I know, I know

I know, I know. The last thing I need is more stories. But this idea has been knocking around in my head for ages, so I just had to write it up..

Chapter 1: the tale begins

Our tale begins one normal Friday afternoon in the Galleria mall. Well it would be normal for our six friends if Jude weren't dragging them to Underground-video. "Tell me again," said Jonesy irritably. "Your dragging us all to Underground-video on our first afternoon of freedom, why?"

"Because dude," said Jude walking ahead of the group with a huge smile on his face. "The DVD of the seasons best super hero movie 'the Alpha Teens' comes out TODAY. And I need your help to get a copy before they all get taken."

"So you expect us to help you get some lame super hero movie," said Nikki looking at him angrily.

"So are you guys in or not?" Asked Jude completely ignoring Nicki. The others nodded, even Jonesy said " I'm sure Nikki wants to help too." As five of the six teens walked off, Nikki glared after them. Then grudgingly followed whispering, " Why do I sometimes feel like I'm invisible?"

"I say," said Wyatt as he started mapping out the mall in his head. "If we want to make it to Underground-video before anyone else, we should take a shortcut past 'Plaster face' and take a right at the food court. Then if we head up the elevator on the right…"

"Wyatt!!" Everyone cried. "Just the basic path, please."

"Sorry guys," said Wyatt cringing a bit.

"There's Wyatt," said Jonesy sighing. "The man who thinks he knows everything."

"Like you don't, Hotshot."

"Guys can you please stop arguing," said Caitlin as the group passed Plaster face. "The day hasn't even started yet and…" she stopped abruptly as she spotted something in the cosmetics store. The last pack of Pretty and pink cosmetics, and her long time rival Tricia sneaking up to grab it. "O no you don't," yelled Caitlin as she almost pounced past her rival and grabbed the bag. Unfortunately Tricia had grabbed the other end and was tugging on it with all her might. "Hand it over you fashion reject," Tricia hissed, as the two girls were caught in a true cat and dogfight.

"Code: pink, code: pink," Ron the rent-a-cop called into his talky.

"Me, Wyatt and Jonesy had better break this up before it gets worse," said Nikki to Jen and Jude as she watched the two girls argue with a mixture of humour and worry.

"Don't worry, we'll be back as soon as we can," said Jen as she zipped ahead of Jude. Trying to keep up with her, Jude pulled of some of his best skate moves on the way. Soon, with both of them out of breath, they arrived at Underground-video. "How can you run that fast?" Jude asked.

"I'm captain of the school track team remember," answered Jen as they made it to the front desk. "One copy of 'the Alpha Teens' dude," said Jude happily.

"Sorry Jude," said. "I'm all out."

"WHAT!!" Jude yelled almost blacking out when he heard that. "But I never got to see the movie. Now I'll live out my remaining days in total agony. Never knowing what happens!!"

"JUDE!" Jen yelled slapping him across the face. "Get a grip and don't stretch your self so tightly. We just need to find who has a copy and ask them if we can borrow it.

"Well if you want it that badly dude," said Wayne who had been more then a little freaked out by Jude's near breakdown. "The guy who rented the last copy is right over there." He said pointing out of the store to the last person they wanted to see.

"Darth," both of them moaned. But even still they walked over and asked.

"No," said Darth curtly the minute they opened their mouths.

"But dude," said Jude. "You saw the movie and since when do you even like super hero movies. You only like sci-fi."

"Yes," said Darth smirking. "But I heard that you were after it so made sure it didn't fall into the hands of a couple of ignoramuses like you two. Besides Inviso-girl is simply the hottest thing I have ever seen," he said pointing to a girl in a tight, purple suit with long, hazel hair on the cover.

"What did you call us?" Jen yelled angrily as she went after him as Jude looked as his feet sadly. It would take weeks for him to see that DVD now. As our friend skated off sadly, he didn't see Jen grab Darth's legs. Causing him to trip, send the DVD spinning across the floor and get caught in Jude's wheels. Jude went flying and whacked his head hard on the floor. "O my god, Jude," cried Jen as she ran over to him, only to see him knocked unconscious. "Jude wake up, please wake up… wake up… wake up."

O no, what's gonna happen to Jude. Also if you look carefully, you'll see what powers I'm giving our six friends. Good luck