My Mitsukai

Summary: Konan is pregnant after she promised she couldn't be. How will Pein take the news? Does this baby even have a chance to see the world around it? PeinxKonan Rated M for certain reasons: Flashback of 'The night', thoughts of possible abortion, violence, and possible gore, maybe lemon. Subject to change. POV switches.

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Konan sat on the edge of the bed in shock. She just stared at the floor in denial. 'Not possible. This isn't happening. I'm not. I can't be.' These words ran through her mind over and over. Maybe her body just refused to bleed. 'That's it.' She thought. 'I'm just missing another month. It's possible. I may have never missed one before this… but other people have. It's normal.' The false sense of security gave her enough sanity to look up at her lover when he walked in.

"Konan." Their eyes met.

"Yes?" She replied.

He just stared at her for a while longer. Those eyes; the eyes that she had stared into that night. Those eyes that held her every time she wished to look away. Those eyes that promised her everything would turn out right. Those eyes that she believed loved her.

"Lets go." He said simply- a new mission.

'Where to, this time? Can I go in this condition?' These questions clouded her mind as Pein spoke.

"Rain shinobi have overtaken the border into Grass. We have sighting of the jinchuuriki we're after. It's beginning, Konan; the time is now." She was the only one who would ever be able to detect the hint of excitement in his monotonous voice he used with mostly everyone. He had a special tone he used when with her. When they were…

Flashbacks flooded her mind to all of the sweet nothings he had said to her. Every time she made love with him, they were something different. Yet, every single one of them meant mostly the same thing. 'You're my angel, my everything. I love you.'

She nodded. This was their mission. They left in silence and began the journey to Grass country. Pein had a small bag slung over his shoulders containing all they would need for the rest of the week. As they jumped through the trees, Konan enjoyed the rush of the wind through her hair. She zoned out everything around her for the rest of the day's travel. If Pein has said something to her, she didn't know it. She saw him drop through the trees to a heavily wooded forest exactly as the sun hit the horizon line. This was where they would stop for the night.

"Where is everyone else?" She questioned, absentmindedly taking a seat on a fallen tree trunk.

"Itachi and Kisame are after some information in konohagakure. Hidan and Kakazu are on a bounty mission. Zetsu is out training Tobi for the next three days. Deidara and Sasori just arrived back from a mission an hour ago." Pein explained as he set up barriers with numerous jutsu he always used when they were out on a rare mission.

He seemed buried in his own thoughts, more than usual. 'Does he know? How could he possibly have found out? What is he going to do? Does he hate me?'


Startled, she locked her gaze with his. She tried to hide a worried expression, but fail miserably. As he stared at her, his face started to take on the same expression.

"What is it?" He asked her as he finished the last barrier jutsu. She faked a confused look.

"Nothing, I'm fine." A small smile graced her face.

"I thought you knew better than to lie to me." He corrected as he walked over to her. Ouch. Should she tell him yet? She wasn't positive she was with child anyway. Then again, who stopped bleeding for two months without there being a problem? 'With child.' Kami, that sounded so out of place even in her mind. What would it sound like when she said it? 'Probably worse.' She presumed. Tears came to her eyes as she told herself she was indeed pregnant with Pein's child. No. She never cried.

Quickly looking away, she mumbled, "Be back in an hour." With that, she walked off into the forest. For once, he didn't follow.

Pein's POV

Recalling all of the walks through the forest they had taken together, he realized this was the first one since the beginning of their life together that Konan chose to take alone. Something was up. He sat down where Konan had left from and began to think. What was different? Had he done something? What changed? When was their last anniversary? Had he forgotten? 'No. That's ridiculous.' He mentally shook the thought from his mind. Konan never cared about such trivial things, but what was it? Pein knew he wouldn't sleep tonight knowing there was something bothering an angel, his angel.

Konan's POV

Her legs burned as she leapt through the trees at a break-neck speed. She had to get away from where they had stopped, where her lover was; she got about 10 kilometers away without a tear falling down her cheek. Finally, the dam broke and her face was quickly soaked with salty sadness. 'This isn't fucking normal! I'm pregnant!' She yelled at herself in her head as angry hot tears streamed down her porcelain cheeks. She sat in her tree alone for about 20 minutes, tightly hugging her knees to her chest as if maybe that would crush the baby.

Pein's POV

Half-heartedly, he laid out the beds while Konan was gone. As she said, her return was an hour later. Tears stained her face, but there were no other signs she had been crying. 'Gods, she looks beautiful- even in sadness.' He thought to himself. He walked over to meet her, as she was about to take a seat on her tree-trunk.

"Konan-chan?" He added the ending as comfort. Her eyes couldn't seem to meet his. She stared at his shoulder.

"Yes, Pein-sama?" She said, her voice a bit scratchy from weeping. Ouch. That title was back; something was definitely wrong. Usually, it was 'Pein-kun' or simply 'Pein'.

"Please, mitsukai. What is it? You can tell me." Pein said as he attempted to wrap his hands around her waist. She gently pushed him away, still not able to make eye contact. This made a small spark of anger strike in Pein. He couldn't even touch her? What the hell had he done?!

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