This is my first 'Kung fu Panda' fiction, hope you guys love it. Usually, I used to type 'Pokemon' fan-fiction but I saw 'Kung Fu Panda' yesterday and I love it. During I saw the movie, I sought out two couples in it, Po and Tigress & Crane and Viper. Oh, I love them! Enjoy and review.

Summary: Many women been kidnapped by a mysterious figure. And the South.China leave the case to Shifu and he accepted it. During the festival of 'God Arrival', it's the best time for the Furious Five and Dragon Warrior for their actions. PoxTigress, CranexViper. Although I hope you could see some others of my 'Pokemon' fan-fiction.


Chapter 1: Prologue

In a lovely morning in Valley of Peace, people were busy on their stuff, children playing, adults working and the elderly chatting. But this day, they were getting more busier than they ever did, because the coming two days, it's an annual festival, called 'God Arrival', tactically it was a comet which only appears once every thousand years, and it also brings more peace and harmony to everyone. So that's the reason of people were busy on preparing the village.

Suddenly, a mystery figure appeared. It was not a part of animal China, and it covered itself with coat. When he was trying to seek something, and then he spotted a rabbit teenage-girl went inside the forest along, he followed her. He has followed her a few minutes, until the rabbit has thought that she has been followed so she ran faster. But the stranger was faster than hers, and then he hopped in front of her. The rabbit was shocked and could see a smirk under the coat of the figure.

"What…What do you want?" she shuddered.

"…" the figure didn't spoke anything and as his hand waved in the air, and everything could hear was screaming.

"Your beauty." He replied. And he started to laugh evilly and silently.


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Next Chapter: Call For Help


"Let's get started! But first, today we won't training." They were shocked of what their master said. But they were still followed him to the training room. While they were walking down to the Jade Palace, Viper whispered to Crane, "Hey, I wonder why Master Shifu won't let us train this day? Do you have any idea?" he shook his head as a 'No'.

"What case?" Tigress asked.

"Yesterday, I have received a kidnap case from the South China. Said that there was a mysterious figure appeared and only kidnap woman, even though we all didn't figure out why. So I accepted this case and leave it to you, the festival is the best time for capture the mysterious kidnapper." Shifu has finished his explain.