Utopia, my way

Utopia, my way.

"Cardiff!" The Doctor exclaimed as the TARDIS landed with a resounding thump.

"Cardiff?!" Martha repeated with disgust.

"Ah, but the thing about Cardiff is it was built on a Rift in time and space, just like California and the Sanadress fault , but the Rift bleeds energy, and every now and then I need the open up the engines, soak up the energy and use it as fuel."

"It's a pit stop!" Martha clicked, her face lighting up at the normality of it.

"Exactly!" he answered. She was even cleverer that he gave her credit for. She could still be a little slow sometimes, but she was getting better. "'Should only take twenty seconds." He flicked a switch. A sound from the control panel alerted him to something. "The Rift's been active."

Outside a man wearing a World War Two long coat with a huge backpack slung over his shoulder ran through Cardiff as fast as he could, heading towards the blue box that had, for three months, oh so long ago, he had called home.

"Doctor!" yelled Captain Jack Harkness, before turning his head to see his blonde haired companion trying to keep up.

"C'mon, don't say you're tired already!" he called breathlessly.

"Never!" the Blonde replied, "But it's been a long time since I've had to run his far and this fast with my heart beating out a samba to boot!"

"Ah, but, I thought that it was two hearts now!" Jack winked.

"Shut up!" She shot back, but she couldn't help but let her tongue slip between her teeth as she grinned. She was finally going home.

"Wait a minute, they had an earthquake in Cardiff a couple of years ago, was that you?"

"A bit of trouble with the Slitheen. Long time ago. Life times. I was a different man back then."

"Doctor!" They both yelled as they again.

The Doctor panicked slightly as he saw the image of Jack Harkness running towards them, but ignored it as he said loudly "And go!" as he threw the final switch. If he had of noticed Jack's companion perhaps he would not have been so hasty.

Both jack and his old friend jumped for the TARDIS at the same time.

Sparks flew from the console as both the Doctor and Martha were thrown to the floor by a sharp jolt of the ancient ship.

"What's that?!" Martha demanded, looking at the gibberish that was currently showing up on the display screen.

Another explosion of sparks erupted from the control panel and the Doctor angrily wafted away the smoke that followed, putting a foot on the panel in an attempt to keep balance.

"We're accelerating; into the future; the year one billion," he was cut off as the ship changed direction sharply, going forwards this time, almost making him crash face first into the screen, "What! Were going back to 2007, no wait!" Another backwards jolt, "five billion," forwards, "2007, make up your mind?!" he hit the ship with the mallet hidden under the console that he saved for special occasions "five trillion, fifty trillion, what?! The year one hundred trillion, that's impossible!"

"Why, what happens then?" He was getting that broken worried voice, that was never a good sign, AND he'd used the word impossible. Not a good combination.

"We're going to the end of the universe!" he said, looking at her then back at the screen, disbelief etched into his boyish features.

Outside, unheard over the sounds of the TARDIS, Jack Harkness and his blonde companion clinged to the sides of the ship, not letting go of each others hands even as the vicious winds of the Time Vortex ripped at them fiercely, they screamed over the rush of time;


At their destination, a pack of wild-haired people, wearing dark leather, with hairy, tattoo covered and pierced faces, all looking up in unison, snapping as they smelled fresh meat on the wind. Their tyre-printed leader stepped forwards, speaking all their thoughts.

"Humans!" their mouths watered at the word, "humans are coming!"

A filthy, though defiantly human man clambered roughly over the slippery rocks that littered Baltazero, his breath quick and panic-stricken, looking behind him several times. He knew how dangerous it was on this planet, but his only thoughts were concentrated on getting to the silo. Suddenly a wild looking woman jumped in front of him, holding a heavy spiked ball and chain, growling and baring her teeth that were too big for her mouth.

"I just…I…I just wanna go! Please, let me go!"

The woman turned her head, surveying him like an animal, before turning her head.

"Human!" she yelled, her partner nodding and repeating the message.

Padra Shefcaine ran again as she repeated the word, excitement rising inside her.

Back at the Futurekind camp, the leader was riling up his pack, before shoving them out of the way. As leader he got first picks on their rare meals of man-flesh. Time for the hunt.

Professor Yana turned on the spot as he heard the bleeping of the surface scanner, noticing a single green dot, closely followed by about thirty more, which could only mean one thing.

"Movement, on the surface," He said pointing at the screen, "Another human-hunt, God help him."

"Chan should I alert the guards tho?" Chantho, his forever faithful companion, asked as she stood, anxious to help.

"No, no," the Professor answered, waving a hand to dismiss the idea, "We can't spare them, poor beggar's on his own. Another lost soul, dreaming of Utopia."

"Chan you mustn't talk like you've given up hope tho."

"No, no indeed, here's to it," He raised his metal cup in cheers. "Utopia!" he swallowed before grimacing ing disgust, "where it is to be hoped the coffee is a little less sour. Will you join me?"

"Chan I am happy drinking my own internal milk tho," Her insectoid face smiled in thanks.

"Yes, well, that's quite enough information thank you," He placed the mug down on the table just as Atillo's voice came cracking over the speakers.

"Professor, I don't mean to rush you, but how are we doing?"

"Ah yes, er yes, yes working, yes almost there."

"How's it looking on the Footprint?"

He gave a worried look at Chantho "It's good! Yes fine, excellent!"

He looked to Chantho for support, signing that she should take over.

"Chan there's no problem as such, we've accelerated the calculation Matrix, but it's going to take time to harmonise tho. Chan we're trying a new reversal process, will have a definite result in approximately two hours tho."

She looked round, noticing the Professor holding his head and breathing heavily.

"Chan Professor tho?"

The drums. They were back, the incessant noise that had haunted him his entire life, filling every waking hour, beating out a double march inside his head.

"Chan Professor Yana tho?"

They were the reason he worked himself so hard. They were never silent, but they were at least quietened during times of concentration, but immediately back at any relaxed moment; dum-dum-dum-dum, dum-dum-dum-dum, dum-dum-dum-dum.

"Chan Professor tho?"

"Yes, er yes, yes working."

"Chan it's the surface scanner Professor, it seems to be detecting a different signal tho."

"That's not a standard reading. Can't make it out. It would seem something new has arrived.

Inside the TARDIS the Doctor and Martha picked themselves up off the floor, having both been knocked there by the final quake as the ship had landed.

"Well," the Doctor said, looking between the time rotor and his companion, "We've landed."

"Where are we?" Martha asked shakily.

"I don't know."

"Say it again, that's rare."

"Not even the Time Lords came this far," He looked so serious, a look that didn't belong on those boy-ish features, "We should go. We should really really… go," He looked at her, serious face still in position, until suddenly it broke into a huge kid-at-Christmas grin before he raced her to the door.

What lay outside made even the Doctor speechless. Night, darker than Martha had ever imagined; no stars, no moon, nothing at all in the sky to give off light. It looked almost like a quarry, cliffs and wet boulders everywhere, dead grasses poking through here and there, brown from lack of light. The ground was covered in pieces of what looked like slate and the air was cold and still. They looked so out of place, the Doctor, Martha and the TARDIS, its' stunning blue and their usually unremarkable clothes a sharp contrast with the monotonous darkness surrounding it.

"Oh my God!" Martha cried out, noticing a man lying a few feet away, not moving. She ran over, remembering her medical training, checking him over. "Can't find a pulse. Hold on a minute, you've got that medical kit thing." She ran past him, back inside the TARDIS, searching frantically for the little green box under the console.

"Hello again." The Doctor said quietly to the man at his feet. "I'm sorry."

"Here we go. Get out of the way!" Martha shoved him out of the way, sticking the stethoscope in her ears, searching for a heartbeat.

"Bit odd though. Year one hundred trillion, that coat looks more like World War Two."

"I think he came with us."

"How d'ya mean, from Earth?"

"Musta been clinging onto the outside of the TARDIS, all the way through the Vortex. Well that's very him!"

"What, do you know him?"

"Friend of mine, used to travel with me, back in the old days."

"But he's… I'm sorry, there's no heartbeat. There's nothing. He's dea-"

She was interrupted when suddenly Jack grabbed her arms, gasping for breath.

"Whoa, so much for me! It's alright, just breathe deep, I've got you."

Over Jack's gasp for breath and Martha's scream, nobody heard the other gasp from behind the TARDIS. So naturally, nobody thought to watch as Jack's blonde companion sat up slowly, a hand over her double heartbeat, taking deep, shaky breaths.

Jack looked from the Doctor up to Martha "Captain Jack Harkness, and who are you?" he rubbed Martha's chin charmingly.

Typical Jack, the Doctor thought, rolling his eyes, the second he's got breath he's using it to chat up the nearest life form.

"Martha Jones"

"Nice to meet you Martha Jones."

"Oh don't start!" the Doctor said loudly, making his presence felt.

"I was only saying hello!"

"I don't mind." Martha blushed, helping Jack to stand up to face the Doctor.



"Good to see you."

"And you. Same as ever I see, although," he scrutinised the other man's face carefully, "have you had work done?"

"You can talk!"

The Doctor looked slightly confused for a second, until realisation dawned on him "Oh the face! Regeneration! How did you know this was me?"

"Well the police box kinda gave it away."

"Yeah," came a voice from behind the box, making both the Doctor's hearts stop and his eyes to go wide. "Y'know Doctor, you should really sort out that chameleon circuit. You never know who might be catching a lift."

Praying to every deity that he could remember the name of, and a few he couldn't, every one of which he didn't, and had never believed in, that it wasn't a hallucination or dream, the Doctor turned on the spot. But there, leaning on the outside of his ship, tongue poking out of the corner of her teeth, peroxide-blonde hair tied back into a messy bun, was Rose Tyler.