Well this is a new story for a new fandom. It is the companion fic to a youtube trailer called How to Fall Head over Heels. It wasn't originally, but the trailer seemed close enough, so yeah. This is my first Life with Derek fanfic, but not my first fanfic, as you can see in my profile. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope that I didn't butcher the characters too much. This story is a slight AU, because it is before their parents met, and Sam starts out to be Casey's friend first, but don't worry, as the story goes on, it becomes less and less of an AU. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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Casey waited patiently for the dim glow of the headlights pulling into the driveway. She more or less collapsed on her bed and took out her journal and began writing out her journal and began writing, for when she wrote it felt like she was in a world where she could control everything. Once people got to know her they would learn two things: one, she was very controlling, and two, she would give women's scorn to anyone who dared to get in her way. But her friends and family didn't mind that feature as much, some would even say it was a positive quality. They wouldn't call her controlling, but rather driven and opinionated. In this journal were all her thoughts and emotions about a wide range from subjects from her mother's dating relationships to her emotions linked to her friends. As her pen scribbled on the page, she couldn't help but think of the guy that was taking her mom out tonight. Her mom had been seeing him for around a month and a half now; her record seemed to be 2 months. She frowned as she stopped writing. Her mother seemed to rush into relationships, partly because she was convinced that it was her fault that Dad left, and it was her responsibility to replace him. There was nothing that she could do and both Lizzie and she knew that. A knock on her door interrupted her little world

"Come in." Despite the distraction, she kept writing. Lizzie walked timidly; she had great respect for Casey. She watched Casey close her journal, and turn all of her attention to her.

"What's on your mind?"

"Do you think it will last?" Her question without explanation caused uncomfortable silence in the room .Casey half smiled at her sister's concern.

"I would like to say it doesn't…" Lizzie's eyes fell. Since she was more of a tom girl it was hard to live without a father.

"But I'm sure it will." The saying third times the charm, for their mother, it was more like 6th time is the charm, she would add one more each time.

"You're lying." Busted by her little sister, she was never good at lying.

"Casey, I didn't just come here to say that. I need some advice."

"Ok." Cassie patted her bed motioning for her to sit besides her.

"What's your problem?"

"Well there is this boy." Casey had to hold back her giddy excitement. If she was too forward, Lizzie wouldn't trust her with the rest.

"So what's his name?" She restrained herself. "If you want to tell me that is."

"His name is Jamie." She said without wanting to see her sister squeal and jump. Casey and she were in two separate universes when it came to their interest. Casey was a romantic at heart, and most of the time, a drama queen. Lizzie once thought it was because of Casey's friends. There was Emily, who never stopped talking. She didn't even dare to pick up the phone when Casey wasn't home. Emily didn't like to go without a boyfriend, no one knew why exactly, but she got over people rather quickly. Then there was Sam. Casey's best guy friend, there was absolutely nothing going on between them. This was partly due to the fact of Sam's huge crush on Emily. Lizzie didn't even need to go to the school to figure that out. In a way, she felt sorry for Sam, following the girl around and doing her bidding, always wanting to serve the girl he would never get. It wasn't that Sam was ugly, but his only focus was on Emily, which turned other prospects away. Before they could get anymore in about the subject of boys, the two heard the car pulling into the driveway. The two raced to the window. Without a word they knew what the other was thinking. They waited, if their mom came in within 30 seconds, she had a crappy time. It she didn't come in until a minute and thirty seconds passed, she was giving him a goodnight kiss. They silently counted before they heard the door close. They raced each other down the stairs to see their mother closing the door.

"How was it?" Their mother sighed.

"Let's just say if this keeps up, you'll get a new dad." Lizzie and Casey exchanged secret glances.

"Step dad." Lizzie corrected before running to her room.

"I'll go talk to her."

"Lizzie, open up."Casey knocked on her door.

"Go away." Casey could hear the slight essence of tears in her voice. Her fingers reached up above the door till her fingers brushed the unlocking dev ice. She placed it in the door, and turned it.


She stepped forward but remained Lizzie remained still.

"Lizzie, what's wrong?" She heard a mummer. Her pillow blocked her words.


"He's not our father!"

"Oh is that it." Casey walked towards her, and seated herself on the bed. Lizzie nodded before her head was flopped into the pillow.

"I don't think mom is trying to replace Dad in that sense. She needs someone, and he obviously makes her happy. Why don't we give him a chance?" Liz looked up from her pillow.

"But he will never replace Dad." Casey assured. A ghost of a smile appeared on her lips.

The bell gave a screech ring dismissing the students to rill their hunger for food and socialization. Casey headed towards her locker; Sam was waiting there for her.

"Hey." He flashed on of his shy smiles.

"Hey." She replied. Sam was her best guy friend. They did pretty much everything together. They just ignored the shouts of lovebirds and such, because they were just friends. He has grown a huge crush on Emily, there were only two problems: One she had a boyfriend, and tow, she didn't know he existed as a boyfriend material. I watched his face as his eyes were locked on Emily and her boyfriend of 2 months.

"Sam." Casey's voice snapped him back to reality.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled. Casey rolled her eyes, but didn't hold it against him.

"Why don't you tell her?" She suggested. The look she got in return suggested that she had grown another head.

"Are you crazy? I can't do that."

"I can't do what?" He stopped instantly when the voice of Emily interrupted.

"Uh nothing." Sam's eyes shifted to the floor as a smirk grew on her lips. Emily dismissed the though that they were hiding something.

"So what are our plans this weekend?" Emily started the conversation.

"I'm up for going to the movies." Casey spoke up.

"Maybe on Saturday?"

"I can't I have a date." Casey couldn't help but notice Sam scowl. She took the duty of taking him out of this situation, because she knew what he was thinking.

"Um…Em, we'll meet you in there." She nodded, and went to start talking with another one of her friends.

"Are you ok?"

"I'm fine Casey…"

"Are you -"

"I'm fine." He snapped and continued on to the cafeteria. As Casey watched him go, she felt sympathy towards him. There must be something that she could do to make it up to him. After regaining her composer, she joined the two sitting at the table. The two started gabbing about their history test. Casey zoned out. She started thinking about how she could set Sam and Emily on a date.

"Casey." She snapped back to reality.


"Are you ok?" They couldn't know, not yet.

"I've got to go." Casey heard her name being called, but she ignored it and kept on walking.

As Casey entered through the door she never felt more relaxed. She tossed her bad to the floor and went up to the room. She turned on music and logged on to the computer. She had 12 emails waiting for her from a broad range. She must have spent more time that she thought because the next thing she knew, Lizzie walked in.

"Hey Case." She set down the mail addressed to her.

"Mom just wanted to let you know that she should be out extra late tonight. She wants you to make dinner." Casey experienced an epiphany. Tonight was their two month anniversary. If he survived one more week, they would break the record for dating since their father. Her memories rolled back to her conversation with Liz.

"Did something happen last night with Jamie?" She knew as soon as she saw Lizzie's reaction. Something had happened.

"No." Casey sighed. She would tell her in time. Her eyes glanced to the clock. Shouldn't their mother be gone by now? She walked past Lizzie and proceeded downstairs. Her heart sank when her eyes landed on her mother sitting on the couch a box of tissue in front of her. She motioned Lizzie to stay there.

"Mom, what's wrong. Why aren't you out?"

"I broke up with him."


"Well he was late in picking me up, so I called his cell, and he didn't answer, so I called his house. Oh he didn't answer." Her voice was turning from grief to anger.

"Some young women answered. I heard him say Alice come back to bed." Nora erupted into another fit of crying. Case was speechless. It was clear that he cheated on her.

"Don't worry mom, you'll find someone."

"I thought he was the one." He mom countered.

"He's out there." Casey hugged her mom, somewhere.

"So I came down stairs and find out that the man that almost became my step father cheated on her."

"That's harsh." Sam commented. Casey saw Emily.

"Hey Case." She set herself up next to Casey and across from Sam, just like she always have.

"It happened again." That was all Casey had to say to Emily. She looked up in surprise.

"When did this happen?" It sounded like she was insulted for not finding out first.

"Last night." Casey replied.

"I thought that you said that your mom thought he was the one."

"She did." She stabbed a piece of the cafeteria's food.

"Until last night when she called him and realized that she was cheating on her."


"If only men weren't such pigs." She quickly added. "No offense Sam."

"None taken." He knew she that she was just ranting. He had dealt with this kind of behavior before. He learned that it's best if you only speak when you have to, and side with her.

"I just wish that there was a guy out there for her." She trailed off.

'And me.' She mentally added.

"He shoots he scores! Derek Venturi scores the game winning goal!" The announcer yelled. Derek circled around the rink holding his hockey stick like it was the prize.

"And that's the game."

After the game the players entered into the locker room, everyone in desperate need of a shower.

"Hey Venturi, nice game."

"Thanks coach."

"Hey D, want to go to a party I'm having."

"I would love to, but my Dad has me under house arrest."

"Great game dude."

"Thanks. I gotta go. If I spend too long, my dad will go ballistic."

"Alright man, see you Monday." Derek flipped his black signature jacket over his shoulder and walked out.

"Smerek!" Derek smiled at his pet name. Marti always did have trouble with the D sound when she was younger, and the name just stuck.

"Smarti." He replied catching her as she leaped for him. He caught her and twirled her around.

"Right on time Dad." He said sarcastically.

"To treat you to your victory, I propose to take out for ice cream." Marti began to wiggle at the word ice cream. Derek rolled his eyes. He was giving up a party with hot girls to go to an ice cream parlor with his family. Why must his dad deprive him so? A thought suddenly occurred to him…what if the ice cream chick was a total babe? His eyes lit up maybe this wouldn't be so bad.

His chair was a sight for sore eyes. The ice cream visit was a disaster. The ice cream server ended up being a guy, and the girl ended up being the manager, and was his Dad's age. There was a small group of girls at the shop, but he didn't even get her number or her name. His Dad walked in carrying Marti on his shoulders.

"I'll go put her in bed." Edwin followed in right behind their. Derek mentally sighed. Edwin would be asking for advice in 3-2-1.

"Derek, can we talk?"

"Go ahead." He replied keeping his eyes closed.

"Do you think Dad will date that chick?"

"From the ice cream store?" Derek asked.


"I don't know it's kind of hard sometimes to tell." He sighed

"It's just hard ever since Mom left, he just doesn't seem happy." He faded away.

"Repeat that and I'll hurt you." Edwin held his arms out in self defense.

"Whatever you say."

Derek swore that the principle had it in for him. She would blame him for whatever as wrong. Maybe it dealt with the fact that he broke her daughter, and it as too late to go back. He just managed to get in class on time before the teacher told him that the principle had requested to see him. He never noticed how quiet the halls were. It was becoming his tomb with every stp that he took. The chair outside the office as a death sentence, but inside was a slow painful death.

"Derek Venturi." Speak of the devil. A smug smile coated his lips. He didn't want to give the impression that she intimidated him.

"Sit Down." It wasn't a suggestion.

"Mr. Venturi," He swore that she cringed when she said his name.

"I'll be very frank with you,"

'Isn't she always?'

"You are no longer attending this school."

'Is she serious?'

"I've already talked with your father, and he agrees."

"What?" Derek managed to squeeze out.

"This is your last day Mr. Venturi. Your next school is Sir John Sparrow Thompson High School." She smiled. "A public high school."

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