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Love And Let Go.

Part 3 - All That Matters.

Gabriella felt a smile appear on her face as soon as she walked through the back gate to Troy's large garden. It was full of people, the area swarming with the faces of her high school friends. A few waved at her, some smiled, but all she cared for were two bright blue eyes. She continued searching.

In the middle was the pool. Troy didn't brag, but between them his parents were quite wealthy. Hence the largest house in the street, equipt with pool and balconies. The light blue water splashed away as people jumped or dived inside. Over to the left, the benches were taken with people relaxing, and a few couples using for making out. The beat box was blaring, the food smelt delicious, and the drink, with alcohol was spreading. It seemed like her kind of party.

Instead of finding those blue eyes she ached to see, she was drawn to the blonde who was waving at her. It was Sharpay.

"Gabs! Over here!"

She walked over to her friend. Her long blonde hair was slightly curled, resting lightly over her shoulders and down her back. Her bikini, bright pink of course, was attached to her slim body, and she watched as her long term boyfriend Zeke wrapped his arms around her, giving her goose bumps all over her curves.

Gabriella smiled at her while she approached. They gave each other a friendly hug, then pulled back. "Sharpay. How are you?"

She smiled, "Amazing. It feels so good to be out of school, don't you think?"

Gabriella couldn't agree more. She nodded quickly. "Definitely. I mean, I know I'm quite nerdy, but even I needed a break."

The girls giggled.

"So, have you seen Troy yet?" Sharpay wondered, a sly smile creeping onto her face.

Gabriella blushed at his name. "No, but he must be around here somewhere."

"You bet he is." Troy's husky voice trailed into her ear, making her jump. Suddenly Troy had his arms wrapped around her, carrying her bridal style, while Gabriella's mind kept ticking about where they were going. It finally registered.

"Troy - Don't you dare!"

She could feel his smirk against her soft skin of her shoulder. She sighed as she felt his lips connect with her neck, kissing softly and gently up to her sensitive spot, before sucking. Gabriella could feel the mark already.

"Don't I dare what?" His dark voice echoed through her brain.

She grabbed his hands which were still holding her. "Dump me in the pool."

Troy was standing right at the edge, his toes dangling off, nearly dipping into the water. Gabriella loved to swim, so if she was dumped in there, she wouldn't be in danger of drowning. But she still would rather not go in.

"Oh sorry! You want me to dump you in the pool?!"

She felt his arms extend. "NO!" She shrieked, and she heard Troy's throaty chuckle come from his throat. Everybody's eyes were on them now, but Gabriella didn't care. As long as she got away dry, she'd be fine.

She started to whimper as she felt herself falling from his grasp, and he was doing nothing to stop her. She clung rapidly onto his hands, and she could feel herself falling.

"Troy. I mean it!"

Suddenly, she was spun around and was now dangerously close to his face. Even thought she was deadly close to the water, she let out a breath of relief. She felt his arms pull her in tighter, the buzz from the people around starting up again as they were no longer interested if she wasn't going in the pool. She nuzzled her face into his chest, and she felt him kiss her forehead.

"That was mean, Troy." She kissed his bare chest, running her fingers up and down. She feet were firmly on the ground now, and for that she was thankful.

His pulled her face closer to his and kissed her lips passionately. "I'm sorry."

She giggled as she hit his chest. "No you're not. That to you was fun!"

He brushed one of her curls away from her face, taking it between his fingers, which were rough from the many hours of basketball, and swept it behind her ear. "But hey,' He tried to reason, 'You didn't get put in the water, so you win."

She kissed his jaw. "And for that I am forever thankful."

They laughed together once more before their lips locked again.


What a word.

The definition: without ever ending; always; eternally.

She thought Troy and her were forever, but evidently, Troy thought otherwise. She felt the tears pour down her face, but they were now mixed with the teardrops of rain falling from the clouds above. The rain had always seemed to bring her peace, happiness and comfort. But maybe the pain she was suffering was too strong? Whatever it was, the rain was doing nothing for her.

Her legs were stiff from sitting cross legged for so long, the aching pain adding to her other pain. The rain had her drenched from head to toe. Her hair stuck to her head and shoulders, her clothes attached to her skin so you could make out every line of her body, and she could feel the wetness seep down to her toes. She'd be ill, but she didn't really care. The only drug that would help her get better was the one she couldn't have: Troy.

Her heart was aching so much she had to keep her hands on her body. She was so scared that her flesh would rip in two with the pain, even thought she knew that wouldn't happen. She knew now that any pain she'd ever been in before had been worthless, and that the pain she was going through now hurt a hundred times worse than the other times. Maybe that was because everything had been perfect before? Maybe it was because she'd spent millions of minutes of her life with the person who'd hurt her so bad? Or maybe it was the fact that she would never feel his touch, see his loving gaze or touch his lips again? Whatever it was it hurt. Badly.

She must have sat here for more than a couple of hours. Just sitting, thinking of the pain she was going through as trying to rid herself of it. But there was nothing she could do.

Thinking about him was hard too. Even the happy memories were beginning to hurt. And that was bad. If she couldn't be with him, she wanted the memories to hold onto. She had never realised it so much. But now that he was gone, she wanted him so much more than she did when she had him. And when she had him, she'd wanted him every minute of the day. She was addicted. Addicted to Troy Bolton.

She lifted herself to her feet, and watched them as they paced slowly forward in the direction of her house. In a few minutes she was standing outside her door, watching her fingers put the key in the lock and the door swung open. She was doing all these things, yet she didn't even feel like she was doing them. She was numb. Numb with pain.

"Oh honey!"

Her mother rushed at her, engulfing her in a tight warm hug. She stood limply. Her mother pulled back, and saw her empty, cried out eyes.

"Gabriella. What happened?"

And instantly she broke down. The tears were pouring again, down her face like they had in front of Troy. It hurt too much. Somehow her legs found energy and bolted up the stairs. Out of her mothers way, and away from the world. She locked her bedroom door, and fell onto her bed, her soaking clothes clinging onto the sheets.

As for everything, she'd explain in the morning.

One Week Later.

"Honey, you need to eat something." She mothers hushed voice went in one ear and out the other. She pushed her plate to the other side, and she mother sighed irritated. She watched as her mothers' fingers ran through her hair, and they caught eyes. Her mothers were deep with worry, and anger?

"Gabriella! Snap out of this! It has been a week for Gods sake. Now, I know he meant a lot to you, but you're life means more to me. You've not eat properly in days, you cant sleep because you have nightmares and you're slipping in school. I tell you Gabriella, quit this act. I know you're hurting but move on Gabriella. That's the only way it can go."

Gabriella's eyes stared at her mothers. She was shocked by her mothers' out burst. She'd never seen her mother blow up before. And because of her ex boyfriend - that just made it more confusing. She felt a single tear drip down her cheek and her mother rushed to her side.

Her mothers' arms wrapped around her, pulling her tightly. She choked out the tears. "Mum, it hurts so bad. I never knew it would hurt so much. I miss him, and I see him every day, but talking and thinking and seeing him only makes the pain worse. I want to move on, but he's locked in my heart Mum. And knowing he doesn't love me, just… it's so painful."

Her tears dripped down her face rapidly. Her mother shushed her with calming words and within a few minutes she was calm enough to hear her mother speak.

"Honey. Boys will hurt you, but I'll always be here to save the day." Her mother chuckled and Gabriella gave her a small teary smile. "You are special Gabriella, and you love Troy. He loved you. God, you could see it vividly in his eyes. But things change Gabi, people change, and Troy has. Nothing lasts forever Gabi, you have to accept that. And you know what? Troy was good to you, because he told you the truth, and it must have hurt him too. You think you're the only one who's hurting, think again. Every time he sees you crying and knows its him who's done that to you? How much has that got to hurt! You have to move on, not only so you can start living again, but so he can too. Hey. If you love someone, you'll let him go. Huh?"

Gabriella looked up at her mother, the one with the wisest words, and they shared a smile. She knew her mother, as always, was right.

The next day, Monday morning at break, she walked up to Troy. The pain in her chest was unbearable, looking at him even hurt, but this was something she needed to do. For him.

"Troy, can I talk to you?"

Their eyes connected and Gabriella saw the pain in them. She wanted to reach up and hug him, but she couldn't. It would only make it harder in the long run.


Gabriella nodded and turned, trusting Troy was following her. He watched as she walked in front of him, the crowds of students heading out for break departing the halls, while they walked further into the school, up the stairs case and into a music classroom. Troy smiled; Gabriella's favourite place.

She dropped her bag beside the piano and ran her fingers over the keys the notes echoing through the walls. A smile appeared on her face as she closed her eyes at the cold keys touching her fingers, and she sank down into the piano stool.

She opened her eyes and saw Troy looking at her intently, sitting opposite her. Smiling, she sighed and prepared herself.

"God Troy, we've been through a lot haven't we?"

Troy chuckled slightly, his hand travelling up to his neck and scratching it in that way he did when she was embarrassed. "I guess you could say that."

"But you're not happy anymore." She mumbled almost silently, feeling her stomach lurch uncomfortably.

He played with his hands. "Gabriella. It not that I'm not happy. I just couldn't be in a relationship with someone I didn't love that much as someone else. It wouldn't be fair to you or… to me. And that makes me sound so selfish, but I just… I really didn't want to hurt you, Gabi."

She rested her hand gently onto his, and felt then un-tense. "I realise Troy. And now, all I want you to be is happy. That's all I ever wanted. And if Heidi can do that for you, so be it."

Her eyes were shining with tears, but she continued. "So, Troy, this is it. I free you, so to speak. Please, make sure your always happy."

She felt her hands move to her neck and unclasp the 'T' necklace he had given her. It dropped into her hands and she stared at it for a while, remembering all the times he had kissed it, touched it, and looked at it on her, and she smiled.

She held it out to him and he took it hesitantly. "If it would make you feel better you can keep it."

She shook her head. "We have to move on Troy, keeping it, wouldn't be good for me. Besides, I think it'll look very pretty around Heidi's neck." She lied.

She shook her head inside. She shouldn't say things like that about Heidi. It wasn't her fault Troy had fallen for her. She'd met and talked to Heidi before and she was a very nice person. She hoped they would be happy.

She grabbed her bag while she stood up, looking down at Troy. "Goodbye Troy."

He grabbed her wrist as she began to walk away. "Gabi! Thank you."

She turned to him, confused. "For what?"

"For giving me two amazing years with you."

She smiled a tearful smile as one tears sprang from her eyes. "You, Troy Bolton, are very welcome."

And she exited the room.

As she walked down the corridor she reflected on what she had just done, and she actually felt a weight being lifted from her shoulders. She realised she'd been feeling guilty about putting Troy in that position, but now she'd released him, she felt better.

Yes, she still loved him.

Yes, she still longed for him.

Yes, she still missed him.

And yes, she heart still ached.

But Troy was happy.

And that was all that mattered.

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