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Spark burn

Soundwave lay on his recharge birth

I'm doomed! He thought, having three seekers was bad enough but another one coming, he was DOOMED! Okay maybe that was over reacting, but the seekers were pretty bad. Let alone it being Skywarps cousin! He was doubly DOOMED! Soundwave could only imagine what he would be like, rude, arrogant, sneaky, selfish, power hungry and a trickster. Wonderful. Hell with wings.

Soundwave woke the next morning haunted by a relentless foreboding feeling that refused to leave. He made his way to Megatron's office when called dragging his feet trying to hold off his fate for as long as possible. He arrived and stepped in through the door to be greeted with the familiar sight of Megatron sitting on his throne, what came next however totally threw him

"Soundwave you will not be greeting the new Decepticon, The seekers, Thundercracker and Skywarp shall."

Soundwave held back a surprised What!? And in his absence of speech Megatron deemed it fit to continue "I have some important file work for you to do." Just then Thundercracker and Skywarp entered Soundwave took that as his cue to leave and well… left.

Skywarp hurried through the corridors Thundercracker in tow, he composed himself as he stepped into Megatron's office and was mildly surprised to see Soundwave there. The communications officer promptly left however and left the two jets and their leader alone. Megatron beckoned the nervous seekers forward and addressed them (they were the only ones in the room so really he had no choice) "As you should already know your cousin Skyburn is arriving through the spacebridge soon and I wish for both to go and meet them." If Megatron hadn't been there Skywarp would have hi-fived his wing mate, Megatron was there though so he held it back and settled for a Soundwave like

"As you command Lord Megatron." And left.

Two twinjets one purple one blue tore through the sky above the desert

"Blue above and orange below, I know we're here to destroy it an all but I think some of the scenery's alright. Not up to Cybertron's standards but… nice." sighed the blue jet as the two began to shift and fold in and out of themselves until they took the form of two huge metal men. Dust flew up into tiny clouds as they landed heavily on the orange ground. The companions rushed over to the already activated spacebridge, which like them was awaiting the new arrival. The seekers waited patiently for what felt like an eternity, all of a sudden the spacebridge whirred into life startling the two sitting mechs into action. Skywarp leapt up and ran towards the spacebridge just as a figure had begun to form. Around about the time the penny dropped in Thundercrackers CPU and he arrived at the spacebridge the figure had almost fully materialised. When it did fully materialise the figure stumbled a few steps forward. Thundercracker was shocked

"I was expecting…" he was cut short by a shrill cry of

"Skywarp!" as a blur darted towards the purple jet and crushed him almost to death in a tight grip. Skywarp grinned happily prying the small figure off himself and gently but firmly put his hand on the small black/grey shoulders of his cousin

"Its great to see y'a Skyburn Is bi'n too long. Ya sure have grown!" he grinned

"Me!" cried the small purple winged figure "Look at you, you're huge!" beamed Skyburn. Skywarp grinned down into the huge, yellow optics of his cousin.

Thundercracker stared in shock at the small purple, winged figure in front of him. The tiny seeker, the tiny seeker had seen him and was now cowering shyly behind the larger purple mech. Skywarp smiled comfortingly down at his cousin

"Don't worry tiny, that's just Thundercracker, T.C y'know he's my pal, were close as anything us. " he wrapped an arm around the blue seeker to prove what he said and Thundercracker returned the gesture. Skyburn was still shy but stepped out from behind Skywarp and smiled slightly.

The trio transformed and sped of into the clouds back to Decepticon headquarters.