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This is a Hyoton-Naruto fic. I know, I know, already been done. But hey no one ever said that we counldn't take other peoples ideas and use em. I just said for people to alert me on Ninja no more so I can keep track of them and find out what people do with my story.

He soon discovers this fact when on the Bridge in the Land of Waves arc.

Anyway on with the show.


It begins:

Naruto gasped as Haku stood over him and Sasuke's body. Naruto gazed up fleetingly in to Haku's eyes. The ice user gave a look of remorse before he raised a hand of senbons towards Naruto. The blond boy flinched at the sight.

"Naruto-Kun" Haku said "I do not wish to kill you. Please stay still and do not move. Once the bridge builder is killed you may leave and live to fight another day".

The ice boy knelt infront of Naruto and placed a cold hand to the Kyubi vessel's whiskered cheek. You have nothing to fear Naruto. I will not kill you if you do not do anything stupid.

Along the bridge Kakashi and Zabuza continued their fight.

Kakashi's dogs had missed Zabuza by inches and had been dispersed by a swipe of his zanbato. "Damn mutts" Zabuza cursed as this time he sliced Kakashi's hand. "Aw did I scratch the poor copy cat?" the demon of the mist goaded. Kakashi glared kunai at the other masked ninja before him. Zabuza was pushing his last nerves and soon he would have to use Raikiri on the ex-mist nin.

"What's the matter Kakashi gotten tierd. Well if your hair is any indication of you age then you should have retired years ago" Zabuza said as the scarecrow growled in anger.

"Shut up" Kakashi said venomously

Zabuza chuckled insanely. "Well I hate long goodbyes so goodbye bastard" and he poised his sword above his head as he lept at Kakashi.


Naruto watched helplessly as the zanbato sliced Kakashi's shoulder causing blood to expload from the wound. "Aw i missed" Zabuza taunted as Kakashi fell to his knees in pain. "Kakashi-sensei" Sakura called out to her sensei who gasped for breathe within the mist.

"Now to deal with our little pest problem" Zabuza spoke disappearing from infront of Kakashi and re-appearing behind Sakura and infront of Tazuna. The bridge builder made a run for it in to the mist. Zabuza ignored her and struck Sakura in the back of the head with the hilt of his zanbatou.

The pink haired girl fell faint to the ground as Naruto called out to her.

"SAKURA!" he called to her limp form.

Zabuza turned to the blonde haired boy and poised himself to attack. "What do ya say Haku. Should I let him live? You said you thought he was good enough to train?" Zabuza asked his accomplice who looked down at Naruto in pity and sorriness (Don't care if it isn't a real word).

"Keep him alive Zabuza-sensei. He's to good to kill and he he is to warm hearted to ever be a true ninja" was the feminine boys reply. Naruto looked up in to Haku's eyes in search of answers.

"Well well well Zabuza. You didn't kill the bridge builder but you managed to bring down a legend, a whore, an emo kid and a blondie?" came Gato's voice as he appeared through the mist with many of his hired thugs. "So there's no more need for you. We can deal with Tazuna by ourselves" the greedy little man promised.

Haku shivered from the look Gato was giving him.

"Then we will take our leave" was the reply of the masked ex-mist nin.

"Leave?" Gato asked. He soon broke in to a large laugh and sneered at the two ninja. "Who said anything about Leaving? No dear Zabuza you'll have to be delt with and your little servent..." he trailed off looking at Haku with ravenous eyes.

"Doesn't it even bother you that i'm a boy?" the ice user asked disgusted "Pervert" he called Gato.

The short man screwed up his face in anger but it soon turned in to a sneer. "Well then you will have to die just like Zabuza here".

"Over-over y..our d..d..dead body" came a familier wheezing voice from behind Haku.

Zabuza and Haku turned to see Naruto forcing himself to stand on his own two feet. His cuts and bruises healing nicely and his eyes burning with rage. "Naruto..." Haku spoke as he stood.

a knife was thrown from Gato at Naruto. however it mearely landed at his feet helplessly. Naruto's eyes flashed red at his fallen comrades. His hands clenched and his nostrils flared open.

The tempreture fell with thw ground at Naruto's feet freezing over instantly. "Haku stop" Zabuza commanded.

"It's not me" Haku insisted. "It's Naruto he..." Haku's eyes widened in recognition. "He's just like me. He is of Hyoton"

"That's impossible" the masked man demanded at his student as a dragon made of ice materialised before Naruto and all those in attendance.

A demonic voice wrang out from Naruto's mouth and cold and cruel laughter broke out from the boy.

"Now it's my turn" the voice drawled.


the ice dragon shot towards Gato who became frozen on a block of ice. The thugs around him fled only to be met with the same fate. A spired prison of ice exploade from around Naruto cutting off his forehead protector leaving it ot fall limp in the ice. The demonic voice once again rang out in to the world.

"OH well i don't have enough time." it spoke "Guess it's back to the seal. Hopefully the kid'll feel pain as I go back hehe" the voice died down as red chakra turned an icey blue and Naruto fell to the ground infront of his sculpture of ice.

"What happened" he asked in a husky vocie.

"You killed them" Haku replied not looking away from Gato's frozen corpse or from the dead mercenaries.

Naruto looked on wide eyed at what he had done, Fear gripped him. He had lost concscienceness and now all these people were dead. If the leaf ever found out about this then they woudld...

Naruto dread to think about it.

Zabuza saw the look of fear in his eyes and the look of fufilment in Haku's. Under his mask he smirked and stood up to face.

"Hey kid" he called out to Naruto, a plan forming in his head


A scream alerted Kakashi that he was once again awake. His eyes shot up to be met with the pure clean sky of wave country. No mist at all. Kakashi sat up to view the damage only to find ice all along the bridge. Sakura had been the one to scream and Sasuke looked on in fear.

Gato and his thugs were all frozen in ice, and Naruto's headband lay limp half way imbedded in to the ice spire before them. A pool of blood lay infront of the ice spires.

Naruto, Zabuza and Haku were no where to be seen.


The Hokage stood staring out of the window of Naruto's appartment. Word had spred that Nartuo had disappeared in his last mission and was possibley dead. Civillians flocked by the bucket load stormed in to the apartment every hour only to be met with the Hokage and his stack of paper work.

He used Naruto's appartment as a make-shift office so as to discourage vandals.

Homura and Koharu had given him their sympathies when they had heard. Despite common belief Naruto was actually refreshing fo the village. Danzo had come along to sneer in the Hokage's face. Which was the reason that the disabled man was currently in the hospital with medics trying to re-attatch his hand.

Sasuke and Sakura acted as if everything was all normal, it however was far from the truth.

Sasuke didn't really care about Naruto muttering about how he deserved it. Sakura seemed pretty shaken up and had taken the habit of crying every so often, claiming it was all her fault.

Konohamaru had gotten in to countless fights over his "Anikii". Slander was thrown around the village like a beach ball. The honourable grandson had also demanded an ANBU squad be sent out to retrieve Naruto.

the civillian counicl would have non of it. Greedy merchants with deep pockets, and many more ninja, were using every law they knew to prevent a retrieval team on going after the missing Jinchurikki (first time I EVER wrote that word).

Sarutobi began to think back to his talk with Kakashi.


Kakashi and his two remaining charges walked in to the missions room, the sensei and kunoichi looking down in the dumps and Sasuke looking slightly smug. Naruto was no where to be seen.

"Ah, Kakashi" Sarutobi said as squad seven walked in "Hmm, where is Naruto?" he asked when no sign of the hyper active boy was seen.

Konohamaru had decided to hide under the table that day and had come blaring out. "Where's the boss?" he demanded.

Silence filled the room as Kakshi replied.


That single word was enough to suprise the hokage. "What do you mean by gone Kakashi? Do you mean gone to the hospital or...oh no!". His eyes widened and a tear fell from his eye. "Please don't tell me...no"

Sakura was the one who replied then at that second. "It was (snif) horrible. Zabuza...(snif)...and his apprentice knocked everyone else out. (Snif) When we woke up All that was left was Naruto's head band and all of (snif) Gato's men frozen to death in (snif) pillers of ice" the pink haired girl soon burst out crying.

"Zabuza? Gato?" Sarutobi spoke. "Kakashi explain!"

The cyclops retold the entire story starting from just after they left Konoha. When it was over Iruka who had been in the missions office threw a kunai at Sasuke who smirked through the entire thing. "Show some respect for the dead bastard" he yelled as tears cascaded down his face.

"Why should I?" Sasuke demanded. "He's just as damn demon. My father told me so years ago" Sasuke replied in a cold way.

"Hyoton?" Sarutobi asked. "KUSHINA'S CLAN!" he exclaimed standing up to the filing cabinet.

"Kushina? As in...of F" Kakashi said eyes widening. "Are you telling me that Naruto...Naruto is his and hers son? Then that would mean..." Kakashi broke off unable to finish fists clenching as Iruka demanded what was going on.

"I'm afraid Iruka that a missing nin now has two Hyoton users, an mokuton user and our resident Jinchurikki"


Sarutobi growled as his secetary walked in to the apartment once again with paper work. "It's murder bringing all this paper work here! Why don't you go back to the office Lord Hokage?" she asked as she glanced distainly at a photo of Naruto.

"Because the villagers are scum" was the reply as Sarutobi released Killing intent. "And you are no different. Get out and don't come back".

She froze in fear before fleeing from the room.

As she ran Srutobi returned to his copy of Icha Icha and pondered over what to do now. There were only two people he could call in a time like this.

"SUMMONING JUTSU" he said biting his thumb and placing it on the ground. A small orange monkey popped in to existance wearing a postman's outfit. "Can I help you?"

"I need to send a message to Jiraiya and Tsunade of the Sannin. Tell them Minato's son has been kidnapped by Zabuza Momichi"

And there you have it for now.

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