"But Mom!"

"No Gabriella! You are not getting out of it."

"But Mom! Me and a smelly RV do not mix well, You know that!"

"Gabi, just listen…please, just this once do it for your Father. He wants to spend time with you. He misses you."

"What do you mean, (he misses me) I see him everyday!"

"He misses Spending time with you"

"Ugh! Do I really have to?"

"Please." My mom begged me with her famous puppy dog face that I hate and fall for every time.

"Oh, fine." I said Giving in.

"Oh thank you Sweetheart." She told me while giving me a hug.

"No Problem…No problem at all" I told her.

My mother Smiles at me and walks off to the kitchen to fix dinner.

Its not that I Don't like spending time with my Dad its just that I was actually planning on having fun this summer. I mean, who wants to be in a gross, used, smelly RV for a month and a half when I can be at the Beach with my friends checking out Hot Guys. Don't get me wrong I'm not a slut or anything. I am just obsessed with guys. I think about them non-stop. I am boy Crazy.


"Wh-What?" I said snapping out of my boy thoughts.

"Are you excited about the trip?" Said my Dad coming towards me from down the hall, with a huge cheesy grin on his face.

"Oh Yes, daddy! So Excited!" I said with my best cute little girl tone.

"Oh, there's also something I forgot to tell you."

"What is it Dad?"

"Well its not just going to be you, your mom, and I"

"What do you Mean?"

"Well we are also going to be sharing with the RV with some friends."

"What Friends?"


"Dad quit stalling and just spit it out already!"

"Ok well Mr. and Mrs. Bolton, Some of my clients at work will be going with us."

"Oh, umm Ok?

"And they are bringing there son Troy."

"Umm…So we are going to have to like all share the RV?"


"And? What else? I know you are hiding something dad?"

"You will have to share a small room with their son."

"Ahhhhhh! Daddy!."

"I'm sorry Pumpkin, There's just not enough room for you to have you own room."

"You Promised I would have my own room!"

"I'm sorry darling Its just that-"



"Did you say it was a small room?



"I'm sorry Sweetheart, What more can I say?"

I had to stop and think for a second there. My dad said I would have to share a room with a guy. In a small room. Oh Boy! For My dad's sake this guy better be hot. Don't worry I don't plan on having sex with the guy, but It would be nice to just, I don't know be around him. This trip could be cool. If the guy is cute. But what if he's ugly! Ewww. That will not be good. I hope and pray that he's hot.


"Uh- yeah, yeah Dad?" I said snapping out of my thoughts.


"So What?

"Are you ok with this?"

"Actually, Dad. I think this will be a wonderful trip"


"Yes dad, really" I said while walking off to my room to think about the guy I was going to be spending a small room with for a month and a half.

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