Welcome to the latest part of 'super' sweet 6teen

Welcome to the latest part of 'super' sweet 6teen. This is where things get interesting and we discover whom our lead villain is. I'm also giving away future info about the story to the person who guess who our villains accomplishes are and their powers. K.


p.s. sorry this took so long, I've been having problems with the net

Chapter 3

Powers unveiled

As our six friends opened their eyes, they found themselves in the med room for the second time that day. "O my head," Wyatt mounded as he grabbed the side of his head as he got up. "Does anyone actually remember what happened?"

"I remember a lot of smoke," answered Caitlin as she and the others sat up (some with groans of pain). But other than that…zip."

"I remember it was smoke caused by a chemistry caused by Jonsey," said Jen angrily. "Which reminds me." Just then she punched Jonsey (who was in the bed next to her) hard in the arm.

"Ow," said Jonsey rubbing his arm. "Give a guy a break would ya."

"She's right though," said the totally hot med nurse walking in. "Your all lucky to still be alive after that, luckily the cloud wasn't toxic."

"Wait I just remembered," said Nicki suddenly looking around. "Weren't Darth, Tricia and the clones in that accident too?"

"Yes," said the nurse calmly. "But they woke up ages ago, have already been through the treatment and left."

"Wait," said Jude speaking for the first time. "Treatment?"

"Well you didn't think we'd just let you go after being in a chemical cloud, did you?" said the nurse tugging a blanket off…a portable decontamination shower. As the rest of the group started wincing the nurse went on. "O by the way, I have a message for Jonsey from Dr Vink."

"Let me guess…"started Jonsey.

"Your/I'm fired," said both of them at the same time. All in all it wasn't a good day for our six friends. But tomorrow would change their lives 'forever'.


The next day Nicki showed up at Caitlin's to pick her up for work (her car was in the shop).

Nicki was however uncharacteristically worried about her friend. When she had called to ask Nicki if she could pick her up she had sounded nervous about something. "Then again it's Caitlin we're talking about," Nicki said out loud. "She's probably just having a bad hair day or something."

"Hey," said Caitlin cheerfully as she opened the door. Causing Nicki to cry out when she saw her; her ears had become white cat ears that stuck out of her short, blonde hair, her eyes had gone completely pink, except for the pupils which had gone slit shaped, and she had a tail a tail!!"

"Oh, so it is noticeable," she said sadly.

"Caitlin? What happened?! Nicki blurted out.

"I don't know; I woke up like this."

"But what could have caused you…" Nicki started when suddenly she realised.

"JONSEY!!" Both girls suddenly growled.


Meanwhile at the galleria mall, the soon-to-be-dead male and Wyatt were waiting for the girls in front of the squeeze. Jonsey, who had originally been looking for a new job, was doing the papers crossword.

"What's a four letter word for an ancient city?" He asked his friend who was reading something.

"Rome, the oldest living city in Italy, home of the coliseum and once the emperor Cesar…" Wyatt rolled off his tongue without looking up from his book.

"Hey, hey, HEY," cried Jonsey, grabbing the top of Wyatt's book to get his attention.

"I asked for a name, not a history lesson."

Just then Jonsey noticed the title of the book Wyatt was reading. "Advanced Mechanical Tectonics?! You actually own a book like this!"

"No, my dad does," said Wyatt taking it back. "I found it last night and it's actually rather interesting."

"I don't know what's weirder. The fact you find a book like that interesting or the fact you can actually understand it!"

"THERE HE IS!" Caitlin's voice rang from right behind the boys. Turning swiftly around, both boys saw Nicki and Caitlin, who looked very angry except for Caitlin (who had a paper bag over her head so they couldn't tell what her expression was).

"I think you'd better run," said Wyatt nervously.

"Good idea," said Jonsey suddenly breaking into a sprint with the girls and Wyatt hot on his tail.

On the first floor Jude was skating along with Jen who was talking to him while trying very hard not to giggle.

"I'm telling the truth Jude," she said. "Jonsey was making cereal for breakfast this morning and he actually burnt it. HE BURNT CEREAL, ha." She finally laughed.

"I don't know Jen," said Jude. "I mean he's no French chef but I doubt anyone can burn cereal (e.n. a if only they knew).

Suddenly Wyatt and the boy in question whizzed passed them with Nicki and Caitlin on their tails. "HELP ME!" He yelled to his friend and stepsister as he ran passed her. Worried Jen ran after them with Jude in hot pursuit. That's when it happened. Jen suddenly felt a weird tingling feeling in her body as just then her surrounding's became little more than a blur. Jude and the girls looked on in equal shock as just then a blue and white blur zipped down the stretch of road and knocked Jonsey and Wyatt into the penalty box and out of the pursuit.

"How did you do that?!" Jonsey asked as the blur stopped beside him, turning into Jen.

"I don't know," she said looking down at her now smoking shoes worriedly. "I just thought about going faster and I did."

" There you are," said Caitlin sticking her head round the door.

"What did I do now," he cried exhaustedly.

"Your stupid experiment yesterday did this to me!" She yelled as she pulled the bag up. Luckily it was still early day so no one except them was in the penalty box.

"Ouch, but how do you know that was what did it," he said boldly but his face betrayed fear. What else could have done it and who else had been affected?

"I don't know," came Nicki's voice out of nowhere. "What else could cause a mutation other than chemical's?!"

"Hey Nicki, where are ya bra?" said Jude entering the place.

"What do you mean?" she asked. "I'm right…AH," she yelled as she looked at her hands. She couldn't even see them. "What happened?"

"Probably the same thing that happened to me and Jen," said Caitlin honestly.

"So it only effects girls?" asked Jude.

"No…" said Jen suddenly realising. "Remember I said Jonsey burnt his breakfast this morning."

"And it would explain my slowly increasing mental capacity," said Wyatt philosophically. Earning confused looks from everyone there.

"Yer," said Jonsey getting to his feet as he remembered the weird burning feeling he had in his hand during that incident. "I wonder...?" he said softly as he looked at one of his hands. Picturing that burning feeling once more, he and everyone else in the room jumped back in surprise and fear as his hand became covered in a bright flame.

"Whoa!" Jonsey cried as it reformed into a ball of flame.

"Jonsey!" Jen cried in fear and worry. "Put it out already! Before you set of the sprinklers."

"Fine," he said grumpily as the ball evaporated.

"Hey," said Jude loudly catching everyone's attention. "How come everyone gets a cool super power and not me?"

"You sure nothing weird has happened to you today?" Caitlin asked.

"Yes, but let me have another look," he said looking all over himself, then (and receiving some shocked gasps from this) turned his whole head around to look at his back. "Yer," he said with his head still spun. "Looks clean."

"Wyatt don't you see dude," said Jonsey breaking the group silence. "You can stretch."

"Hey, your right," he said flipping his head back to normal. Then to test it stretched his legs, growing towards the roof. "Look at me," he called. "I'm a…OUCH," he cried as his head hit the ceiling.

"Ok guys listen," said Jen grabbing the groups attention. "I may not be a superhero fan. But I've seen enough TV specials to know that we have to keep these powers a secret." Unfortunately that little speech earned a few moans from the rest of the group.

"Jen! How am I gonna keep cat ears and a TAIL a secret?!"

"I finally have a good way to hide from the clones at work."

"I can finally convince Serena that I'm more mature now."

"You always ruin all my fun!!"

"Hey, hey HEY!" Yelled Jude as he shrank back to normal. "Jen's right. "She may not be a hugh superhero fan; but I am. So I know that if anyone finds out that we have special powers they'll ship us off to some government lab to be tested on for the rest of out lives."

"Besides no one's saying that we can't use our powers full stop," he continued. "Just that we have to be careful no one finds out."

"But that doesn't fix my problem," Caitlin moaned.

"No," said Wyatt suddenly thinking of an idea. "But I could build you something that would hide the mutation."

"But till then…" said Nicki as she grabbed the paper bag and once again put it over Caitlin's head. "Just say your having a REALLY bad hair day."

While the others laughed at this joke, on the other side of the mall Darth was opening his electronics shop. But as the gate opened a fast hand suddenly grabbed the light saver from his belt. Turning around he saw those two jerks from Tash Ma Home* the bigger one was whirling it around stupidly. "Look at me," he said goofily. "I'm Darth, I am your father Luke, hahahahhahaha," the two laughed.

"Give that back!" Darth yelled as he made a grab for the toy, but tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber just started playing keep away with it.

"I said," said Darth seriously beginning to lose his temper. "GIVE IT BACK!!" As he yelled his hand grabbed the shorter ones arm.

"Get off me dooorr…." He started when suddenly a bright blue aura surrounded him and a weird change occurred. His clothes changed to a sweater vest and high slacks, his hair became messy and he was wearing the thickest pair of glasses anywhere and his face was now covered in spots. As the aura vanished the now dorky jerk collapsed and Darths eyes started wincing. Taking his glasses off to see what the problem was he found he no longer needed them.

"Get away from me freak," said the other jerk as he dropped Darths lightsaver. But before he could run Darth grabbed the back of his shirt. The same effects occurred except the guy began to deflate as his muscles left him instead of gaining glasses, and this time Darths face began to clear up and his teeth become perfect. As the last of them crumpled Darth looked at his hands worriedly for a second and then started grinning evily. "Finally," he cried. "A way to get revenge on those who have smited me, HAHAHAHAHAHA!"


So we've met our heroes and our main villien. In the next instalment we'll see the groups costumes and their fist mission. We'll also see what happened to Trisha and the clones.

Till then see ya.