After the Deadly Alliance multiplied my homework and projects magically, they decided it would be a good time for me to continue writing their adventures with the kombatants. Beware of some OOCness of this fanfic. It was made for the lulz. My English is a little rusty… sooo you know :D

The sun rose gently above Big Brother's house, and the light rays caressed everything on its path. The kombatants woke up tiresome but happily from their Christmas night. Some guys decided to take a shower while the girls cooked breakfast. Everyone ate gladly; it looked that Christmas had a positive effect on them. It was a peaceful morning until a screeching sound was heard.

"Argh! What the hell is that sound?!" shouted Nitara. Everyone was looking for the place where the noise came.

The noise came from the TV where the kombatants saw Shang Tsung "playing" Quan Chi's sax, off key. The sorcerer stopped playing his "melody" and smiled.

"Greetings people, I hope that you enjoyed last night's event. Now, we must get back to work!" said Shang Tsung. Then, Quan Chi appeared on the screen with a worried face.

"So you were the one who took my sax!" said Quan Chi. He wrested the sax from the sorcerer's hands.

"Hmph! Good morning fellow kombatants. When Shang Tsung mentioned that you had to work, I think he made it look like something negative" told the necromancer to the inhabitants of the house.

"Oh great! Now what are you planning to do with us, huh?!" asked Ashrah.

"Thanks to your moronic tasks, now the Netherrealm seems like a place I would actually love to live in!" said Scorpion.

"Yeah! What he said" commented Sareena, pointing with her thumb at Scorpion.

Everybody began to argue and yell at the Deadly Alliance. The chaos seemed to never end until…

"ENOUGH!" shouted Quan Chi. The room was silent.

"Listen, you guys have all the right to be mad at us and we understand you. You have been through the most humiliating moments of your life and we know it very well" explained Quan Chi.

"Hell yeah!" said Sonya.

"We just follow Big Brother's orders to give you the tasks that he evilly designed" continued Quan Chi.

"Actually, we planned them" muttered Shang Tsung.

"What did you say?" asked Mileena.

"That, uh, we um… we canned some jalapeños and put it in the storage for you guys!" stuttered the necromancer. He laughed nervously and the kombatants raised their eyebrows. There was an awkward moment of silence. That was weird

"So… the next thing you'll do is… go on a date!" announced happily Shang Tsung.

"What?! " was the unanimous question.

"Le gasp!" exclaimed Baraka.

"Seriously, after all we've been through, I expected something like this" said Kenshi.

"I actually expected something worse" commented Raiden.

"Since we're in the middle of a hangover, we'll just tell the four couples that will be dating tonight; the others will date tomorrow" said Quan Chi.

"Sindel, Shao Kahn, Sonya, Kano, Nitara, Scorpion, Mileena and Baraka. You guys know the order and who will you be dating" said Shang snickering. "Toodles! " The Deadly Alliance disappeared from the screen.

"Canned jalapeños? That's what you came up with?" asked Shang Tsung with a skeptical face.

"Well I'm not the one who says 'Toodles' like Hannah Montana instead of a normal 'goodbye'" replied the necromancer while walking away.

"Hey! She doesn't say 'Toodles'…or does she?"

"Well, this isn't such a bad idea" commented Shao Kahn.

"Oh really?" uttered Sindel sarcastically. The girls ran off to one bedroom and locked the door.

"Guys you need to help me! I really can use this chance to win back Sindel's heart" told the Emperor to the guys.

"What's in it for us?" asked Kano.

"Once we get out of this hellhole, I-I-I will not insult you or call you inferior names!" replied Shao Kahn.

The guys agreed to help but not only him, but themselves too. They needed to make strategies so they wouldn't make a fool of themselves and look like gentlemen in front of the gals.

"Since I'm the ladies man here, I won't need your lame advices. Instead, I shall give you mine" said Kano with a smirk. "You can start with a good ol' pickup line" he continued.

"Do you have Jesus cell phone number? Cuz' I need to tell him one of his angels fell" Kano said in a seductive voice.

"That's the stupidest way to woo a woman" commented Sub-zero, "I saw Johnny Cage tell one of his infamous pickup lines to Jade and she responded with a kick to the batteries"

"Besides, they're lame" pointed Ermac. Everyone agreed except Kano.

"Fine! Have it your way!" said Kano annoyed.

"Burger King will sue you for that" said Ermac.

"Has anyone told you that you are quite weird?" asked Kano.

"Hello! Look around you! Does anything here look normal to you?" replied Ermac.

"Ugh! I'm outta here. I can't stand this" said Scorpion.

Moments later, Raiden found Shao Kahn eavesdropping next to the door of the girl's bedroom. He just rolled his glowing eyes and walked away. He must be getting ideas to woo Sindel from there.

Sindel and Shao Kahn

Since Shao Kahn eavesdropped what were the favorite things Sindel liked, he decided to do them.

His plan consisted on taking Sindel to the movies where the special of the night where "Classic Chick Flicks". How convenient.

Shao was very nervous because it could be his only chance to win Sindel's heart or at least her respect. He was pacing back and forth at the entrance of the theater and adjusting his new tie; clothes from Earthrealm weren't really his thing and being without his helmet was quite awkward. Then, Sindel arrived. She looked astonishing in her lavender dress and matching heels.

"Wow… You look… really beautiful" uttered the emperor, "Now let's enter and watch a movie that I think you might like…Titanic"

"Thank you very much. I just really hope we can have a nice time… that's all" said Sindel. Shao Kahn opened the door for Sindel and she walked in. He sighed deeply and walked in too.

The movie was pretty long for the males in the theater especially Shao Kahn but the ladies seemed to enjoy it like Sindel.

Oh my god! Why did I agree to go to this movie? Its soooo cheesy… but I hope Sindel likes it. She doesn't know what I'm going through with this, thought the emperor. This movie is so gay.

He was getting a little bit fed up with every scene he considered girly and with all the oohs from the female crowd. He was grateful that Sindel did not act like the other people. She stayed silent and calm during the movie.

At the scene where Jack dies, Shao Kahn could not bear all the weeping and sobbing from the crowd. He looked around him annoyed at all the people.

"Geez, it's a movie! Quit whining already" protested Shao Kahn. He met Sindel's face where a teardrop was falling from her right cheek slowly. She wiped it off quickly.

"You insensitive jerk!" told Sindel to Shao. She stood up and left with quiet sobs.

"What did I do now?! Sindel...Come back!" said Shao Kahn. He stood from his seat and followed Sindel.

Ugh! What is it with women? Seriously, who can understand them?, thought the emperor. He stopped at entrance for a moment where he witnessed four felons trying to steal Sindel's purse. Shao Kahn used his magic to scare away those thieves easily.

"Thanks for that…but that doesn't change anything!" said Sindel and she turned her back on Shao.

"Come on! Is it what I've said before? It IS just a movie!" protested the emperor.

"No…it's not" whispered the queen and sobbed.

Huh? What could that possibly mean…? Oh… crap, thought the emperor. He now knew what this meant: Sindel remembered her former husband, Jerrod. He now understood the great damage he caused to her. He sighed deeply before talking.

"Look, I know you have all the right to be mad at me. I know I've been selfish with you and I didn't think about your feelings on what I've done" explained Shao Kahn, "I see that the only man that can make you happy again is Jerrod"

Sindel faced Shao Kahn with puzzled face. She couldn't believe what he was saying. For a cocky person like Shao Kahn, that was something worth hearing.

"I just tried to make you happy again. Guess I failed. I am truly sorry" continued Shao Kahn "Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Yes, you can shoot yourself like that guy from the Titanic" replied the queen. Shao Kahn raised an eyebrow for a moment.

"I'm kidding, you know" explained Sindel. They laughed for a moment and started to walk home.

"Apology accepted. Let's try being good for the first time, next being friends, then… we'll see" said Sindel. For the first time, Shao Kahn saw a slight smile on Sindel's face.

Shang Tsung was lying on the floor and watching videos from his brand new laptop. Quan Chi entered with the groceries bags. He put them on the table near him.

"Hey Shang, are there any messages for me?" asked Quan Chi.

"Yeah, your granny called. She says she is coming here to spend the weekend with you" replied Shang Tsung without moving his eyes from the laptop screen.

"WHAT?! " Quan Chi closed the top of the laptop and placed it on the couch. He grabbed the sorcerer's shoulders and shook him repeatedly.

"Are you serious? How does she know I live here now? Why would she come? Why, god? Why?!" Quan Chi babbled questions until Shang Tsung stopped him.

"Calm down! Breath in… breathe out" gestured Shang. Quan Chi did what he said and slowly sat down.

"Why are you stressed by this? She's family, you know"

"I know. It's just that… she is a pain in the ass. God, she's worse than the Netherrealm"

"How come she knows where I live? I haven't talked to her in centuries…" said the necromancer with a distraught look, "Did you have something to do with this?" he asked to his partner.


"Are you sure?" Quan Chi asked.

"I swear it on Paris Hilton's virginity" replied Shang Tsung instantly.

"Ok then…I guess I have to prepare for my worst nightmare" with that said, Quan Chi left to his bedroom. Shang was left in the living room alone.

"Ha! They always fall for that" chuckled the sorcerer.

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