Chapter Four: A Simple Smile

That night Guilmon was taken into Tokato's special care. He was taken into his house where he laid on his bed and properly bandaged. The three tamers and Terriermon sat close to him all night, especially Rika who would be eternally thankful to him for saving her partner's life. Renamon however could not bring himself to even look at Guilmon. It was because of her that he was near death, because of her that he could turn back into data at any second.

"I don't think I can ever forgive myself," she sobbed into her hands as she sat, perched on a tree branch, swaying back and forth with loud sobs. "Why did he have to do that?" she asked herself, half angry half scared for Guilmon, "He could've been killed!"

"You don't think he knew that when he threw himself at the claw?" chimed the tiny voice in the back of her head, "He knew what he was doing and he was doing it to save you." Renamon continued to sob, despite her voice of reason trying to calm her down. She sat in the tree all night and eventually she cried herself to sleep.

"Oohhhwww…" groaned Guilmon, "my…. Everywhere hurts."

The minute those words escaped from his mouth Guilmon heard an explosion of cheers and squeals of joy. Guilmon's eyes widened as he was barraged with hugs and questions and even a kiss on the cheek from Rika which surprised everyone. Guilmon examined his surroundings and noticed his entire torso was wrapped in bandages and he felt his face to see if those scratches were bandaged but Tokato quickly stopped him. "No boy don't touch your face!" he cautioned, "you just got stitches and you might rip them open again."

"Stitches?" inquired Guilmon curiously. Tokato nodded, "Yeah, they're to stop the bleeding," he informed him.

"What happened?" groaned Guilmon as he felt pain course through his body once again. "Why am I so sore?"

"You took the blow for Renamon!" piped Rika happily. Terriermon swung off Henry's shoulders energetically and ran up to Guilmon's feet, "You're a hero!" Guilmon smiled, happy that all of his friends were safe. It was at that point he noticed something; the room was lacking a familiar and longing scent. "Where's Renamon?" he asked with sudden concern. "Is she okay?"

Rika nodded, "She left as soon as we brought you here without a word. But she's okay." Guilmon sat up in sudden anxiety for Renamon but his sides shrieked in pain as he did and quickly he laid back down. "I need to see her," he said. "It's no good buddy," answered Tokato sadly, "Rika has tried calling her but she never came. But don't worry," assured Tokato as soon as he saw the sudden 

expression of fear on Guilmon's face, "She is fine, Rika's digi-vice would be acting up right now if she was in any real danger."

Guilmon wasn't listening, that last comment on how she wasn't responding was enough to get him to stand up. As he did not only his sides ached but so did his legs. Guilmon grunted painfully with every step he took to the door. "Where you going Guilmon? You can't walk yet!" cried Tokato as he saw his wounded partner make for the exit.

"Got… mmmph…. To find Ren-….. arghh! Got to find Renamon," he said, his sentence occasionally interrupted with gasps and grunts of pain. Tokato ran to the door frame, blocking off the exit from Guilmon. "No boy, we'll find her you need to rest!" he told him strongly. Guilmon didn't listen, he continued to limp to the door. "Tokato you had better move," growled Guilmon, "now!"

Tokato didn't move but with every step Guilmon took fear welled up in his chest. Guilmon's eyes began to flash red and he snarled through gritted teeth. "MOVE!!" he thundered as he stepped closer to Tokato, "Or I'll make my own door!"

Tokato stood there in shock and looked at Guilmon to see if he was actually serious. At this point though Tokato didn't want to take any chances. He slid out of his way and allowed Guilmon to leave the room. When Guilmon was halfway down the hall he heard Tokato's voice. "Oh great. He's gonna try and stop me isn't he?" thought Guilmon with a low groan. He turned and saw Tokato in the hall and running at him.

"Wait!" he called as he skidded towards him. He stopped in front of Guilmon and stared into his golden eyes, a combination of compassion and worry in Tokato's and a combination of growing impatience and worry in Guilmon's.

"Guilmon before you go I just wanted to say… good luck."

Renamon was no longer crying. But she still couldn't see Guilmon after the pain she had caused him. Renamon cursed at herself at how unforgivable she was now. She was in Guilmon's tiny hide out, her forearms rested atop her kneecaps with her face buried in her them sadly. "I'm so sorry Guilmon…" she said aloud to no one in particular, "I wish I was faster." This was probably the billionth time she had said that, she felt like she was going crazy.

Suddenly a voice responded to her apology unexpectedly and it gave her a start as she looked up to see who had answered. "Why are you sorry Renamon?" asked Guilmon who was standing at the door frame of the hide out, his features obscured from the light that shone around his body, making him only a silhouette. "Guilmon," gasped Renamon, "how long have you been standing there?"

"I just got here," he answered, "why?" "Just wondering," said Renamon with a sigh of relief. If he was there about five minutes ago she would've about died of embarrassment. "Are you okay?" asked Renamon after a few moments of silence. "I'm fine, I came here to make sure you're okay," he said caringly.

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine," assured Renamon. A few more moments of awkward silence passed and Guilmon stood there still, afraid to speak as much as Renamon was. Finally Renamon disrupted the silence again, "Would you mind sitting by me Guilmon," she said hopefully.

"Of course I will," he said happily. And then Renamon saw Guilmon step in, away from the sunlight and gasped when she saw him more clearly. His entire stomach and torso were bandaged and his face had three stitches running down his face diagonally from the shadow claw. "Guilmon…" gasped Renamon sympathetically when she saw his beaten body.

Guilmon was afraid that after Renamon saw his face that she would run away, he was sure that he looked like some sort of Frankenstein monster by now. "Please don't be afraid," whimpered Guilmon sadly, "I'm sorry you had to see me like this." Guilmon admitted on his way over to his cave he stopped by the lake for a break, (his wounds were making it difficult to walk), and looked at his reflection and he couldn't believe the face that stared back was his. His once cute and loveable features were replaced by a disfigured face that had three monster size stitches running down it. He felt that he looked like a monster now more than ever.

Renamon however just began to fell anger with herself for what had had happened to him. "I'm so sorry Guilmon," she sobbed, "if I was just a little faster then…" Guilmon cut her off with a silencing gesture of his hand. "No Renamon it is not your fault. I would've never forgiven myself if you got killed out there. But at least now we are both alive."

Guilmon took a few steps closer and stood right in front of Renamon, who was still sobbing into her knees. Guilmon slid a finger under her chin and gently directed her head upwards so it was facing his. Tears were rolling down her face as she sobbed. Guilmon wiped away one the tears lovingly from her face with his "thumb" claw.

Without warning Renamon pounced Guilmon and wrapped her arms around him tightly and lovingly and Guilmon groaned a bit in pain as he hit the floor. Guilmon in turn wrapped his arms around her and they stayed that way for what seemed like ages in a loving embrace before Renamon realized what she was doing and quickly got up.

Guilmon sat up painfully. "I'm sorry Guilmon," said Renamon sympathetically. "Why?" laughed Guilmon, "I love hugs almost as much as I love bread."

Guilmon laughed but as usual Renamon showed no sign of laughter or any happiness. Guilmon scooted closer to Renamon, "Why are you so sad?"

"Because of what happened to you," said Renamon miserably. Guilmon shook his head and placed an arm around her shoulder and once again without warning Renamon began to cry into 

Guilmon's chest. Guilmon's eyes widened in surprise. He placed a hand on the back of her head and stroked her fur softly. "Shhhhh…" hushed Guilmon tenderly, "Shhh… it's alright. I'm okay Renamon you have nothing to worry about."

Renamon looked up at Guilmon and for the first time she saw how much he had grown since they had first met. He was much more mature now, even if he didn't show it all the time and he had grown physically too. He was now taller than even Renamon.

Guilmon stared down at her gorgeous blue eyes and she stared into his strong golden eyes. And they found themselves lost in each other's gaze for a long time until Renamon looked away and blushed more than she had in her life and not even her golden fur could cover it up this time. "Renamon can I ask you something?" asked Guilmon. Renamon nodded in silent response. "How come you have never smiled around me?"

Renamon gave Guilmon a sideways glance and she was about to say that she had before she realized that… she really hadn't. "I don't know," replied Renamon. "Well can you smile now?" asked Guilmon hopefully, "If you do it I can almost guaranteed you will feel better."

Renamon shrugged, "I don't know…" "Come on Renamon please. It's a simple smile." Renamon nodded. And with that last comment Guilmon had made for some reason she found herself smiling, even though she didn't know it. Guilmon smiled back warmly at her and at the sight of his smile she felt strangely warm inside, like being dipped in a warm relaxing bath. And then Guilmon felt a strange urge, a powerful one that he couldn't control.

He found his lips pressed gently against Renamon's and she became wide eyed and then she slowly closed her eyes and let her tongue flow into his mouth. Guilmon's flat tongue returned the favor as he closed his eyes and his tongue slithered into her mouth and swished around, almost able to wrap around Renamon's.

And then he quickly broke off the kiss, realizing that he had just giving Renamon what Tokato called a kiss. Renamon and Guilmon both caught their breath. "Guilmon," came Renamon's soft voice. "Yes?"

"I have something I need to tell you, something I've wanted to tell you for a long time now." Guilmon turned to face her and she kissed him again on the lips and pulled away. She stared into Guilmon's eyes, trembling at what she was about to say. Guilmon took her hands in his to comfort her and felt her arms shaking wildly. "I… I-I love you Guilmon."

Renamon closed her eyes and expected to hear a cold and cruel laugh from Guilmon but heard nothing. And then she felt Guilmon hold her close and she looked up, and tears were trickling down Guilmon's muzzle and a wide smile was on his face. "Renamon…" he said softly, "I love you too." And then Renamon finally smiled, and this time it was genuine. And Guilmon kissed her passionately and they stood there for what felt like hours exchanging a passionate and loving kiss.

And as they kissed the world around them melted away, their troubles both past, present, and future. And for the first time Renamon felt what love really was as she kissed Guilmon passionately.

Little did they know that a rather awkward Tokato and Rika were standing in the bush right outside, mouths wide open and their faces as red as Guilmon's crimson scales. And without them even realizing it the two of them found their hands in the others as they watched their partners hold each other close for literally hours.

The End

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