A Simple Smile

Chapter One: A Learning Experience

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Two and a half years after the D-Reaper Incident

"Look Tokatomon!" cried Guilmon with joy as he walked inelegantly across the grass on his hands, "I finally got it!"

Tokato smiled, "Great job boy!" Tokato, Rika, and Henry all laughed when they saw Guilmon and Terriermon walking on their hands. "Whoah!!" cried Guilmon as he lost balanced and toppled over on his back. Terriermon laughed as he moved past him, using his ears to instead of his hands to walk on. "It's easier when you cheat," teased Terriermon playfully.

Guilmon laughed and as did everyone else in the park around him, all but one. Renamon sat there, watching him with her beautiful cobalt eyes coldly. Her gaze pierced Guilmon's heart, "Why can't I make her happy?" thought Guilmon sadly to himself. He sighed and sat upright again and tried to assume a regal posture to show Renamon he wasn't a total fool.

But she wasn't even looking anymore; rather she was simply staring at the grass with her arms folded around her chest. "What's the matter boy?" asked Tokato quizzically, referring to his "regal" posture but really he just looked like he had to go to the bathroom, "Do you need to go?"

Rika and Henry laughed and Guilmon sighed and slumped back over again, "Nothing Tokato," he growled, a little angry that he had just made him look even more foolish. Guilmon turned his head to Renamon to see if she was watching, but she was still content at looking at the blades of glass in between her legs, as if they were the most interesting thing in the world.

"Well it's getting dark," pointed out Henry as he noticed the sky turn an orange hue, "should be getting back before dinner. Come on Terriermon." Terriermon quickly clambered up Henry like a squirrel and wrapped his tiny arms around his neck. "Let's roll Henry," he chirped. Henry waved goodbye to his friends and departed down the hill, followed by Rika and Renamon.

"Well boy I think it won't be long till I'll have to head home too," announced Tokato. "Let's go." Tokato walked with Guilmon back to his hideout and opened the cage door for him and walked in with him.

"Hey Guilmon, can I ask you something?" asked Tokato as he removed his pack full of bread and peanut butter from his back and let it pour down onto the floor.

Guilmon cheered happily and began to ravenously devour the bread, "Sure Tokato," he spat with a mouthful of bread and peanut butter.

"Well you seem to have been looking at Renamon a lot lately. And by looking I mean staring down like a hawk. Is there something up?" Guilmon almost choked on his bread when he heard the question and spat some bread out right on Tokato's face.

"W-Why would you ask that?" he coughed. "Just curious. And there's a lot of erm… stuff involving er… guy digimon and girl digimon that I have uh… avoided telling you." Guilmon tilted his head to one side in curiosity, "Like what Tokato."

Tokato's face lit up intensely and he made his awkward smile that he did whenever he was nervous. "Ah well… there's lots of things I haven't told you but before I get into that you have to answer something for me."

"Sure Tokato, anything you want," answered Guilmon with a hint of confusion and curiosity.

"You uhh… wouldn't happen to have a crush on Renamon would you?" asked Tokato awkwardly, his face lighting up like a red firework.

Guilmon looked confused and he gave Tokato a sideways look and blinked several times in what Tokato assumed to be his way of thinking. "Uhhh… why would I want to crush Renamon? She's my friend isn't she?"

Tokato sighed deeply and smacked his hand against his forehead as a sign of obvious frustration. "No, not that kind of crush. I mean do you like her?"

Guilmon laughed loudly, "You sure are asking a lot of silly questions Tokatomon. Of course I like her and I like you too."

Tokato sighed, "Again Guilmon, no that's not what I meant by 'like'. Do you want to be really, really good friends with her?"

"I want to be really good friends with everyone. What does this have to do with guy and girl digimon anyway Tokato?"

"Oh my gosh Guilmon! How do you not understand any of this!" exclaimed Tokato, a little louder than he had intended, "It's like trying to talk to a five year old!"

"But Tokato I am five years old," pointed out Guilmon.

"Oh yeah good point," said Tokato a bit calmer, "well maybe this is a way you'll understand. You know my mom and dad right?"

Guilmon nodded in response. "Well they are married," explained Tokato slowly, "And you marry someone that means that you really, really, really, like that person and more as a friend. That's called love. And before love comes crushes which is like a smaller kind of love. You like them a lot and you do 

er… special things with them that you can't do with normal friends without getting going to jail for sexual offense."

"Sexual?" inquired Guilmon.

Tokato got all red and fidgety again, "Uhhh… that's a lesson for another day," he said with his awkward smile creeping across his face again.

"Anyway," he continued, "you have seen how my parents act right? Like how they act different than I would with Rika if we hang out?"

Guilmon tilted his head again, returning to deep thought as he recalled memories of times he spent around Tokato's parents. They did act kind of funny sometimes. Guilmon swore he even saw Tokato's dad trying to eat Tokato's mom's face off. It was scary but she actually seemed to like it.

"Now that you mention it I have noticed stuff like that," said Guilmon.

"Alright, now tell me. Do you want to do any of that with Renamon?"

Guilmon looked a little taken aback at the question and his eyes widened. "Why would I eat Renamon?" he thought to himself. He made a mental picture in his mind of him trying to eat Renamon's face off like Tokato's parents were doing. Only it actually didn't seem so disturbing now that Renamon was in the picture. In fact, he found his tail wagging wildly at the very thought and his tongue drooped out of his mouth as he became entranced by his little fantasy.

His scaly lips met her soft furry ones and he was holding her around the waist, tight in his arms and she had her paws placed gently on his shoulders and soon they wrapped around his neck and she pulled him close. Suddenly a barrage of clicking sounds disturbed Guilmon's fantasy and he came back to reality to see Tokato snapping his fingers right in front of his face.

"Guilmon this is no time to be having day dreams of food now could you please answer my question."

"I wasn't thinking about food Tokatomon, I was thinking about Renamon and I think that I would really, really want to be crushers or whatever you call it with Renamon," he answered, his tongue still hanging limply out of his mouth like a piece of rubber. "Ew, you were thinking about her and your tongue's hanging out like that?" said Tokato with mild disgust, "What the hell were you doing with her? Never mind I don't wanna know."

"But this is progress, so you obviously have a crush on Renamon. That's interesting." There was silence for a moment or two which Guilmon broke with a question Tokato was hoping he'd forget, "So are you going to tell me about guy and girl digimon stuff now or what?"

Tokato sighed, "Well I guess I would have to go over that with you somewhere along the line," he sat down and made himself comfortable. Tokato laid out a whole bunch of information on girl digimon and what is okay to do and what is not so good. He told him where it is okay to put his hands on 

a digimon and where it is not okay under normal circumstances. He told him about dates and relationships and things like that.

He only overlooked a few things which he barely knew enough about to tell Guilmon anything about. "So you got all that Guilmon?" asked Tokato after a few minutes of explaining.

"Sure do, thanks Tokato I feel a lot better now."

Tokato smiled and patted Guilmon on the head gently, "You're growing up pretty fast boy," he said warmly. "And there's one other thing I forgot to tell you about," he said. "You know what kisses are right boy?" asked Tokato, hoping he'd say yes and he could skip that whole lesson.

"Kisses? Sure I know what kisses are Tokato!" piped Guilmon.

"Good," sighed Tokato with relief, "Then I guess I'll see you tomorrow boy."

Tokato waved goodbye and set off for home, leaving Guilmon all alone. "I can't wait for tomorrow," said Guilmon to himself as he grabbed another piece of bread, "I'm going to give Renamon the best kiss in the whole wide world. And then she'll finally smile!"