Serena Van Der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Nathaniel Archibald, Charles Bass and Lucy Adams were five friends who had spent their childhoods together, learning new things and dating each other.

Of course, Serena and Blair were inseparable, like Siamese twins. They shopped, gossiped and did most things girly girls did. They wore the latest designer trends, owned the latest Prada bags and had make-up from Bendels.

Lucy was never a girly girl. She preferred hanging out with Nate and Chuck, especially Chuck. Nate was more of her brother to her, but she had always fancied Chuck. As an only child living with just a father, life was difficult and Mark had raised her to play sports and wear sportswear.

On Lucy's fourteenth birthday, Mark Adams made an important announcement. She had arrived home from a surprise party in the Bass' suite, at the Palace hotel, to find her father seated at the dinner table.

"Lucy, I am sorry but we are moving." He announced. Lucy unzipped her hooded jacket and threw it onto the sofa.

"Where are we moving to?"

"England. I've been relocated." The businessman explained. Mark Adams owned a designer furniture business called Flash Deco and recently, his company announced that they were setting up stores in England. He had agreed to help and within a few months, they were set up over there.

Lucy attended the best private school in England, where young Dukes and Duchesses were educated. She hated it. All of the snobby, flirtatious boys had forgotten her name within minutes and just referred to her as "Manhattan mistress." It made her sick. She felt so lonely and was only able to make two less stuck-up friends.

She kept updated by Gossip Girl as the years went by. Blair and Nate were officially a couple; Serena had been sent to boarding school but had returned within months and Chuck… Oh, Chuck. Lucy hated what he had become. A shallow womanizer sleeping with a different woman every week. She shuddered at the thought. He was now smoking pot and taking drugs too… what had happened to her best friend, her crush?

Every now and again Serena and Blair emailed and sent care packages, but from the boys she heard nothing. On her seventeenth birthday, Lucy received a Bendel tracksuit from Serena. Then she realised…she hated everything about herself.

Within a week, she had a new girly wardrobe, new hairstyle and a new attitude. She even brought up the courage to ask her father something

"Dad, I'm seventeen now. I want to go back to New York for a visit." She smiled sweetly behind her lip-gloss and fluttered her mascara-coated eyelashes. Her light brown hair fell gently in curls over her shoulders.

"Honey, I wanted to talk to you about that. I might be moving back to New York. There have been problems with the Flash Deco headquarters and everything is set up here. You can stay in London if you want, as I know school is important to you."

"NO! Well school is important, but I will come home!"