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(Ranma's P.O.V.)

With Mathew, I felt like I finally found some help on stopping the Freak on his raids. I could tell that Mathew was going to be one of the best friends that I ever had in a long time. In the meantime, we had all finished our dinner and Kasumi had taken every empty bowl into the kitchen.

"Nabiki, dishes," She called out.

"I'm on it," Nabiki responded.

"Can I help, too?" Mathew asked.

"We got it, thanks," Kasumi responded.

"Okay," Mathew said, not going too far.

"So, what do you want to do now?" I asked Mathew.

"Hey, I've got a few games up in the room Kasumi gave me," Mathew said to me. "Are you game, man?" He asked.

"Sure," I answered.

I followed Mathew upstairs and he had about three or four different video game consoles, but only one was plugged in.

"Let's see how good you are," Mathew said to me, tossing a controller at me.

We were playing a game of something called Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Although I lost a couple to Mathew, he clearly explained the mistakes I was making and what I should do to keep me from doing the same thing twice. I was especially struggling with the board part at the beginning of a race at City Escape.

"You're the same as one of my cousins… he did the exact same mistake with the chicane part," Mathew said to me.

I learned so much from his guidance on playing that Sonic game I just didn't feel like stopping. I finally gave in after a couple of losses to Mathew.

"Gee, that was great fun," I said.

"Yeah, I like how you were giving me competition the last time we raced," Mathew said to me.

Next morning, I was able to wake up with time to spare… eating my breakfast and getting my stuff ready. That's when I noticed that Mathew wasn't around.

"Hey, where's Mathew?" I asked. "He's gonna be late for school."

"Oh, Mathew told me and Nabiki that he's done with high school already," Akane answered.

"Lucky him, the guy doesn't have to go to school," Nabiki said. "I wonder why Kasumi offered him to stay with us?"

"That's because I was nice to you and Nabiki," We heard a familiar voice say.

I looked over and saw that it was indeed, Mathew… and Kasumi holding two lunches, while Mathew was holding one. We noticed Kasumi was in her normal outfit when she did her housework, and Mathew was in yet another different one of his motocross shirts, but it was blue and yellow on the front and back with the last name "Reed" on the back and a 22 underneath it.

"I guess Kasumi appreciates a good helper like you," Akane said to him.

"Hey, only trying to pull my own weight around here," Mathew responded.

"I certainly appreciate the extra free time I get with Mathew's help," Kasumi added.

"Extra free time?" Akane asked.

"Yes," Kasumi said. She looked at the clock and added, "Looks like you three better hit it for school."

She handed Akane and me our lunches and Mathew handed Nabiki her lunch.

"Surprise you handed me my lunch," Nabiki said to Mathew.

He looked away from her with red cheeks and said, "Hey, I know she can't carry all 3 at once,"

"He's such a good help, isn't he?" Kasumi said with her smile and folded hands.

"Like I said," Mathew said to us. "I'm only trying to pull my own weight."

"And he's certainly doing just that," Kasumi responded.

So, after that, we got our shoes on and bolted off for school.

(Kasumi's P.O.V.)

After Ranma and the girls had left for school, I looked at Mathew. I was really appreciative of the help he's given me.

"You've definitely been a big help around here," I said to him.

To show my gratitude, I gave Mathew a kiss on the cheek.

"Oh, well," Mathew said, clearing his throat. "It's the least I can do, seeing as you offered me to stay with you guys."

"I suppose you're right about that," I said to Mathew. "But I don't know how to thank you."

"You don't need to," Mathew responded.

"But with you around and helping out, it gives me more free time, which I rarely get," I explained to him.

I bowed my head and gave Mathew a gentle hug. I continued to show my gratitude by cooking my best ramen for him alone. And, I used the fork I got out the first time he had dinner with us.

"You don't need to you know, Kasumi," Mathew said to me.

"Oh no," I insisted. "It's the least I can show my gratitude for somebody who's always willing to help."

"Oh… well, thanks," Mathew said, trying to show appreciation.

I could tell it was a bit hard for Mathew to find some way to thank me, especially after I let him stay with us for as long as he wanted.

End chapter.

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