I've sendt this in to 'Attack Of The Cliche's!' but they haven't posted it yet. Ao I figured I'd post it here instead. You guys should read their FF, it's really funny!

Bella: Oh Alice, I like, totally can't wear this!

Alice: (Jumps up and down like a maniac on crack for no reason at all)Screams; OH, YOU SO CAN! LIKE, YOU'RE THE MOST GORGEOUS GIRL I'VE LIKE, EVER SEEN, EVEN THOUGH YOU REALLY ARE PLAIN! (Almost claps her hands off.)

Bella: Like, okay, you know I can't say no to that!

(Puts on an outfit even Rosalie couldn't pull of, but magically Bella becomes the most beautiful girl ever.)

Edward: (jaw drops down to his knee's) OMC! Like, your so GORGEOUS! And I like, totally don't sound gay, AT ALL!

Bella: (Blushes) Like, Edward, where are we going?!

Edward: I am SO not telling you, even though I know you hate surprises, I'll surprise you anyway, because I like totally know you'll be, like, SO happy later! (Giggles, even though he's a 100 year old MALE vampire)

Bella: Darn, you like, totally dazzled me, even though I'm more pissed off now then I am when I'm having my period.

Alice: (Bounces around the room, off the wall, off the posters on the wall, on Edwards head, on her bed post, on a shoe. Because she is so EXITED!) Squeals really, REALLY loudly, and screams; YAY! BELLA, YOU WILL BE SO HAPPY!

-They drive over to the place that is so perfect, for their perfect fluffy date, and have a perfectly, perfect night out.-

Bella: Oh, Edward! I had, like, so much fun! (Starts crying for no reason at all)


Bella: I don't know how you can love someone as plain as me! - sob!-

Edward: Oh my sugar noodle, babe, sexy mama and sweet, innocent, heart stealing, gorgeous woman, you are like, SO not plain. I don't know how you can love a monster like me, even though I know I'm like, SO hot!

Bella: Edward, lets make out after this perfectly perfect date!

Edward: Yes, because all of a sudden I can make out with you, even though that's not possible for us!

-makes out-

Screaming Alice: OMC!! LIKE, ISN'T THAT SO SWEET?! claps hands, and bounces around the living room


The thing that buggs me the most about almost all FF is that everyone keeps makeing Alice, SCREAM, BOUNCE and CLAP! Why do you do that?!

And when do you ever see a guy over 10 giggle?! Guys don't frikkin giggle, okay?

Don't mind people getting mad at this, but please, think about what your writing before you do. I'm just saying that I find that stuff annoying in story's.

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