"Sooooo." Soundwave was officially sulking. Okay so only he and his cassettes new but…it was official to him! He paced up and down his office. Oh the bluenessness! He folded his arms behind his back, what did he care whether he looked like a fool to her. He'd soon teach her who was boss. And then when she respected him, no feared him he would teach those Seekers a lesson they'd never forget!

Soundwave strode to her office intent on being as scary and brusque as possibly. He strode up to the table. Stern face Soundwave, stern face

"Uh Hi." Stern face damn you STERN! She looked up from the computer. She seemed surprised. Soundwave dug at the metal floor with a toe shyly

"Hi." She looked away blushing a bit avoiding his optics. Well what a brilliant plan Soundwave! Get a grip of yourself man! Stop acting like a soppy sparkling Soundwave scolded himself mentally

"Um… I wanted to say," Be stern "I'm sorry," NO! "About what happened earlier with the song and the words and well about everything." She smiled shyly at him and made the motion of tucking nonexistent hair behind her ear

"It's okay. It was me, I over reacted." See she over reacted. ARRGHH! He smiled shyly again

"Okay well um I… I'll see you around." He turned around and speed walked off. That could have been… embarrassing.

"Look." Thundercracker turned to look at what Skywarp was pointing at


"And-" Skywarp hinted

"Your cousin?" Thundercracker looked at his obviously mad friend "Oh your still not on about that crazy Soundwave fancies my cousin idea are you?" Skywarp nodded "Ohh this is gonna get old fast." The blue Seeker moaned

"No look." Skywarp pointed and once again Thundercracker turned to look at what he was pointing and he was flabbergasted

"OMG is that Soundwave being shy." Skywarp smiled triumphantly and a passing mech gave them a funny look


"It was rhetorical."

"I know I just like saying Yup cheerily, anyway aren't you going to say it?"

"What? Soundwave digs your sister?"


"You were right." Thundercracker admitted grudgingly

"HaHA!" the same mech walked back all the way from three corridors just to give them another funny look. Why? I seriously have no idea. If you do please tell me. Skywarp did a little funny victory dance that involved hopping around on one foot, waving his arms in the air and wiggling his aft. All at once. Thundercracker gave him that 'why the hell do I hang out with you?' look. Skywarp finished his dance and poked a now looking around randomly Thundercracker in the arm

"Lets follow him."

"Who? That guy who keeps walking half way around the base just to stare at us and seems to be there every time we (I mean we as in you) do something stupid?"

"No. Soundwave. By the way who is that?"

"No clue." Thundercracker shrugged.

Skywarp crept noisily down the all purple corridors. All purple. Thundercracker strolled casually along behind him and yet he still managed to be quieter. The two were hoping to follow Soundwave but due to bizarre coincidences (They'd got lost because everything is purple) they'd lost him but in this they found an even better prize

" Hey," Skywarp whispered loudly as only Skywarp could "It's the midget."

"Which one?"

"I dunno the purple one."


"Oi Rumble!" the little mech turned saw the Seekers and ran for it "Crap. Get him!" the two Seekers charged after the running mech and easily caught up with him (he may be fast but he has stubby legs so go figure) Skywarp grabbed him by the back of the neck roughly and the midget wiggled trying to get away. He kicked out and threw random punches that really didn't do anything but spin him self around until he was dizzy

"So Rumble, you've met my cousin?"

"Whatever it is I didn't do it!" he cried and spun some more

"1. If your sick on me your dead. 2. it was a simple question: Do you know my cousin?"

"The booby lady?"

"Um… Yes?" Rumble decided it wasn't in his best interests to spin and that his attempts to kick Skywarps crotch had failed

"Yeah course I know 'er." Maybe he would go along with the interrogation, just as long as Skywarp didn't find out about the fact that he'd dyed all the Seekers underwear pink that he'd recorded a drunk Thundercracker attempting to kiss Skywarp while he was facing away which had of course ended with the blue Seeker falling off his chair and the purple Seeker left none the wiser.

"Do you like her boobies?" Rumble looked unsure of how to answer this; if he lied he'd be punched and if he told the truth he'd mostly likely be… punched

"Err yes?" Skywarp felt like punching Rumble

1.Because he liked his cousins boobs and

2.Because he just didn't like midgets

Instead he said

"Does Soundwave like her boobies?"

" Err well he says he's to busy staring at her optics but I think he likes her boobies."

"Hmm," said Skywarp putting on his detectives face and stroking his nonexistent beard "Interesting."