Chapter 7: The Blossom of Love

As Wu Lai has been taken to the Chorh Gom Prison where Tai Lung used to be prison, and so the Furious Five, the Dragon Warrior and their greatest kung fu master have brought the valley peace again. And the villagers would re-start the festival for celebrate the good news, and of course, they will have to choose another couple to sing another love song on stage, again, and this time is Crane and Viper. Po and Tigress could now teased them back, and Crane and Viper were both blushed light same as Po and Tigress at their first time on stage.

They nervously on stage, while Shifu sat on the special guest seat and watched his student performance, and Monkey and Mantis were no need at the high building, they were beside Po and Tigress. And they were taking a bet on Monkey's almond cookies, Mantis's fortune cookies, Po's free noodles, and Tigress's free dumplings. Monkey and Mantis as a group that bet Crane couldn't sing a words of lyrics, and Tigress and Po as a group that bet they will sing well during the love song. The music started, and this time the love song is, 'If I Never Knew You'. (A/N: This time I had taken someone advice who I forget his/her penname, no microphone this time.)

Crane: If I never knew you

If I never felt this love, I would have no inkling of

How precious life can be

And if I never held you, I would never have a clue

How at last I'd find in you, the missing part of me

In this world so full of fear

Full of rage and lies, I can see the truth so clear

In your eyes, so dry your eyes

And I'm so grateful to you, I'd have lived my whole life through

Lost forever, If I never knew you

To Monkey and Mantis's surprise, Crane was sang well too, thought that their cookies were in great danger. And next music was in soft tone, that meant Viper's turn, Crane looked at her beautiful eyes and hope they could let their feelings out through this song, like Po and Tigress.

Viper: If I never knew you, I'd be safe but half as real

Never knowing I could feel, a love so strong and true

I'm so grateful to you, I'd have lived my whole life through

And lost forever

If I never knew you

Crane smiled gently and he held her hand and looking both each other eyes, and sing it loud as loud as they could.

Crane: I thought our love would be so beautiful

Viper: Somehow we made the whole world bright

Together: I never knew that fear and hate could be so strong

All they'd leave us where these whispers in the night

But still my heart is singing

We were right

Then the music started to get difficult, more difficult then Po and Tigress, and Crane and Viper would do the best they could do to sing. They took a deep breathe and sang the difficult part of the song.

Viper: Ohhh, if I never knew you (Crane: There's no moment I regret)

If I never knew this love (Crane: Since the moment that we met)

I would have no inkling of (Crane: If our time has gone too fast)

How precious life can be (Crane: I've lived at last...)

Together: I thought our love would be so beautiful

Somehow we'd make the whole world bright

Viper: I thought our love would be so beautiful

We'd turn the darkness into light

Together: And still my heart is singing

We were right

Crane: We were right

And If I never knew you

I'd have lived my whole life through

Viper: Empty as the sky

Together: Never knowing why

Lost forever

If I never knew you….

And so as the music and song ended, the crowd clapped their hands and Shifu stood up again and commended his students. Monkey and Mantis have both lost on the bet, but they felt happy for them. And Po and Tigress wouldn't take their cookies, not this time.

Crane and Viper were still hand in hand. They stared each other and blushed but they didn't want to let go their hands, thought that they would lost again. They went off the stage and walked to where their friends and master waited for them, along their walking, Crane placed back the feather on Viper's head and said to her with a kiss on her forehead, "Never to lose it again, because I would afraid of losing you…"

Viper blushed and she kissed him on lips and said, "I will carry it for as long as I being with you." They smiled each other, and they saw their friends and their master walked towards them. Shifu thanked his students along this mission could be finish so fast, so as a award, they could play as long they like, no time limit.

And they cheered and ran to the game stalls and some stores they could do the window shopping. After a while, Po noticed that there wasn't any sign of Tigress, Wu Lai had been captured and he thought a while and he got hit that he knew where Tigress probably was.


Tigress was sitting under the Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom, she watched the view of the colourful village and so as the villagers were starting to light up the festival fire works. Just then, a voice called her behind her, it was Po.

"What are you doing here? You were supposed at the village to have fun." Po asked as he sat next to her.

"Well," she sighed and she hasn't finished her words as she relaxed herself put her head on Po's shoulder. Po was a little blushed of it, after all, he never seen Tigress has the soft side. Then, she continued, "Were those words true when you said to me, I love you?" suddenly, Po'ss face has lightened up with red bright face.

How would he answer? Just said he has a crush on her along these time?! Then Po took a deep breathe and unleashed his courage out, or else he'll never forget himself for the rest of his life.

"Yes, it's true. I've a crush on you when I first time saw you in the tournament, and I--Humph!" then he was interrupted by something, Tigress has pressed her lips against on Po's. Po was surprised on Tigress and he started to relax himself on the kiss, and so as it was the time for fire up the fireworks, the lights and the explosive made their kiss even more passion. But they didn't noticed that Monkey, Mantis, Viper, Crane and Shifu were hiding in the brushes and spying on them, sighing with awed.

And the sound of sigh made Tigress and Po heard, and so they quickly broke up the kiss and with their faces in red.

Po asked them, "Whennn...did you guys been here?"

"And how many things you had hear?" Tigress followed up and asked them. They smirked to each other, and Viper answered, "Well, I'll answer Po's question, we had been hidden in the brushes since Po got here."

"And I answer Tigress's question, we had heard everything you two lovebirds said." Crane answered.

"Why weren't you guys at the village?" Po asked again. Then he saw everybody started to smile in shy. Then Mantis explained, "Well...We have been used to get back to the Jade Palace at this time, so we couldn't change our daily habit."

"Fine by me, I'm starting to get some sleeps." Po said as he yawned. The Furious Five were all started to yawn and Shifu went to the first and so as they followed him back to the palace.

During their way to the Jade Palace, Po spotted that his pocket has Tigress's daffodil hair clip that Shifu given to her as a gift, he secretly place the hair clip on her left ear, and made Tigress kinda shocked as she turned her head to Po.

"Don't lose it again." Po told her, and she returned him a smile and gave him a kiss on his cheek, Po smiled at her and held her hand walking along the way to the palace.

Tonight, they have a unforgettable and touching memory, they have defeated Wu Lai, the most wanted person in China, and their friend was nearly to death for protected her lover. That night on bunkhouse, Viper slept with Crane in his room and Tigress slept in Po's room, Shifu thought that they have a right to show their love and he understood their feeling.

Love will find a way.


In Chorh Gom Prison, Tai Lung has been locked up more security and more army guard him, he has defeated by Po but he hadn't die at the first place. Then, he saw Wu Lai against him the next room. He sneered at him, "So what made you get in here?"

"Killed 98 women to make my perfect perfume." he answered which made Tai Lung shocked. A fox could killed nearly 100 women, just to make a stupid perfume. Wait a minute? 98 women? Why not 100? Usually killed 100 women to make a perfume number!

"98!? Why not 100?" he asked Wu Lai, whose hands were locked by chains. Then he sighed as he answered, "I was nearly killed the last two women, a tiger and a viper, but was blocked by a panda, a monkey, a mantis and a old red panda" he explained with angry tone.

"What!? The Furious Five and the Dragon Warrior?" Tai Lung asked again.

"Yeah, I guess." he groaned.

"I SAID IF IS THEM OR NOT!?" Tai Lung shouted at him, that made Wu Lai shocked.

"What makes you care?" he then asked.

"Because I might help you to break out the prison to continue your making of perfect perfume. You help me and I'll help you..." he started to laugh, waiting for his revenge, and so he and Wu Lai laughed evilly in the whole prison.

This isn't over, the true battle will be arrive...


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