Summary: Mistakenly thought to be autistic, Harry is overlooked as his twin brother Caleb is heralded as the Boy Who Lived. Determined to be better than Caleb and with an IQ that's off the scale, Harry is left to his own devices to try and reach his full potential. Child of the light, prodigy of the dark, which side will he choose?

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Child Of The Light, Prodigy Of The Dark


Chapter 1



Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream

- Malcolm Muggeridge


'Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Caleb and Harry, happy birthday to you!'

The chorus of voices rose to a crescendo at the end of the song and as the assembled crowd held onto the last note, the piano played a jazzy finish ending on a loud boisterous final chord. The sound of cheering filled the air, followed by exclamations of,

'Blow the candle out! Go on Harry, Caleb, blow it out!'

A bemused one year old stared around at the gathering as his twin giggled beside him. Today was Harry and Caleb's first birthday, the first day in a long while that the people here could finally relax and just enjoy themselves. Sitting on the coffee table in front of them was a chocolate and cream cake, topped with multicoloured icing and a zooming golden snitch (much to Lily's disappointment, James had won the toss and got to choose the cake topping). Above the snitch was a big red candle in the shape of a number one. When Lily gently nudged them forward, the boys leant towards the flame and blew it out. Another round of cheering ensued and then the cake was cut and served.

The party was in celebration of Caleb and Harry's first birthday, twin sons to James and Lily Potter. Their first year had been hard on everyone, though James and Lily tried not to show this to their sons. Voldemort's reign of terror had reached a peak, and every day would bring news of yet more attacks and deatheater raids. James, an auror alongside his best friend Sirius Black, worked tirelessly to try and combat the dark forces but with little success. However hard they tried, Voldemort always seemed to have more deatheaters to replace the ones they put away or killed. Ever since they left Hogwarts, James and Lily spent all of their time helping Dumbledore and the order of the phoenix. The discovery that Lily was pregnant was a joyous moment, the first in a seemingly endless string of death and misery. Following months of fierce arguments between Remus and Sirius on who got to be Godfather to the newborn, the problem was solved by the news that there was in fact going to be two babies.

Caleb and Harry Potter were born to two proud parents on the 31st July, following hours of labour. Caleb was the first to appear, the bigger of the two twins. His hair was a strange mix of brown with red highlights and he had a chubby face with hazel eyes, which he had clearly inherited from his father. Generally though he seemed to take after his mother more unlike his younger brother Harry. Born on the stroke of midnight, Harry was the smaller twin. He had a mop of jet-black hair, stubborn and unruly even at that age, a Potter trait. His eyes were a sparkling green, the colour of emeralds or killing curses, whichever you prefer. Harry obviously took after his father more, though he had his mother's nose. His face was slender and his body on the whole not as chubby as Caleb's. Where Caleb was the cute, bubbly kind of baby, Harry had the angelic, adorable look. The very same day Sirius Black became Harry's godfather and Remus Lupin became Caleb's godfather.

In the weeks and months that followed, Lily had to struggle on her own, trying to look after the two young babies. Voldemort's activities were ever increasing as he got nearer his goal and James barely ever got home before midnight, before having to rush off at seven, to go back to work. Auror numbers were dwindling and the light side suffered many casualties. When James was at home, he was tired and snappish and the twins were always asleep, so he never got to spend any proper time with them. His and Lily's relationship was strained as Lily suffered the strain of both caring for two demanding children on her own and hearing about dead friends, always worrying that next time it would be her husband or another relative.

Remus, being a werewolf couldn't serve as an auror, though that was never suited to him anyway. Instead Dumbledore had sent him on a mission to recruit as many werewolves as he could to their cause and to try and tackle Voldemort's control over the werewolf population. Dumbledore himself, though close to the Potter family, was never free and she didn't expect any more from him, he was after all the leader of the light. Andrew Potter, her father-in-law, was also busy fighting for the light and his wife; Sarah Potter worked to help those who were victims and casualties of the dark side, often children who had lost all their family or wizards who had suffered fighting for the light. All in all, that first year was a lonely one for Lily and it was great to finally have one day where they could forget everything and just spend the day together, enjoying each other's company.

Present at the party were Sirius, Remus, Dumbledore, Andrew, Sarah, Frank, Alice and little Neville who had also celebrated his birthday a few days earlier. Having cut the cake, the adults sat down with a cup of tea whilst Harry, Caleb and Neville were left to play together. While Caleb and Neville did so, Harry didn't seem that interested in socialising and spent his time playing on his own.

'Lily, sweetheart, do you ever worry about Harry?' Alice asked, watching Harry who was currently staring down a magically charmed Pelican who had tried to steal his building blocks.

'All the time, God knows what I'll do if anything ever happened to him or Caleb. What with Voldemort gaining power, I suppose it's inevitable that he's going to try and get rid of us. Hopefully later rather than sooner.'

'No I didn't mean about Voldemort. I meant his behaviour.'

Lily looked at her, obviously puzzled by this question. The others turn to look at them, similarly curious.

'You must have noticed how quiet he is. Really, he never shouts or complains or anything. Normally I'd just say you were lucky he's so well behaved but you have to admit this is a bit unsettling. He's just so opposite to his twin. Caleb is always so boisterous and happy and Harry is…well neutral is the only word I can think about.'

Lily glanced at James as they all turned to look at Harry, who was now building a colour-coded castle out of his blocks.

Lily sighed, 'Sometimes it crosses my mind but then I always forget about it. But now that you mention it, he never cries for his milk or for anything to be honest. He's always so sedate, always so calm and collected if you can say that about a one-year-old, nothing seems to trouble him. It just never occurred to me that I should be worried about it. Should I?'

'Maybe he's autistic,' said Sarah. She explained further to clarify, 'It's rare, but usually present from birth. And it does fit. He's withdrawn and he isn't great with socialising. I'm no expert, but it does fit with what I know.'

Lily exchanged worried glances with James, who scratched the back of his head nervously.

'Maybe. But loads of kids are quiet and maybe Harry just prefers to be on his own. He's only one; you can't say he's antisocial when the only other kids he meets are Neville and Caleb. And Caleb doesn't count. He's his twin.'

'Look let's just leave it. We can wait a few months; if we're still worried then we can go see a healer. We don't have to talk about this now, it's their birthday.'

Remus rubbed Lily's back gently and she shot him a grateful look. It was the first time in ages she'd had some time with her friends and family and she didn't want to ruin it. She stood up to get some biscuits and chocolate. As she left, the rest started talking quietly of Voldemort and his current activities. No one saw Dumbledore watching Harry pensively.


It was almost 10:00pm now and Harry and Caleb had both fallen asleep in their parents' arms, exhausted from the day. Alice and Frank had left with Neville a couple of hours earlier. James' parents and Sirius and Remus had just left, they did after all have to go back to work the next day.

'Sickle for your thoughts, Albus?' James asked, noticing the faraway look in Albus' eye.

Albus smiled softly, 'It'll cost you more than a sickle, my boy,' he said, his eyes twinkling.

James grinned, 'You look tired Albus, you're not as young as you were you know. You should try and get more rest.'

'If only I could, James. But you know what it's like. Voldemort's going mad out there, I haven't got the time. I fear we're fighting a losing battle here,' he said, pinching the bridge of his nose and rubbing tiredly at his eyes.

'Don't say that!' Lily exclaimed, 'We can't give up; we'd doom the whole wizarding world to a lifetime of misery and terror! Albus!'

Dumbledore smiled at Lily gently, 'I know, Lily, I know. Still, I have a feeling that things are going to get a bit more chaotic soon enough.'

Dumbledore motioned towards Caleb and Lily passed him to the headmaster. Caleb sighed softly in his sleep as Dumbledore smiled down at him. Gently rocking the child in his arms he looked up at his former students who immediately noticed the grave expression on his face. Shooting each other worried looks, they looked quizzically at him.

'Lily, James, as you are both well aware, Voldemort's control over the wizarding world is growing. As much as we like to believe it's not true, we must concede that Voldemort is very close to winning.'

He held up a hand to stem Lily's protesting. 'It's true Lily, you know that as well as I do. The light, it seems, grows ever weary of this war. Still, tell me, do either of you believe in fate?'

'Fate? What's fate got to do with anything?'

'Powerful though I may be, I was never a match for Voldemort. Yes, I have succeeded in holding him thus far, but inevitably the day will come when I can no longer do so. You see, it was my fate to defeat Grindelwald, that's why I was gifted with the power I was given and I did that. It was never my duty to fight Voldemort.'

'Albus, I don't understand'

'Think about it, my boy. Everything in this world comes in pairs. Heaven and Hell, Yin and Yang, Good and Evil, Light and Dark. Grindelwald and I were a pair, and so with Voldemort there is an imbalance in the world. A powerful force that has nothing to counteract it and such a thing is never meant to exist. That's why I believe that fate will deem it necessary to create another powerful force, on the side of the light to combat Voldemort.'

'When will this happen then? Does this person already exist? Are they on the light side, do you know where they are? Have they agreed to fight with us?' James fired, leaving him breathless with excitement.

'James, my boy, I believe I know exactly who this person is. You see, before now I never knew when this person would arrive, whether I'll even be alive by then. But it seems their arrival was not to be so far away. A year ago I found myself in Hogsmeade for a job interview. I must admit I was a bit sceptical at first as to the potential of this particular applicant. My initial suspicions confirmed I was about to leave when something astonishing happened. As it so happened this woman was a seer and she chose that particular moment to make a truly remarkable prophecy.

The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches

Born to those who have thrice defied him

Born as the seventh month dies

And the dark lord will mark him as his equal

But he will have the power the dark lord knows not

And either must die at the hands of the other

For neither can live while the other survives

The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord

Will be born as the seventh month dies'

A moment of silence passed as James and Lily tried to comprehend the meaning of the prophecy and then it dawned on them simultaneously. They turned to each other and Lily grabbed James' hand.

'It can't be! It means Caleb or Harry!' Lily said, staring at James and Harry.

'Maybe. You see Lily; it could either be Harry, Caleb or Neville Longbottom. Both you and James, and Frank and Alice have all defied Voldemort three times, and Neville too was born at the end of July.'

'So it might not be Harry or Caleb at all. It might be Neville?' As much as it tore at her to think it, Lily hoped that it would be Neville. She just couldn't bear the thought that one of her babies could be fated to spend his life fighting Voldemort.

'Possibly. All three of the children could be the chosen one.'

'So you don't know who it could be? How do we find out, do we find out or do all three of them have to fight Voldemort?'

'I do have my suspicions as to who it is. As much as it pains me to say this, I believe the child the prophecy speaks of is Caleb.'

Lily's hands flew to her mouth in horror and James looked on, stunned by the announcement.

'Caleb? But…What?'

'I'm sorry, Lily, James. He seems to be the most likely one. Harry and Caleb were born on the last day of the seventh month so that effectively rules out Neville.'

'Then how do you know it's Caleb and not Harry.'

'I can't be sure so don't take my word as gospel truth. But looking at them, would you not agree with me that Caleb is most likely to be the one. He is bigger and older, if only a few hours. He's more extrovert and energetic. And what with the suspicions of autism, it does seem as if Caleb is the chosen one.'

Lily got up and took Caleb off Dumbledore. Shocked by the news she stood by the window hugging her child. Turning to Dumbledore James asked.

'So what does this mean?'

'Unfortunately that's not all the bad news I have. The meeting took place in the Hog's Head, not the best place for privacy. I didn't object because I had no reason to fear being overheard. The suddenness of the hearing meant I was unable to put up any privacy charms.' Here he paused, hesitating to tell the one thing that could ultimately ruin the lives of the young family in front of him. 'There was an eavesdropper. A spy for Voldemort. The one saving grace though is that he was discovered before he heard past the beginning. Voldemort only knows that the child might be Caleb, Harry or Neville.'

Lily clutched Caleb to her chest, tears streaming down her face. James held on to Harry, unable to say anything more, to question it.

'You are in grave danger. Knowing Voldemort as I do, I have no doubt he will try and attack the children whilst they are young in order to eliminate the threat to him. You will have to go into hiding for the indefinite future. The Longbottoms will be informed as well and they too will have to go into hiding. I have already made the preparations. James, you own a house in Godric's Hollow, do you not?'

James nodded in comprehension.

'You will have a few days to pack your belongings. No one but those you really trust can know that you are going and to where. You will portkey into the home secretly and then I will place the Fidelius Charm on the house. You will need a secret keeper of course.'

'How long do we have to stay there?'

'At this point I cannot be certain. All I know is that you cannot leave until Voldemort is dealt with and you are no longer in danger. I will try my best to try and stop him, to make him go into hiding but I don't know how that will happen.'

'So we just have to stay in a house for God knows how long, until either he finds us or you kill him. While other people lose their lives fighting the dark, we go and hide like cowards!' James exclaimed, his face dark with anger.

'James, it's the only way. I know it is against everything you believe in to back away and hide but you must listen to me. I cannot defeat Voldemort; I can only hold him off. If he is to be destroyed for good, if we are to have any chance at all of defeating him then Caleb is our only hope. If you don't go into hiding chances are he will get killed and we need him! If things continue as they are then I will make arrangements for you to move abroad, America possibly. Somewhere you can hide without Voldemort finding you. Tom won't leave Britain I know that. If that happens then it will be up to you to train him well and then when the time comes he can return to England to fulfil the prophecy.'

Lily came and sat beside James, her eyes squeezed shut in the vain attempt to believe that this was all some horrible nightmare. But she knew it wasn't and she hated that she did. Dumbledore stood up, looking every bit his age. Sorrow for his favourite pupils lined every wrinkle in his face, his eyes shining with tears.

'I must go now, I have to see the Longbottoms and then finish the preparations. I suggest you go to sleep, try and get to terms with it. James, you won't need to go into work from now on. I have arranged for someone to go disguised as you, as a cover. A few weeks after you enter hiding he will also stop going and then Voldemort will know. Pack everything you need into boxes, I will have them transferred over. I will return in three days and take you there.'

He hesitated a moment, looking at their stricken faces, and said quietly 'I am truly sorry for this burden'. He strode over to the floo and with a backwards glance threw some powder into the fireplace and stepping into it, he disappeared.

In the living room, Lily buried her head into James shoulder and sobbed. Their young twins slept on blissfully unaware of what had befallen them.


'Oh for Merlin's sake, Sirius! Stop it, I'm going as fast as I can, we can't all transform whenever we want, you know.'

The black dog at Remus' feet barked mournfully, before running ahead a few feet, barking at the manor ahead and then running back to bark at Remus. He carried on in this vein despite Remus' admonishments and the werewolf didn't have the heart to say any more. He had been staying at Grimmauld Place with Sirius before he had to go back to the werewolf pack and they had received James' letter at the same time. It was hard to make sense of it but they had got the general sense of emergency from it and so they had wasted no time in apparating to the Potter Manor. James hadn't said why they couldn't just floo, just something about wards and security. He had the feeling that James hadn't been completely with it when he wrote the letter.

He had never realised how long it took to walk up from the apparition point and by the time he got to the Manor door, he was panting. The recent transformation and living in the wild with the other werewolves had taken their toll on him. Sirius stood by the door in his human form tapping his foot impatiently.

'The door won't open.'

'What?' Remus replied, confused.

'The door to the manor won't open. James must have locked it or something.'

'Then why don't you just knock?'

'I did. I'm not stupid you know!'

'Could've fooled me,' Remus muttered under his breath, earning himself a dirty look from Sirius.

'I'm just saying, it's strange that the door won't open. It always opens to us; it's not like James to completely close it off. That's all.'


They stood by the door waiting for someone to open it and while Remus had enough patience and common sense to know that something important was going on, Sirius didn't. Remus was just looking around blankly, when he heard Sirius yell,

'Hey Jamsie! Let us in already!'

Remus rolled his eyes at his friend's behaviour. At that moment the door swung open to reveal James, looking decidedly frazzled.

'Mate, you look like shit!' were Sirius' first words.

James mumbled something and then walked off. Having grasped that something was seriously amiss, the two marauders looked at each other worriedly before following him. The living room was a mess. Open boxes littered the floor and Lily stood over to one side organising the contents of one. Over in the corner was a playpen where Harry and Caleb were playing and a path through the boxes led over to it from the door where they were standing.

'Hey Prongs, if I didn't know any better I'd say you were moving or something.'

This didn't gain any response from their friends. Stepping further into the room, Sirius and Remus peered into the boxes around them.

'James, what's going on? Why are you packing?'

James looked up from the box he was bending over, as if seeing them for the first time. He closed his eyes briefly, before straightening out and coughing nervously. He walked over to the sofa and dropped onto it followed by Lily and Remus and Sirius joined them. After several failed attempts, James managed to make out,

'We're going into hiding.'

Sirius and Remus' faces were the picture of confusion.

'Hiding? You're going into hiding? I don't understand.'

'There's this prophecy you see' James proceeded to tell them everything Dumbledore had said and thankfully they waited until the end to ask questions.

'Does that mean we can't see you again?'

'Well, you can still come and see us at Godric's Hollow but not all the time. It'd be suspicious. But if we go abroad then I don't know. Probably not, unless you come with us.'

They were quiet for a while, thinking about all the implications of this new situation, before Sirius broke the silence.

'So this secret keeper thing.'

Lily and James looked at each other.

'Well, we'd definitely like one of you to be the secret keeper. We'd trust you with our lives.'

Before he could go on, Remus interrupted him. 'Sirius should be secret keeper. Not that I don't want to be,' he added hastily, 'but I'm living with the werewolves now. It'd be easier for Voldemort to target me than Sirius.'

'Sirius, is that okay with you?'

'Of course it is. Just tell me what to do.'

James smiled at him. 'Dumbledore's coming tomorrow to take us there so you'll have to come with us for when he performs the charm. In fact you come as well, Remus. I wrote to Peter but he couldn't come today so he'll be there tomorrow.'

Now that he had told his best mates, it felt like a weight off his shoulders. It was hard to repeat everything, as if that made it really true but it was over now and they understood which was the main thing.

Lily went off to make them all a cup of tea and something to eat. Isaac the family house elf had been sent to stay with James' parents in Cornwall where they had a small home. Technically the Potter Manor belonged to them as they were the oldest in the family, but they had insisted once the twins were born that Lily and James were better off staying there. It was easier for them to stay in Cornwall, especially for their work.

Remus and Sirius stayed over all night helping them to pack what they needed and by the time the sun rose in the morning they were all exhausted but ready for the move.


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