TV off and thought "my life sucks" as he flopped over onto his stomach. Since there wasn't anything better to do, he decided to take a nap.

Dean felt bad for his baby brother as he watched him curl up on the bed. He knew that it wasn't fair to make Sammy stay in the motel room while other boys his age were going to game rooms or playing soccer. Sammy deserved to have some fun too.

He walked over and sat beside Sammy on the bed running his fingers through Sammy's curly brown hair until he fell asleep. "I'm so sorry little brother" he whispered. "I wish you could have a normal life and do what other kids do, but it will never be in the cards for us Winchesters." Dean pulled the blanket off of his own bed and covered Sammy with it to make sure the kid didn't get cold.

Dean then sat down at the table to dismantle and clean some of the weapons that his father had left behind to be serviced. They had to make sure their weapons were always in perfect working order or somebody could be hurt, and Dean couldn't take the chance that that person could be Sammy.

As he cleaned the barrel of one of the guns, he thought about how he could make things more fun for Sammy since they were cooped up in the ramshackle motel room. They didn't have any board games since their dad thought they would be a frivolous waste of money which they didn't have. Sammy had already read every book he owned at least three times each and he was too young to look at Dean's skin magazines that he kept hidden from their dad. Sammy was already a card shark since Dean had taught him how to play two years ago, so there really wasn't anything left to brighten up the kid's day Dean thought dejectedly.


As dinner time approached, Dean put away the reassembled weapons and cleaned the table. He really needed to start cooking the grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup that he had planned for dinner. He knew Sammy would be hungry when he woke up since they had both skipped lunch, trying to conserve what little food they had left. If dad didn't return soon, they were going to have to go grocery shopping whether their dad liked it or not. There was no way Dean was going to let Sammy go hungry when he could scam some money from a pool game and buy them some food.

Dean quietly hummed Back in Black to himself as he went about preparing the meal. He made sure to cook the tomato soup just the way Sammy liked it, no salt and a little heavy on the pepper. If Sam couldn't go out and have some fun, at least he could eat a meal prepared the way he liked it instead of the patented John Winchester way which was, eat it my way or starve.

When the meal was finished cooking, Dean walked over to Sammy's bed and shook him gently on the shoulder. "Time to wake up there sleeping beauty. Dinner's ready."

Sam yawned and opened his eyes. "I hope it's not macaroni and cheese again" he said as he stretched his arms up high. Sammy had hit a recent growth spurt and was nearly as tall as Dean now. If the kid didn't stop growing soon, he was going to surpass Dean in height and that just wouldn't be right according to the older brother. Baby brothers were supposed to be smaller, it only made common sense for that to be so.

"You're in luck princess, I made grilled cheese sandwiches, and before you ask, I cooked the tomato soup just the way you like it" Dean said with a smirk knowing what Sammy would ask.

"Thanks Dean, you're the best" grinned Sammy as he walked towards the table.

"Whoa, not so fast there little brother. You need to go to the bathroom and wash your hands before dinner" Dean said shaking his head.

"Aw Dean" Sammy complained as he walked towards the bathroom to follow his brother's request. As Sammy washed his hands, Dean poured them each a glass of milk since that was the only thing they had left to drink in the little motel refrigerator.

As they sat down to eat, Dean turned on the small television set so they could watch the local news. The sky outside had looked ominous earlier and he wanted to know what kind of weather to expect tonight. Sammy didn't like admitting it, but he was scared to death of thunderstorms and Dean wanted to know if he was going to be in for a long night.

As he was waiting for the weather report, a breaking news report came flashing across the television screen.

We have breaking news to report. Another suspicious death has been reported at the Teague Carnival. It has been reported that a twenty two year old man was killed tonight as he walked through the carnival's haunted house. The man reportedly sustained a broken neck and several broken ribs. He also had severe bruising across most of his torso. The police suspect he might have been attacked by a gang of hoodlums that was seen hanging around the carnival earlier. This is the third death that has been connected to Teague's Carnival in the past six months. The police have shut the carnival down for the night as they search the scene for evidence. More news later as reports come in.

Dean's interest was immediately captured by the fact that the killings had taken place in the haunted house and that three deaths had occurred within the last six months.

"That sounds pretty suspicious to me" thought Dean as he munched on his sandwich.

"Hey Sammy, what do you say we go check out that carnival when it opens back up?" Dean said through a mouthful of sandwich.

"But dad said we have to stay in this room Dean, and you said you didn't want him to bust your ass for leaving it" Sam replied.

Dean reached across the table and popped Sammy on the side of his head gently with his hand.

"Hey, what was that for jerk?" Sammy complained aloud

"You aren't supposed to curse bitch" Dean replied as he saw Sammy rubbing the side of his head.

"But you do it all the time Dean, why can't I? Dad isn't hear to hear me."

"Yeah, well I'm older than you Sammy and that's a good enough reason. Finish your dinner" Dean said as he slurped down a spoonful of the tomato soup.

Dean then went on to say, "I think dad would want us to check out this carnival Sammy to see if these killings are related to a demon or an angry spirit. He wouldn't want us to let other people get killed just because he was out of town."

Sammy shrugged his shoulders and said "If you say so Dean, but it wont be me that gets spanked for not following dad's orders."

"I'm too old for a spanking kiddo. If anything, I'll just get grounded for not listening. You on the other hand…" Dean allowed his sentence to drift off so Sammy's mind could conjure up all the different things that their dad might do to him.

"I'll tell dad is was your idea Dean" Sammy answered in retaliation with a smirk on his face. Dean just shook his head at what his brother thought was the perfect comeback.

Dean focused his attention on the television once again as he heard the weather forecast coming on.

We have a stormy outlook for tonight folks as a cold front moves in and brings severe thunderstorms to the area. Look for vicious cloud to ground lightning with fifty mile per hour winds and a possibility of hail. If severe weather occurs in your area, we encourage you to stay indoors or seek shelter immediately if you are outside when the storm hits. Tomorrow's weather calls for…

Dean groaned as he heard the forecast for the night. "Looks like I'll be in for a long night" he thought knowing that Sammy was sure to have trouble sleeping. He had hated thunderstorms since he was a toddler and hadn't grown out of that fear yet.


After finishing dinner, Dean and Sammy watched a Baywatch marathon for a few hours before Dean announced that it was time for bed.

"Aw Dean" Sammy whined once again. It's only eleven o'clock. Can't I stay up for a few more hours since dad isn't here?"

"No Sammy, you know as well as I do that you'll be grumpy all day tomorrow if you don't get enough sleep. Now go take a quick shower and get in the bed pronto."

Dean salted the windows and door once again while Sammy took his shower. He made sure that Sam brushed his teeth before his kid brother climbed into the bed. Dean then got a tee shirt and clean boxers and took a quick shower himself. After finishing. he surveyed the room once again to make sure it was secure and put his knife in its usual spot under the pillow. He looked over to see that Sammy was already sleeping and then finally climbed into bed himself.

Dean was dreaming of beautiful girls frolicking on the beach in the tiniest of swimsuits when he was awakened by the sound of a whimper coming from his brother's bed. Just as he opened his eyes, he heard the sharp clash of thunder that rumbled just outside their motel room. A lightning bolt lit up the sky and Dean looked over to see Sammy curled up into a ball and visibly shaking with tears streaming down his face. He lifted up his blanket in silent invitation to his little brother as another round of thunder hit.

Sammy gasped at the sharp crack of thunder that rumbled the motel room as he saw Dean lift us his blanket. He quickly got out of his bed and jumped into Dean's bed curling as far into his brother's body as he could get.

Dean curled his arm around Sammy and pulled him closer when he felt the trembles that were still wracking his little brother's body. "It's alright Sammy" he said as he tucked Sammy's head underneath his chin. "Nothing's going to hurt you as long as I'm here, try to get some sleep" he said as he rubbed his hand up and down his brother's back.

After approximately a half hour, Dean could feel Sammy relax into sleep as the thunder sounds roared in the distance. Knowing that his little brother was safe and okay, Dean quickly fell asleep himself.

TBC Just what is haunting the carnival and will Dean disobey his dad's order and take Sammy to the carnival?