Sunrise is the beginning of a bright new day.

Sumire doesn't really feel like getting up. She's never been a terrifically morning sort of person, and today should be no exception. And in addition to that, there's the fact that she broke up with Luca a week ago, and she still feels like month-old cow crap dumped on the sidewalk. Why, though, is something she hasn't quite pinned down.

It's not like she was in love with him and he dumped her. Now, that would be depressing - but even then, she'd just shrug it off and say that she didn't care, because when had she ever cared about stupid stuff like that? At least that's what Koko says, and he's usually right, so there it is. It's not like that.

It's not like she felt guilty about breaking his heart. Is it? He never really seemed that much into her anyway - actually, he never seemed very much into anything, except his bunny - and Sumire isn't one to hang around feeling guilty about anything. That was another feeling that Sumire shrugged off quite easily.

Maybe it's not even about Luca. She's not really thinking about him or what they did wrong (what he did wrong), if she was honest with herself. It was more like all her friends were thinking about him, and they were the first ones to say, "She's pissed off 'cos she broke up with her boyfriend," in an explanatory sort of way when she kicks an Elementary kid out of the comfy seat, or when she yells at Mikan and Natsume, who are still blissfully together.

But then... there's nothing else depressing in her life at this moment, so maybe the reason is just too blurry for her to see it. Sumire, as expert as she is in analysing other people's relationships and feelings, doesn't care much for her own.


Sunrise is the beginning of a bright new day.

Wakako is worried about Sumire, because she's been yelling at the ex-Fanclub even more than usual this past week. And that's no surprise, because she has just broken up with Luca, who is as dreamy and sweet and cute as any perfect movie-star boyfriend. Even though Sumire had often complained to her about how quiet and uncompulsive and passive Luca was, Wakako had always dismissed that as Sumire's usual tendancy to complain about the flaws of anything.

Wakako-and-the-ex-Fanclub's reasoning for Sumire's depression (aided by Koko's mind-reading therapy) went along the lines of this. Sumire had always worshipped Luca since he came - going out with him must have been a great dream for her to fantasised about in previous years, which of course meant that she had great expectations along with it. You couldn't really expect quiet Luca to live up to that.

Oh well.

She folds up the last sock, and goes to knock on Sumire's door to force her down to breakfast.


Sunrise is the beginning of a bright new day.

Koko practically leaps out of bed (like usual) and rummages around in the heap of clothes on the floor for a clean-ish set of Single Star uniform (like usual). Next, he sits down and wonders what to do next, because he's still got six minutes until he can wake up anyone else (it's an unwritten rule that "Koko is NOT allowed to wake anyone up before 7:30am!!") and he did all his homework last night. This is also reasonably usual.

Casting around for the sleepy thoughts of his neighbours, Koko absentmindedly probes around the Junior High Dorm. Block (Final Year (Boys)) in seach of entertainment.

An image of a cow and a fork and a block of Stilton cheese and a bulldog called Benny-Evita that could fly. Kitsumeme had the strangest dreams, thought Koko.

Mikan. In a something-or-other that looked... ew. Koko reminded himself never to get inside Natsume's head unless he wanted to be traumatised for life, a rule which he always forgot by the next morning.

Bunnies... a lot of them, running away from a cat which Luca couldn't calm using his pheromones. That looked rather nightmare-ish, though Koko. He wondered if the half-past-seven rule would still be in place if the subject in question was having nightmares?

Wandering into Luca's mind made his own mind think of Sumire, and then of Anna (who he was meant to be going out with), and then of Sumire again, where it stayed. He wondered if she was alright. Then he realised it was 7:31am, and therefore the right time to wake people up.

Sunrises were always bright for Koko.


A/N: I don't like the last bit, because the atmosphere is too humorous to suit the rest. Still, I don't think Koko could ever be anything except humorous, so there we go.