Hey guys! I know you guys are really pissed at me, and I know I haven't updated in forever. I just really want to apologize for that and I know that you guys aren't going to be very happy with the news I'm bearing.

Unfortunately, it's the end of the school ear here, meaning I'll be very busy with my requirements. This means that I will be very occupied with my studies and projects. I am also very active with my extracurricular organizations in school, so this takes up even more of my time. So these past months have been very hectic, and I'm not exaggerating on the part about having no time for myself.

So with a heavy heart, I'm afraid that everything I have written in fan fiction will have to be put on temporary hiatus until the beginning of our summer vacation, that is, on the end of the third week or the beginning of the fourth week of March.

With eternal gratitude to my readers and reviewers out there, I thank you for your continuous support. Once again, I apologize for my absence, and I hope I may be able to update as soon as possible and make up for this.