Carnival of Death Ch. 7

As soon as John had taken care of Sammy's medical needs and had checked to make sure his fever had dropped, he focused his attention on Dean. He had heard his oldest yell out in pain when he was in the bathroom cooling down Sammy. "How's he doing Bobby?" John asked knowing that Bobby had already thoroughly checked over his oldest boy.

"The wound in his side is going to need tending The area around the stitches is puffy and red and when I prodded it, the kid shot up in pain. Other than that, Dean seems to be doing pretty good. I haven't had a chance yet to check for concussion." Bobby stated in answer to John's question.

"Shit, I hadn't thought to check Sammy either. We'll have to wake him up in a couple of hours just in case, until then, let's get to work on Dean" said John as he walked over to get a bottle of whiskey out of his duffle.

After getting the whiskey, John walked over to sit on Dean's bed and gently lifted his son so that Dean was propped against his chest. "Dean, I need you to drink some of this for me son" he said as he tilted the whiskey bottle to Dean's lips.

Dean swallowed the liquid his dad was offering and immediately felt a burning sensation in his throat as the whiskey slid down. When John tried to get him to take another sip, Dean turned his head away. "No, don't want anymore" Dean said as he shook his head.

"I'm sorry son, but you need to drink. We don't have any morphine left and it's going to hurt like hell when I take care of that wound in your side, so drink up. It will help dull the pain."

John once again tipped the bottle to Dean's lips as Dean swallowed the bitter liquid until John was satisfied that he had had enough. He waited about an hour for the liquor to take effect. As he saw Dean's eyes glazing over, he decided it was time to administer some first aid.

"Bobby, I'm going to need you to hold Dean still when I start prodding the hole in his side." John said as he pulled his black leather wallet out from his pocket. He then told Dean to open his mouth and placed the wallet between his teeth and said "Bite down on it Dean if the pain get's too bad" Bobby took his position beside John and braced Dean as John began to snip the stitches that Sammy had sewn. After the wound was reopened, John took the sterilized tweezers and poked them into the once again bleeding wound and moved them around searching for any foreign objects.

As his dad began to move the tweezers around, Dean immediately bit down on the wallet as sweat beaded on his forehead and rolled down his cheek. He swallowed back a scream and tried to arch his back, but was held firmly in place by Bobby. The pain became so intense that Dean squeezed his eyes shut as tears began rolling down his face, as he was unable to hold them back.

"Oh God, it hurt's" he mumbled through the wallet as his dad continued his search. John hated putting his son through so much pain, but knew he had to finish what he had started. As Dean began to tremble, John found what he had been looking for. A very thin sliver of the broken mirror had lodged itself deep within the skin. John was surprised that he was able to find it at all. As John carefully removed the sliver, Dean finally succumbed to his pain and mercifully passed out.

John quickly irrigated the wound with holy water and then peroxide, as Bobby threaded a needle. "You've been through a lot John, why don't you let me take care of the stitching" Bobby said when he noticed his friend's hands had begun to tremble.

"Thanks Bobby" John said as he went to the bathroom to wash his hand. John stood by the sink and turned on the tap. He splashed cold water on his face as he tried to get his hands to stop trembling. All that he could think about was how close he had come to losing his boys tonight. As his thoughts centered on what could have happened, John felt the bile starting to rise in his throat. He fell to his knees in front of the toilet and threw up violently until nothing was left for his body to expel.

As Bobby was stitching Dean up, he could hear the events going on in the bathroom. He winced as he heard how violently John was heaving. He couldn't blame John for getting physically sick after everything he had been through tonight, finding out how badly his boys had been injured and that they could have been killed.

Bobby had just finished putting in the last stitches as John emerged from the bathroom. He noticed that John's face was considerably paler than when he had went into the bathroom and said, "John, why don't you get some sleep man. You're not looking too good yourself. I'll stay up and keep an eye on the boys for ya."

John was just about to decline Bobby's offer, when Bobby said "No arguments John, these boys are going to need you refreshed when the wake up. Go to sleep, that's an order"

John smiled and replied "Yes Sir" with a salute as he trudged over to couch and made himself as comfortable as possible. He suddenly felt bone weary and relished the idea of closing his eyes for an hour or two.


Bobby sat on a chair between the boys reading as he watched over the boys and a snoring John. He was glad to see that all three Winchesters were getting some desperately needed sleep. As he looked down at the newspaper once again, he heard a slight moan coming from Sammy's bed. He stood up to check on the youngest Winchester. He placed his palm against Sammy's forehead and frowned. "Damn, the fever's returned" he thought as he walked to the bathroom to get a cool washcloth.

Bobby placed the washcloth on Sammy's forehead and then walked over to the sink to get a glass of water. He took two Tylenols from the first aid kit and sat on Sammy's bed.

"Sammy, I need ya to wake up for me son" he said as he gently shook Sammy's shoulders. As Sammy opened bleary eyes to look at him, Bobby said "I need you to take these pills sport, your fever is climbing again." Sammy opened his mouth and took the medication and then washed it down with the offered water. He then snuggled back under the cover as he whispered "Thanks Bobby" before slipping back into a drug induced sleep once again.

As Bobby sat down in his chair to resume reading again, he heard John ask "Sammy okay?"

"I thought you were asleep" Bobby said as he looked over to see John sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

"I was until I heard Sammy groaning. Is his fever going back up?" John asked as he walked over to check on his baby boy.

"Yeah, but I gave him some Tylenol and put a cool washcloth on his head. I think he'll be okay until morning now. Why don't you go back to sleep."

"Nah, I'm good" replied John as he ran his hands through his disheveled hair. "I'll stay up with the boys now Bobby. Go ahead and get some sleep yourself."

Bobby took over John's position on the couch and was asleep within five minutes as John checked on both of his sons to make sure they were both doing okay.


As morning broke the next day, John was relieve to see that both of his boys were doing better. While Sammy's fever was not yet gone, it had remained relatively low over the past four hours. When he changed the bandages on his back, he was happy to see that a lot of the redness had went away and that most of the cuts and scratches were starting to scab over.

Things were looking better with Dean also as the puffiness and the inflamed skin in his side had lessened considerably, though he knew Dean would wake up with a major hangover as a result of the whisky he had consumed. John decided to allow his boys to sleep a little longer while he took a hot shower.

Upon returning from the shower, he found a note from Bobby saying that he had left to get breakfast and would return in approximately thirty minutes. John decided it was time to wake his boys up for a firm discussion about following orders while he was away on a hunt.

John patted both of his boys on the leg firmly and said "Dean, Sammy, it's time to get up boys. We need to talk."

Dean winced as he pushed himself up, not only because of the pain in his head and his side, but because he knew he was in for a lecture from the tone of his dad's voice. He watched as Sammy sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes while yawning.

Knowing that he had to get the conversation started, John looked at his sons and said "Boys, I want to know why you did something that was so obviously dangerous when you KNEW I had left strict orders for you to stay in the motel. I'm disappointed in both of you, especially you Dean. You're older and you should have known better than to take Sammy out on a hunt with no backup. What the hell was going through your mind boy?"

Dean's face lowered in shame as he said, "M'Sorry dad. I know I should have waited until you got home or called Pastor Jim to tell him about the hunt instead of tackling it with Sammy. I just didn't stop to thinkā€¦"

"That's right, you didn't think" John said interrupting Dean. "How would you have felt if Sammy had been killed because you chose to defy my orders? How do you think I would have felt coming back to find that either of my sons had been killed? And don't thin k you're innocent of any blame here Sammy" John said as he turned to focus on his youngest. "I know I've told you to follow Dean's instructions while I'm gone, but you should have at least tried to call me or Jim to let us know what you boys were planning to do." John ranted at his sons for twenty minutes about dangers of hunting without at least letting others know what was going on.

John finished his lecture by saying, " I don't EVER want to come back to find you that you boys have went on a hunt by yourselves again without somebody backing you up. And if you boys EVER disobey my orders so blatantly again, I can promise you that you'll both be spending some time over my knee with the belt. I don't care how old you are. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Sir" both boys replied in unison knowing their father had meant every word he said.

"Good, you're both grounded for the next month. No television and you'll both be cleaning weapons daily until I say different, am I making myself clear?" John asked

"Yes Sir, perfectly clear" Dean stated as he groaned knowing he was in for a very long month.

THE END This just seemed like the perfect place to end the story since the boys are on the mend once again. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Dana, I hope it met up to your expectations at least a little.