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"So… are you excited?" I asked, swinging my hand back and forth with Troy's. Troy looked absolutely stunning with a simple V neck white cotton shirt and dark faded jeans, with converse. I wore small denim shorts with a yellow, spaghetti strapped tank-top and some Old Navy white flip-flops. My hair was done with braids, running past my chest and Troy' hair was done with… well, his normal hair. Side swiped and sexier then ever. Nothing too fancy, but something casual. I though we looked pretty hot together. We were walking to school and I couldn't wait. I couldn't wait to show Troy around, introduce him to people, and I couldn't wait to see Zeke and Sharpay again. We hadn't seen them for three days since they left, and both Troy and I already missed them immensely. The best part of school was that Troy and I had all our classes together, except for gym. Which, I truly am happy about. I don't need to embarrass myself in front of Troy more then I already do.

"Of course. From all you've told me, East High sounds like a cool school."

"It is, trust me, but do you know the best part about our school?" I asked.

He turned and looked at me, smiling. "What?"

"I'm in it." I giggled and he nudged me playfully.

"Yeah… that is the best part."



Troy and I walked down the halls of East High with our hand still laced tightly together. I had already seen some of the girls check out Troy and I wasn't happy about it. Then again, I didn't need to worry. He's mine and I'm his… the rings on our fingers prove it.

"Now… who is Miss Darbus?" Troy asked.

I couldn't help but chuckle. "I'm guessing Zeke told you about her?"

"Yeah… and he said she's quite scary." Troy bit his lip looking truly scared, Zeke probably exaggerated again. He always does…

"Calm down, Troy. Really, she's harmless… sure she can be kind of kinky and all, but she's pretty okay." I smiled.

"Kinky?" Troy raised an eyebrow.

"Hush, but the great part about this is that Zeke and Sharpay are in our homeroom. Then you, Zeke and I have Math, while Sharpay has English. Then Sharpay and I have science, while you go to gym with Zeke… and then the rest of the day we have all our classes together. Is that perfect or what?" I grinned, this was definitely going to be the best year of High School.

"Totally perfect." Troy smiled and bent down to kiss me briefly on the lips. I smiled and turned to the right and into our homeroom. We stopped in the doorway when we realized Sharpay was already giving a special announcement about this Fall's musical and how even though it's Autumn, no one should wear orange. Supposedly purple is the new orange this year.

"Aww, Shar, but I already had my whole wardrobe picked out this Fall and it's all orange! No purple…" I smiled and giggled at Troy's lame joke. Sharpay turned her attention to the door and grinned.

"Gabriella! Troy!" Sharpay shrieked and ran forward. Zeke chuckled and hopped out of his seat, coming to greet us too. Everybody in the class just looked at us awkwardly. Usually Sharpay isn't so happy when people try to correct her on her style.

Sharpay jumped in Troy's arms, hugging him tight, and Zeke picked me up hugging me just as tight. I laughed and hugged him back around the neck. Troy laughed and put Sharpay down as Zeke did the same to me. Then we switched, Zeke man-hugged Troy and Sharpay gave a deadly hug to me, squeezing all the air I had in my body out.

Miss Darbus just sat up and smiled. "Miss Montez… why don't you introduce our new student?" I smiled and Sharpay did too. We both took each of Troy hands and brought him to the front of the classroom. Zeke stepped behind Troy and smiled, patting him on the back. Sharpay, Zeke and I had discussed the day I got back how we should totally embarrass Troy the first day he got here.

I started off. "Well, everyone, this is Troy Bolton and he just moved here from West Falls and you guys all better make him feel welcome or-" Sharpay cut me off and I giggled.

"Or I'll make all your lives a living hell and I'll make you be in my musical!" Sharpay put her hand on her hip and put an elbow on Troy's shoulder, impressed by her good comeback. Zeke and I fake gasped and looked at her, pretending to be astonished. "Oh, no she didn't!" I shouted.

Zeke shouted back, "Oh yes she did! Mhmm, mm, mm…" Troy looked at us like we were crazy and he looked a little red. I giggled and kept my composure.

Zeke piped in. "Oh and don't even think of trying out for the basketball team, this year guys, Troy is going to be our next captain!" Troy looked at Zeke wide-eyed. "Zeke-"

Sharpay piped in. "Oh! And if you girls think you can get Troy… too bad! He's taken! By my best friend, and oh boy, I'm warning you… don't mess with Gabriella or I promise you she will go Wildcat on all your sorry asses!" I made a vicious face and pretended to have claws. Zeke came behind me and faked the he was holding me back. I made a crazy cat kind of sound and I snapped at the air. Troy rolled his eyes and smiled crossing his arms over his chest. He knew we were just messing with him.

I shook my head and put my hand on my hip, pretending to calm down. "I'm good Zeke, I'm good." I brushed him off and took Troy's hand, leaning into him slightly and giggling. Zeke snorted and went behind Troy again.

Sharpay smiled and turned to the front of the class again. "Oh and one more thing!" She made a mean face and walked down the rows of students, looking at them disgustedly. I held back my laughter as best I could. She looked around at the boys especially.

"All of you guys who think you can wear pink… you're wrong! Nobody wears pink better then Zeke and Troy! Oh yeah, that's right! Go cry your hearts out fellas! Pink is not your color, anymore!"

She looked around the class once more and walked back to us. She smiled. "Thank you." She folded her hands in like a sweet, innocent, little girl and batted her eyelashes.

"Treat Troy, kindly." Sharpay gave one last final wink and walked to her desk, crossing her legs very lady like.

Troy looked at me and Zeke. "You guys are seriously dead."


"Oh come on Troy, it was hilarious! Sharpay your acting was wonderful." I clapped quietly and smiled at her. We were all walking home together after school and Troy was still complaining about this morning's performance.

He sighed and rolled his eyes playfully. "Yeah whatever, just wait… I'll get you all back one day."

Sharpay faked scared. "Oh my, whatever will I do!" She clamped her hands to her face looking shocked, but them rolled her eyes smirking playfully.

"Oh shut-up." We all laughed as we entered my house.

"Mama! Were home!" I smiled and set my bags on the kitchen table, and everyone else did the same.

My mother shouted from the living room, "Hello, Troy, Zeke, Sharpay! Make yourselves at home!" I giggled. My Mother wasn't even in the same room and she already knew who was all here.

I smiled and looked out at the window, staring at the RV. It was sitting in our huge driveway looking lonely. "Guys… I have an idea."

Sharpay came and stood beside me. "What Gabs?"

I smiled. "Do you guys want to camp put in the RV tonight?"

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