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Chapter 1

As Kyo and Tohru made their way towards Shishou-san's dojo hand in hand Kyo thought about the box in his night drawer. He thought and thought about how to do it. He was going to propose to Tohru. It had now been 2 years since she had broken the curse. And there was no reason holding him back now. But Akito had well lived past her 24 birthday. She was now 26, Hatori says she lived because the curse had been broken and she was no longer "God". Tohru had been glad because of this, not only had Akito's personality changed but everything about her. Her and Tohru were now happy, good friends. So not even Akito cold hold him back from Tohru, his first and only love. He then again ran through his thoughts on how to propose to Tohru. This was something that he wanted to be special for her and him. For both of them to remember forever. He had gotten her a rather pretty ring. But it wasn't anything of the ordinary wedding ring, it had a gold brace with a sapphire/diamond butterfly on it, gold tracing it. She had already had a promise ring on her ring finger. He had brought her to buy one a little after the curse was broken, they had been together since. He didn't exactly want to buy her that one, but she had stuck her bottom lip out and did the puppy eyes thing. He bought it for her. It was a cats head, orange gems with striking red eyes it excited her so much when she saw it she grabbed my arm and started jumping and pointing, I laughed. I remember it like yesterday, and now im going to propose to her. He was going to Shishou's to ask advice.

"oh Kyo look its Rin she's with Haru can we go say hi before we go in?" Tohru asked with glee in her voice.

"can't we do this after?" I asked a bit too tired to deal with the cow's-former cow's randomness that drove him crazy, and his long time spiteful girlfriend. They had learned to get along great and all but it seems that she could have quite the attitude and short anger span.

"but," Tohru stuck out her bottom lip just as I remembered it that same day. "okay then." she then had watery eyes. I couldn't resist that. I bent down and gave her a meaningful kiss. I felt the same tingle.

"hey my favourite lovebirds, what brings you here?"

"oh Haru I didn't realize you come this way. How have you been?" Tohru asked

"very well thank you but I kinda realized something…" Haru said

"oh and what could that be?" Tohru asked

"well Kyo you look flustered something on your mind?" He asked nodding towards Kyo.

"oh no he does, are you okay Kyo?" She asked reaching up to check for a fever.

"no Tohru I'm just fine, I'm just thinking" I said grabbing her hand away an kissing her on the forehead.

"and don't worry her like that" he said as he looked at Haru. Who happened to be smiling warmly at the couple.

"yeah so you guys wanna go inside? Rin was supposed to be out here again with drinks but she's probably still inside. So come on."

They both followed into the dojo.

Rin greeted them with tray of tea and huge smile on her face, ear to ear practically.

All smiled back to her

"so I guess were all going back on inside then, dining room?" she asked looking at us.

"yes is Shishou-san home?" Tohru asked.

"yeah he's in the dining room, and im making lunch Shishou was trying so I took over." Rin replied

"good move" Kyo said in a laughing voice

" yeah I don't think this house could survive another fire." Rin laughed

They all walked into the dining room to find no Shishou. They all looked frantically around for him.

Rin and Kyo ran into the kitchen Tohru followed.

"Shishou what the hell are you doing?" Both Kyo and Rin yelled.

Tohru looked at him in fright. He was just pulling eggs out of the microwave, they then no sooner exploded in his face.

By then everyone entered the room. Then all burst out laughing.

All had been a lot happier when helped by a councillor with all the problems they had in their past.

Now that everyone stopped laughing and were wiping the tears from their eyes. Tohru ran over to Shishou.

"oh Shishou-san your not supposed to microwave these you could get hurt. Oh its all over you" she laughed. He smiled and took the napkin she was using.

"thank you Tohru-san now I know, nice to see all of you. So then I will start to help Rin with the lunch since that part didn't work out" he stated as he moved towards the oven

Kyo grabbed his arm, "oh no Shishou I think you want to keep the house in one peace-" Kyo said

"but-" Shishou started but,

"oh no Shishou I'm fine, besides I have Tohru to help me, she is a very good cook." Rin finished as she had Tohru by the shoulders.

"oh YAY! I get to help!! Tohru practically yelled while jumping up and down.

"okay Tohru there is no need to panic now" Shishou said.

"yeah, yeah Shishou come on were going to sit down and your not staying in here." Kyo said grabbing his masters arm and dragging him out of the kitchen.

They all sat down at the dining room sitting area.

"so Kyo what is it that's bothering you? Cause its definitely not nothing." Haru said

" yeah well that's why im here, well to talk to Shishou about it." Kyo said in a weird nervous voice.

"ok I am listening what is it?" Shishou said

"well you see… I am… well I am going to…um" Kyo was going slowly

"yes, yes were listening" Shishou exclaimed.

"well-" Kyo leaned in and started in a whisper,

"I bought a ring, for Tohru," "obviously" Haru said "yes well it was no ordinary ring, it's a wedding ring, I just need advice on how to propose." Finished Kyo.

"well you just have to think of what she likes and put it all together bring into one day then propose to her in the end. It will be the best day of her life" Haru simply said as though explaining directions to a movie store.

"there's the problem Tohru likes a lot of things, so can you help me with that?"

"definitely that's what family is for! Awesome, we should bring her friends in on this!!" Haru stated with excitement in his voice.

"good idea, so this Sunday we will all meet bring all her friends too, Kyo, Haru." Shishou said and then getting up giving his adoptive son a hug.

"finally becoming the man I dreamt he would always be." Shishou said hugging hi son tighter

"come on Haru you too, group hug!" Shishou said as though he was about to cry.

Haru got up laughing and joined the both of them. "man you guys hug like bears!" he said in little breath.

"their called bear hugs" Kyo said

Just the Rin and Tohru walked in with a tray full of food.

They both smiled, "having fun?" Tohru asked smiling her 1000 watt smile, Rin's was just about as bright.

They all looked at their pose and quickly moved into wrestling poses, "wrestling" they all said. Then they all smiled awkwardly towards the girls.

"whatever you say" Rin said eying them suspiciously.

They all sat down and started serving themselves.

"hey Honda-san um…I was wondering could you maybe bring Yuki to the…zoo this Sunday, he was kinda feeling down. But don't mention I told you he was feeling down… I was going to but I have to take…Rin to the…mall were buying…new winter clothes!" Haru finished up.

"yeah that's where were going and Kyo has to come to Shishou's". Haru continued.

"yeah…. I need new clothes anyway." Rin followed along awkwardly with what they were doing. Whatever they were up to.

"oh okay. I will ask him to and we will leave at noon okay?" Tohru said sounding quite a bit worried. "yeah that sounds great" said Haru.

"Tohru don't be worried im sure he's all right maybe just too much on his mind okay?" Kyo said grabbing his plate and the rest of the tables plate.

"okay" Tohru chirped and with that she too got up to help clear the table.

Kyo dropped the dishes off by the sink an made his way back to the table.

Kyo said in a whisper. "okay we will gather all friends and family whoever is important and that then plan it ok?"

"yeah sounds good we will work on that this week." Haru responded

"okay what don't I know?" Rin asked.

"lets go for a walk and I will explain." they then both nodded and left their usual hand in hand stride. They looked so cute, Kyo wondered how he and Tohru looked when they walked.

"but what about Yuki?" Shishou asked.

" I will tell him tonight." ever since they ended their feud they were now friends not in that creepy way Tohru once imagined them.

"hey Tohru we should get back, im sure Shishou can clean the kitchen without burning the house down." Kyo yelled to Tohru in the kitchen.

"but-" Tohru was about to protest. But Kyo immediately said.

"we did treat him to lunch, besides think of the mess Shigure had made in the house." Kyo said

Kyo got up and snuck towards the kitchen.

Tohru looked down at the mess in the sink and around the kitchen. Then thought about Shigures new mess. She bit her lip and then, "its--AHHH!"

Kyo then had her in his arms and was carrying her to the front of the house.

Shishou jumped up when he heard a scream. But then smiled when he saw his son coming through the door with his girlfriend in his arms. Kyo smiled and nodded on his way out the door with Tohru tightly clasped in his arms.

"okay Kyo I get it you don't want me to clean but-" Tohru was saying and starting to blush

"I didn't say I didn't want you to clean I just don't want you to be strained." he knew they no longer had school but he didn't want her to be too strained.

" but Kyo I have legs to I can walk" Tohru said.

"I know but im going to carry you, Tohru I love you." "oh fine then" she said and grinned ear to ear. "I love you too Kyo." Tohru whispered

Kyo stopped and looked at his girlfriend giving her the passionate smile only she could see. Then both heard a click. Saw a flash. And then hysterical laughter. They both turned and saw Haru, Rin, Shishou, Kunimitsu(Shishou's assistant),Shigure, Ayame and Hatori. All were laughing except Hatori though he had a smirk on his face.

" what the hell?! give me that camera!" Kyo said careful not to yell in his girlfriends ear.

She smiled at his consideration.

Shigure then blew a raspberry and away Ayame followed.

Everyone else left there said "well, then bye bye!" and ran.

Kyo then looked at his girlfriend.

"happy now are we?" he asked smiling

"Kyo its all out of good fun !" she said while still grinning

"I guess so.." Said Kyo before leaning in for the passionate kiss that was to follow earlier.

After a few seconds of the passionate kiss they heard another click, the flash, then the laughter.

Kyo ignored this and continued on with the kiss.

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