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Chapter Thirteen, Part two

Nate Archibald stared at his phone in horror. Blair had slept with someone else and might be pregnant. Had she cheated on him? Had someone else taken her virginity before he could? The questions wizzed around his mind, but disappeared when he spotted Bethany and Jenny. They smiled and waved at him.

"Do you two know anything about this?" He pointed at his phone.

"Why would we?" Jenny raised an eyebrow, making Bethany nudge her.

"Well you two are friends with Blair." Nate closed his phone and put it in his pocket. "So if you know something-"

"We aren't friends with her." The ninth grader interrupted.


"So, yeah, we do know something." Bethany looked down, sympathetically.

Chuck Bass stood by his limo, sighing. The news about him and Blair had got to Gossip Girl and he had no idea how. At least, now, he had nothing to hide; to be honest, his name hadn't even been mentionned. Slam.

"What the hell are you doing, Nathaniel?" Chuck had been slammed down on the bonnet of his car.

"Did you sleep with her?" Nate hissed at his now-ex best friend.

"Yes. I'm sorry." Chuck choked back, trying to loosen his signature scarf.

"You slept with my girlfriend!" Nate continued, fire burning in his eyes.

"She needed someone and I was there." Chuck pushed his old friend off of him, brushing himself down. Crowds of students watched in awe, some of them recording the scene to send to Gossip Girl.

"Never come near me again." Nate disappeared down the street. Red marks from Nate were now on Chuck's neck; the mark of hatred would remain for a while. Lucy can't see me like this. He climbed into his limo and went home. Lucy could wait.

Blair Waldorf opened her BlackBerry and gasped at the text. Lucy or Serena had obviously turned her in. She walked down the steps, realising all eyes were on her and the bitchy comments were about her.

"Oh my god, she's such a slut." Kati Farkas hissed.

"The best friend and the boyfriend." Isobel Coates replied.

"Apparently she's had a baby already with Chuck." One ninth grader added.

Bethany and Jenny watched the sight and laughed. This was great.

"I told you she was going down." Bethany smiled, as Blair hurried down the road with tears running down her cheeks.

"So what now?" Jenny asked. She was such an ammature.

"Now, we just sit back and enjoy."

Lucy Adams walked down the street with Serena Van Der Woodsen, they giggled as they re-read the text.

"I would normally feel sorry for her." Lucy said, closing her phone.

"Yeah, well it serves her right!" Serena replied.

"So what are you up to later?"

"I'm seeing Dan. I kinda screwed it up last time, by not telling him how I felt. Now I need to sort it."

"Just tell him, S. You can do it!"

Blair Waldorf stood up as Nate walked into his bedroom. He looked at her, fiercely. "Blair, what are you doing here?"

"Your mom let me in." She replied, standing up.

"I mean, what are you doing here!?" His words were harsh and fierce, so Blair stood back. Had he heard?

"I needed to tell you something." Her voice came out in a squeak.

"That you slept with my best friend? Forget it, we're finished."

"But I-"

"I don't want anything else to do with you, Blair." He hissed.

She hurried past him, tears flooding down her face. First the pregnancy scare, now this. Things really weren't going her way.

Chuck Bass sat in his favourite bar, hanging out with Lucy. He would have preferred a date, but he really just needed to get pissed and forget the events of the day. Lucy looked at his shirt, confused; Chuck never wore his shirt buttoned up all the way, but she ignored it. He just needed cheering up.

"Next round is on me." She giggled, slightly tipsy already.

"The last round was on you. Plus, you're the lady, so I'm paying." Chuck signalled to the bartender.

The woman smiled at him, flirtaciously. "Another round, sir?"

"Yes, and the same for my dear friend." He was already a little drunk, too.

The bartender gave Lucy another pina colada and Chuck another beer. Lucy sipped at her drink, stopping when she spotted Blair crossing the street. She was in no mood to see a depressed Blair in her drunken state, so she stood up. "Excuse me, I'm just gonna go to the ladies."

Chuck gulped down his beer and nodded. The door chimed open and a familiar brunette sat herself beside him, in Lucy's seat. "Er.. someone's sitting there."

"Chuck, I'm sorry." Blair looked down and Chuck raised his eyebrows; a Waldorf apologising? That almost never happened!

"Whatever." He slurred.

"Look, you've always treated me so well and then I ended up treating you like shit. Now everyone hates me. I should have never turned my back on you. You're the only person I've got left."

He raised an eyebrow. "Actually you don't even have me anymore."

"What do you mean?" Tears brimmed in her eyes, but Chuck Bass didn't care.

"You were beautiful when you were innocent and untouched. Now you're like one of the morrocan woman my father used to own; put away wet. I don't want you and I can't see why anyone else would."

Blair stood up and hurried home. Her mother sat down, sewing a dress to fit Blair for the next function.

"Mom?" She kneeled beside her mother. "Can I go and visit daddy in France?"

"Of course, I will sort it out for spring break."

"I mean can I go tonight? My whole life is falling apart." She sobbed.

"I will make some calls."

Serena smiled as she walked into the room, but guilt took over when she saw the candles and meal Dan had prepared; she had eaten before leaving.

"So, you decided to come then." Dan raised an eyebrow.

"Dan, why do you love me?" She asked, walking over to him.

"What?" He looked puzzled.

"Why do you love me?"

"I love that you are there for your friends and that you can be friends with Blair and still dating me. I love that when you laugh, you sound like a five-year-old." She giggled. "Like that. I love that you are so beautiful and smart and perfect in every way."

"I love you too." She smiled, able to say the words so easily. She kissed Dan, but soon pulled away, feeling guilty. Blair had needed her today, but she had been sulking. She had to do something. "I'm sorry, but I have to go."

"Why?" Dan looked confused.

"For one of the many reasons you love me."

Blair Waldorf shivered in the cold as her luggage was loaded onto the helicopter; she needed time away, where no one knew her. She wouldn't go for long; only until the end of Spring-Break, when all the rumours had ended. It seemed like a perfect idea. She gasped as she saw a slim blonde-haired girl running towards her.

"Blair, please don't go!" Serena shouted, tripping in her heels.

"S, what are you doing here?"

"I came to stop you. You have to stay B."

"I can't! I'm ruined. I can't handle it." A tear rolled down Blair's cheek.

"But we can get through this together. I'll be right by your side." Serena hugged her best friend.

"I know, but I want time to relax, S. Just a month or two, till next term." Blair pulled away.

"Is this what you want?"

"Yes." She nodded. "I promise I will call you and text you, okay, S?"

"Okay. Please take care." Serena hugged her again, before watching her friend board the helicopter.

The engines started, and Blair Waldorf disappeared into the night, as Serena waved goodbye.

Spotted: B fleeing the crime scene to visit her gay father. What were you expecting, B? You did sleep with your boyfriend's best friend! L and C leaving the Palace Hotel's bar, both looking pissed out of their minds. That's gonna hurt in the morning! S and D holding hands, strolling through Central Park. BE and little J on the prowl, watching the fight between N and C on my website. Looks like you reign, BE!

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