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Break My Fall

Harry awoke the next afternoon with the battle still fresh in his mind. His head swam, visions of friends' deaths and Voldemort's downfall clogging every thought. He slipped quietly out of bed, creeping past the rest of his friends to get to the staircase. There were so many things he wanted to do now, but the first he wanted to do alone. Down two flights of stairs, listening to his footsteps echo in the silent castle, he walked. Finally he came to the tapestry he was looking for. Once, twice, three times. I need a place to relax. A door handle appeared, but Harry hesitated. Fiendfyre. Ron's words from the night before rang in his head,

"Blimey, do you think it'll still work?"

He had to try though. This was the one room that had saved students' behinds time and again. Future generations of witches and wizards would need it to hide from Filch after hours. He had to know. He reached out and turned the handle, and stepped inside to darkness.

The room was most definitely broken, but somehow Harry didn't think it was broken completely. It was like walking into a blank mind. No noise was there, except for the soft sounds of his feet. In all he had read about Transfiguration, which, admittedly, wasn't a lot, he had no idea what the room was. Thus, he had no idea how to fix it, or even how to tell anyone what was wrong with it.

"The Room shifts dimensions," a voice to his right said. "That's how it can be whatever you need."

Harry spun around, wand raised. His light fell on the figure of a very young Albus Dumbledore.

"What in the hell?" Harry yelped.

"Calm down," Dumbledore said, holding up his hands. "When that fire destroyed the Room's reality sphere, the essence of those who had left things in here dissipated into its dimensional field."

"My head hurts," Harry moaned.

"Listen, Harry, I have…a gift for you. For all you've done."


"…You lost so many last night…"

"Yeah, I know," Harry said, slightly peevishly. He had had one hell of a life up till now, and wasn't in the mood for any learning at the moment…

"You can bring one person back. The Room's…unstable reality at the present will allow you to do it. Only one though; you'd completely alter the dimensions if you try to bring back more than one. Which is why, if you do this, you have to promise to destroy the entrance to the Room when you leave. If someone were to find out how you did it, and attempt it themselves, the consequences would be deadly."

Harry James Potter was seventeen years old. He had seen and done a lot of things in his short life. He knew a lot about people. And he knew better than to automatically accept the offer that was being given to him…

"You still haven't gotten over me," he shook his head at Dumbledore with a smile.

"What do you mean?" Dumbledore smiled slightly, twiddling his thumbs.

"You keep doing this. Trying to save me from more pain without giving me all the details. What will happen if I bring someone back? That alters reality itself doesn't it?"

"If you choose carefully, not much."

"What about the person I choose? Will they come back wonky?"

"I don't know that, Harry," Dumbledore said softly. "There's no way of knowing. But know that you may help more people in the long run if you choose this."


"Full name please."

Full name? What the hell was Fred's middle name? Harry thought hard, he knew this…

"Frederick Anthony Weasley."

A small blink of blue light flashed across Harry's vision. There, standing before him, was Fred.

"What the hell?" the redhead said. "I'm back? I'm back…"


"Harry! Where's everyone? Why's everything so dark? I want Mum…and George, and everyone. Are they okay?"

"They're fine…" Harry choked, pulling Fred out of the Room. He turned to the tapestry, "Ếrasus!"

It was blown apart. He walked past three times, thinking I need somewhere to relax. Nothing happened. Satisfied, Harry beckoned for Fred to follow him and began explaining everything that happened.

"Where were you?" he finally asked the older boy. "When you went on, where did you go?"

"Can't tell you," Fred shook his head. "It's…a rule. Cuz we can, you know, appear in dreams and other unstable reality fields like the one you just pulled me through. We're not allowed to talk about Death."

Harry nodded. They had made it to the Great Hall by that time. There was a screech and both boys looked up in time to see Mrs. Weasley fall into Bill's arms. The entire hall was quiet as a tomb. Then, without warning, George launched himself out of his seat and sprinted the entire hall to where Fred and Harry stood, finally throwing himself into his twins arms, sobbing. Harry walked over to the rest of the family, who were making their way over as well. Ginny grabbed Harry's arm and asked,

"How?" in a tremulous voice.

As best he could, because he didn't really believe it either, he told them. Bill finally got his mother to wake up, and she began to sob. Harry stood back and watched them together, wondering, hoping, that he had made the right decision. The Marauders and their spouses (the two that had them) were together. This way, the Weasleys were whole again. Things would be alright now; they had to be.

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