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Chapter sixteen~

"Grandpa!" Tohru sat up and screamed in alarm. Her scream awoke Arisa and Saki.

"What about your grandpa?" Arisa groaned from lack of sleep. Tohru had already jumped out of bed and was changing.

"I have to go see my grandpa. I'll call you guys later. I apologise for leaving so suddenly!" Tohru exclaimed grabbing her things and running out the door.

"She's definitely a morning person." Saki mumbled before going back to sleep.

"It's almost twelve though." Arisa mumbled in response.


"Grandpa!" Tohru exclaimed swinging the hospital door open. Her grandpa looked up and smiled, then grimaced.

"I'm so sorry grandpa, I forgot they were doing the surgery this morning! It's just that I was out with friends and we slept in. But that's no excuse! I'll never miss anything again!" Tohru babbled holding her grandpas hand tightly in her grasp.

"Don't worry Kyoko. You have to live your life, for mine is coming to an end." Her grandpa whispered his eyes slowly drifting closed.

"Grandpa?" Tohru whispered in alarm. His heart monitor was beeping steadily. He'd just fallen asleep, Tohru sighed in relief. The nurse walked in to change his intravenous. Tohru hung her head, thinking a silent prayer.

"Nurse-san?" Tohru questioned before the nurse made it out the door. The nurse turned back with a friendly smile.

"Call me Ayaka." The nurse says. Tohru nods.

"Ayaka-san, how long does grandpa really have?" Tohru begged moving to stand in front of the nurse.

"We, I mean the nurses, really don't know. I heard the doctor estimating four to six months. But that's between the doctor and patient, so you didn't hear it from me." The nurse remarks gravely. Tohru's eyes widen.

"No that can't be! Please you have to make it longer! I'm pregnant! I want him to meet his great-grandchild!" Tohru exclaims near tears. The nurse becomes bewildered.

"We'll do our best, it's our job. Now calm down, stress is not healthy for a baby. He'll be asleep for awhile would you like me to escort you out?" The nurse offers. Tohru shakes her head.

"I'll be fine. I'm just going to say goodbye." Tohru mumbles and moves back to her grandpa. She pulls her first ultrasound picture out of her purse and leaves it on his nightstand. She leans to kiss his cheek.

"Wait for baby grandpa. I know you'll love the baby as much as I do." Tohru smiles and leaves.


"Hello?" Saki answers her phone warily.

"Hey it's Kyo. Does Tohru need me to pick her up or something?" Kyo inquires. He'd called Saki's cell because all he got was the answering machine for her apartment number. Saki looks at Arisa with a worried face.

"Is this a joke? Tohru left an hour ago." Arisa calls, since the cell phone was still stuck on speakerphone.

"What?! To go where?" Kyo demands, his undertone is frantic. He's not totally panicking, yet.

"To go home obviously. Now quit messing around." Saki said, not believing Tohru wasn't at home.

"Hana why aren't you believing this? If it was a prank call we'd be able to hear Tohru's giggles!" Arisa exclaimed with obvious panic.

"Yeah listen to the yankee." Kyo puts in. Saki becomes silent at realization.

"Shut it orangey. Call us if she gets home. We'll go out and take a look around town." Arisa says taking the phone from Saki and hanging up.


Tohru walked down the crowded street narrowly avoiding getting knocked down various times. She wanted bubble tea.

"Excuse me do you know the time?" Tohru asks of a business man at a crosswalk.

"It's half past twelve. What else can I do for you sweetheart?" The man says trying out his allure and proceeds to step closer to Tohru. He winks. "Do you need anything else?" He asks, emphasis on the 'anything'. Tohru gasps when the scent of liquor hits her.

"No!" Tohru exclaims, her voice shaky. She turns and hurries in the direction of her favourite bubble tea café.

"Awh honey, no need to be like that. Loosen up, come have some fun. I have my own condo up on the east side." The man slurs following Tohru. No one notices this, it's lunch break and people are hurrying to get food and then back to work. Tohru was nearly at her destination though.

"I don't want anything. I have to go home and make lunch for my fiancé." Tohru calls behind her.

"I can take you out to eat." The man suggests grinning goofily.

"Hey bozo. Are you talking to my girl like that?" Asks an intimidating voice. Tohru stops to stare relieved. The man stops and sways trying look angrily.

"Your girl?" The man snorts. "Like a little kid like you can get a woman like her!" The man bubbles with laughter.

"My girl." Kyo confirms before knocking the man to the ground. Kyo walks to crouch and look the man in the eyes.

"Are you going to stop harassing young woman and girls or should I just kill you right here?" Kyo asks dead serious whilst looking very dangerous and dark. The pitiful man just nods. Kyo gets up and walks to Tohru grinning.

"Did I impress you?" Kyo asks pulling her into an embrace.

"Kyo your existence has impressed me since the day I met you." Tohru whispered in a thankful hush.

"And its not wearing some yet?" Kyo jokes. Tohru of course takes it seriously.

"No! I'd never be bored with you!" Tohru gasps. Kyo laughs and wraps his arm around her waist as they walk along the busy sidewalk.

"What're doing out this way? You didn't have to go to the hospital did you?" Kyo questions. Tohru pretends to fix her skirt.

"No, no I was just walking around, then I decided to come get some bubble tea. Will you join me?" Tohru inquires with a smile.

"No, but I will treat miss. Honda to some bubble tea." Kyo smiles. Tohru grins.

"Miss. Honda for now." Tohru corrects.


"I'm so full of bubble tea right now!" Tohru moans holding her tummy.

"Do you have a stomach ache?" Kyo questioned worriedly. Tohru nodded as they walked along home.

"Maybe we should stop and get you something for that. I knew you shouldn't have had so much to drink." Kyo mumbles. Tohru looks mortified.

"Do you think it's bad for the baby?! What if having too much bubble tea is like having alcohol!" Tohru panics waving her hand around as she talks.

"Not I don't think it's as bad as having alcohol! Don't worry Tohru." Kyo orders, grabbing her hand and kissing it. Tohru nods and focuses on taking deep breaths.

"What did you do for dinner last night?" Tohru wonders. Kyo clears his throat loudly.

"I, ah, well went out to eat then I went for a really long run." Kyo says clearing his throat again and scratching his neck. Tohru nods and ponders his answer.

"What did Yuki, Shigure and Hatori have?" Tohru asks with nonchalance. Kyo just shrugs. He then chuckles.

"Yuki can tell you." Kyo laughs.

"Why can't you tell me?" Tohru asked in a very curious tone.

"We're almost home. I can see it." Kyo says. Kyo walks along holding Tohru's hand. Tohru walks very fast and impatient. Finally they reach home.

"Yuki just try to clean it! Tohru will be home any time now!" Hatori orders banging his hand on the dining room table.

"But I don't know where to start!" Yuki exclaimed, frustrated. Tohru walks to the dining room.

"Clean what up?" Tohru wondered, wandering towards the kitchen. Yuki jumps and blocks it.

"Hi Tohru. How was the night out?" Yuki asks blocking her view from the kitchen.

"It was fun. Thank you for asking." Tohru smiles and continues trying to glimpse the kitchen.

"That's good. I think you should go and call Hana she called earlier for you." Yuki suggested nervously. Shigure had erupted with laughter and the dining room table. Tohru turned to look at what was so funny. Her eyes widened.

"Shigure! What happened to your hair?! And eyebrows!" Tohru yells hurrying towards Shigure, she stops a foot away and covers her mouth with her hands. Yuki and Hatori laugh as Shigure becomes silent.

"I'm sorry that was rude of me! I meant, um, uh, you look great?" Tohru says, but it comes out as a question.

"It's okay Tohru. I know I don't look great." Shigure sniffs. Tohru stifles a giggles. "But you really should see the kitchen. Yuki thinks it looks great." Shigure laughs. Kyo walks in the room with a smile.

"Machi is at the door for you Yuki." Kyo announces, sitting at the table. Yuki becomes sidetracked and immediately lets his guard down walking to get the door. Shigure shoves Tohru towards the kitchen in encouragement.

"The kitchen! What happened!?" Tohru cries looking around at the mess. One half of the room was spick and span, the other a wreck.

"Machi is not at the door." Yuki said, grinding his teeth. "I'm sorry Tohru. I attempted cooking." Yuki apologises with shame.

"You could've burnt down the house!" Tohru exclaims and starts cleaning right away. "I'll just have to stay home more often, and cook. And make something if I plan on going out." Tohru said, talking to herself.

"Tohru let me do that, it's my fault." Yuki offers trying to pull the cloth from her hand.

"No it's okay, I've got it." Tohru says and continues to scrub the ashen floor.

"We haven't had anything to eat yet." Shigure whines. Tohru jumps up and starts preparing something. Shigure happily bounces off to his study, Hatori following.

"Do you need my help Tohru?" Kyo asks. Tohru smiles and shakes her head.

"Okay, I have to run over to Shishou's. I'll be back in time for your delicious lunch. I have my cell if you need anything." Kyo replies and gives her a chaste kiss on the lips. When everyone is out of earshot, Yuki begins cleaning last nights mess.

"Oh Yuki you don't have to do that." Tohru says. Yuki shakes his head.

"Helps me think. Besides I've got news for you." Yuki grimaces. Tohru stays quiet and waits for him to talk.

"When I left Machi. She was pregnant." Yuki whispers only loud enough for Tohru to hear. Tohru drops the knife she's using and gasps.

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