Pacey got inside Dawson's house, still not believing that Tamara was back. He didn't know what to think, didn't know what to say, all he knew was that all sorts of feelings that he thought were gone, came rushing back into him. And he found himself not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

"Hey" he said to Dawson.

"Hey, Pacey! The man, the myth, the legend."

Pacey was in no mood for mythological talking.

"Listen Dawson... That little secret you had yesterday... Tamara... You really should've told me"

"I tried to tell you! You were off and down the hall before I could get it out!"

"Well... you see... we got a situation here, now... because I realized last night that I'm not entirely over her" Pacey sighed.

"Oh boy. Um... Dawson ran his fingers through his hair "Pacey... I'm your friend and I want to be supportive... and helpful... but the only thing I can think of to say to you in good conscience is stay away. You haven't even fully recovered from the gossip fallout of your last completely illegal interlude. There are girls your age, there are girls who like you. Would it be so terrible if you fell for one of them?"

If Pacey hadn't been so caught up in his own melodrama he would have probably laughed at the idea of controlling who you fall for. He just chose to chuckle inside his head at Dawson's naivety.

And besides, who would like him? The town loser. The joke. Tamara was the only one who ever showed any interest. And who cares if that was illegal? She was a woman and she wanted him. That was all he ever wanted.

"Like who?" he couldnt help but ask, nevertheless.

"Like the one who came to my house yesterday and told me that she liked you."

Pacey was in no mood for games.


"I'm not supposed to say"

'Yeah, but you're supposed to drop hints, right?' Pacey thought.

"Dawson, I'm not in the mood. Who?"

Dawson threw him a 'you've got to be kidding me' look.

"Andie! Andie likes you!"

Despite his not so good mood, he couldn't help but laugh.

"Andie hates me!"

"When a girl hates you the way Andie hates you, what it really means is that she likes you. That's basic kindergarten psychology."

Pacey laughed even harder.

"And since when are you the expert in kindergarten psychology? Let's get real here, Andie hates me the way Joey hates me. And we all know that Joey does not like me."

He nervously grabbed an apple from the counter and bit hard, not noticing Dawson's stricken reaction.

"Besides, even if she did like me... Andie's a girl! Tamara... Tamara is a woman!"

Dawson said nothing.

"Man? No words of advice? No nothing? No sharing your infinite whisdom with my mortal self?"


"Oh, whatever... no matter what you say I can't help how I feel. I want Tamara." Pacey sighed. "See you later, man."

Dawson didn't even bother to say good bye. He just stood there in the kitchen, dumbfounded.