Bedtime Stories

Disclaimer: I do not own the Firefly universe, or any of the cannon characters. Only the plot of the story and Derry are mine. Joss, as always, is Boss.

Summary: A dialogue-only Rayne fic. They tell their story to a small pair of ears.

Author's Note: I sat down to write, and this came out. I thought it flowed well as a dialogue-only story. Let me know what you think! R&R, please?

"Once upon a time, there was this girl. She had long dark hair that flowed kinda like water when she danced, and she had big eyes that could make a man forget he was standin' on the ground…"

"There was a boy – a man, actually – tougher than any other you'll ever meet, and handsome too. He was the best shot in the 'Verse and fiercely protective of what was his…"

"Well that girl got herself into a heap o' trouble, and she would up in the same place as that there man…"

"He liked her hair, even in the beginning, and her eyes as well, but he didn't quite know what to do with one such as her…"

"She thought he was all kinda o' manly and cunning, with all his guns an' muscles…"

"But they didn't immediately get along. They had their troubles now and then…"

"The girl stabbed him once, and the man tried to give 'er over to some really bad people…"

"But they eventually saw the error of their ways. He saw her as a woman, and she saw him as hers…"

"Then that bitty girl saved his life, and the life of his crew. The man couldn't hate 'er anymore after that, could he? Instead, he found out somethin' real different…"

"The man loved the girl, and she him…"

"And then they got married and lived happily ever after."

"But that is not the end."

"No, but that's all he's getting' told tonight. Baby Doll, why can't you ever just let me tell the darn story?"

"Because, huī xióng, you leave things out."

"But still…"


"Yes, qīn ài de nǐ?"

"You leave stuff out too. Aunt Kaylee tells it different…how you and Daddy met."

"Well, qīn ài de nǐ, some day we will tell you the full, unabridged story."

"Yea, when yer bigger. Bedtime now, Derry."

"Night Daddy. Night Mommy. Love you."

"We love you too, Derry. Sweet dreams."


huī xióng – grizzly bear

qīn ài de nǐ – my dear, my darling

Clarification: Yes, they named their child Derrial. I just liked the nickname Derry.