I had this idea as I was reading a fiction about a heat wave in Forks ... and these are completely and utterly not linked It's kind of a twisted storyline and I hope that I'll surprise you with what happens. This is just the prologue, and I'm not even sure if I'll continue this. Review and let me know what you think.

Summary: Just after Edward leaves, Bella is bitten; it is a terrible twist of fate that will toss two existences closer then they ever should be. Bella must fight the battle raging inside her, as well as the one outside, dividing her between the people she loves the most.

Before Eclipse, based at the end of chapter 3 in New Moon, entitled "The End".



What did you think I'd be doing now?
While you left me, I was thinking aloud
Would there be no end to my sorrow?
Will I make it through tomorrow?

"It will be as if I never existed."

I stumbled through the forest, tripping over anything and everything in my way; it was pointless, he was gone and I could never catch up with him. My pathetic human body was weak and frail next to his immortal beauty. I thought about our last touch and a great sob shook through my body.

"Edward!" I yelled, pain cracking through my feeble attempts. He would still hear. "Edward, please!"

I span around suddenly, as I heard twigs snapping behind me. The subconscious in me reminded me that if it was him, I wouldn't have heard him until he chose to speak; but my hope was too overpowering. I was greeted by the site of something horrendously scary however.

It was huge, advancing on me quickly. I knew for definite I had seen something like it before, but it was a curious thing to discover. As I realised what it was, I gasped in horror. I had never expected to see one again. A great sob broke through my chest; the ache that he had carved was suddenly back again. This was an unwelcome and frightening reminder.

It was angry, its eyes narrowed and its teeth on display. Its hackles were raised and suddenly, without warning, it pounced. I screamed, a pitiful scream, but it carried none the less. I was thrown backwards onto the ground, my head cracking against the forest floor. I thought for consciousness as the giant creature pinned me down in an unbreakable grip. Its head bent and it bit into my shoulder. I screamed again, its fangs popping into my skin and breaking it. Not only did I feel pain from its teeth, but I felt something else too; a familiar feeling, a feeling that reminded me of something ... I pulled up my hand to shield my face and with a flash of recognition, everything went black.