Ah, I was waiting for this day to come, the day when I finally wrote a Naruto fanfiction about Sasuke and Naruto and actually submitted it. So basically it's what the description says. It's really in depth and sappy in the first part, Sasuke is kind of out of character for what most people believe, but i think that sasuke really is a deep person. Well I know he is, just most people refuse to accept he can be okay sometimes. Blame Itachi. He's the one that screwed sasuke up!

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He was so close he could see the Valley of End in his mind's eye and using the sharingan he really could see past the last couple layers of trees to the battle ground for the two boys. The thundering waterfall that seemed to have a life and chakra all it's own. The two great figures of Konohagakure's past forever standing tall as a symbol of what true peace really is. Senju Hashirama, the first hokage, and Uchiha Madara, the first truely powerful Uchiha, both had created an alliance between their rivaling clans to form Konohagakure, the village hidden in the leaves, as a testament to their peace.

The symbolism in their fight was ridiculous to Kakashi. The Last Uchiha fighting the only son and of the late Fourth Hokage, Yondaime, and the last child of the Hokages in the same place marked with the peace of the first Hokage and the first truely amazing Uchiha.

"It's just up ahead," Pakkun told Kakashi.

The ex-anbu nodded and raced ahead and a newer speed, propelled by his need to find the boys before it was to late.

Sasuke was knocked to his knees by the shock his body had taken from merely fighting the blonde haired boy. His curse mark was receding inside of him again and the pain was too intense. Squinting his eyes shut and breathing hard, he sat there on the ground trying to regain his ability to even move. Once he finally opened his eyes, he was face to face with Naruto's lifeless body.

The intense pain of seeing his face completely devoid of any life was worse than his curse mark, this new pain making it so he couldn't move a muscle. The rain was beginning to pound really hard on his back, almost as if it was trying to force him closer to the boy. He gazed at the boy for an immeasurable moment, taking in the stupid lines on his face, his ridiculously spiky blonde hair, how soft that hair looked, his long eyelashes, his pale, smooth cheeks. The scuff marks and bruises all over him.

Oh god, he thought to himself, did I...did I do that?

he had done this to Uzukami Naruto, to his best friend. He had robbed the soul from his body, the smile from his face, the cheerful voice he had. He had stolen away his life. He didn't feel any different, any more powerful. The mangekyo sharingan was supposed to feel special, wasn't it?

Was it all a lie? Had Itachi lied to him? It wouldn't have been the first time. Did he really just kill the closest person to him for nothing?

His best friend, the only person in the entire world he thought he would ever be friends with was now dead and it was all his fault. This new pain, this guilt, knocked him breathless once more, staring into that face of the awful thing he had done.

But Sasuke heard a breath. It couldn't have been his own, this pain would not let him breathe. He tried to tear his gaze away from the blonde boy's face but found he could not. The color was slowly returning to the boy's cheeks, signs of life creeping over his still body.

The relief that washed through Sasuke was amazing. There was no other feeling like that he had just had, it filled his entire body up with warmth despite the freezing rain like pounding ice on his back.

He could take out a Kunai right now and kill the boy. Achieve the power he needed to kill his brother and take revenge for his clan. Even the thought of that hurt him to much. He would never kill him after the things he just felt. At least not now. Maybe when he got stronger.


He would get the Mangekyo Sharingan another way. He was not going to fallow in the footsteps of his retched brother. But in order to get the strength he needed, he had to abandon all feelings, he had to cut this tie. It was in turn make Naruto stronger, but he could live with that. These feelings of regret and guilt, relief and pain, they were nothing but a hinderance to him.

Naruto's lips twitched, a sign he was coming back into consciousness. They had been close. So close.

Sasuke's body moved on it's own, slowly getting closer to the blonde haired boy, his hair dripping onto his face and creating rivers down the boy's cheeks.

This was his only friend. The only tie he had left to break.

Kakashi broke through those last few layers of trees and into the Valley of End. He ran down the rocky face next to the waterfall, desperately trying to save both boys. He found Sasuke leaning close to Naruto's face, Naruto laying on the ground extremely still. Rage boiled up in his stomach at the thought that sasuke and actually killed this boy. But sasuke seemed to be getting closer to his face...he paused for a second, staring at the sight.

Until Kakashi reminded himself that Sasuke was missing nin and needed to be taken into Konoha custody. He had been trying to kill Naruto. This was no time for mercy.

He creeped up behind the Uchiha and gripped his left arm swiftly, pulling it behind his back while at the same time grabbing his right arm and throwing him around so he was no longer facing Naruto. Kakashi let go on his right arm, still keeping his grip on his left, and pushed Sasuke's head to the ground.

"Sasuke, By order of the 5th Hokage, Tsunade-sama, you are hereby under the custody of Konohagakure."

Sasuke tensed and struggled against his sensei's grip but could not break it no matter what. "Let me go Kakashi-sensei!" he kept trying to break free of the incredibly tight grip on his arm and head.

"I can't do that Sasuke, you are an Offical Missing Nin and as an elite Jounin my mission assigned to me by the 5th hokage was to take you back to Konoha by force if necessary," Kakashi explained to the Uchiha boy, "Now, will you come back quietly or not?"

"I...I can't," he growled, "If you let me go I'll just run."

"I see," He said in an emotionless tone.

"You don't understand," He hissed at his sensei, "I have to leave. There's nothing left for me in Konoha. I can't keep wasting my time here. And..."


Sasuke's eyes flickered over to Naruto's body for a brief second before they grudgingly set themselves back to the dirt beneath him.

"Ah," Kakashi-sensei said wisely, "I see. You can't go back because of that? What makes you think that would be the case? the opposite could very well happen if you give it a try."

Sasuke set his mouth in a grimace, "I...I can't risk that."

Naruto moved a little in his now subconscious state, his mouth moving and working to form words until something finally came out, "Sa..sasuke."

Said boy jerked his head away from Naruto as if that alone could block out the boy's existence. "Kakashi," He hissed once more, "let me go." The venom in his demand was staggering. The Jounin blinked a couple times, his guard taken completely by surprise. The boy sounded so...desperate, so pleading, it was unlike anything he had ever heard. he needed kakashi to let go of him.

Naruto slowly came back into a conscious state, his eyes opening to find Sasuke in Kakashi-sensei's hold. He said nothing, but watched and listened to what they were doing.

"Tell me why," Kakashi demanded, "Tell me why you are so hell bent on leaving your home."

"My home was destroyed," He countered back immediately, "My whole family, my dream, everything i had was killed right before my eyes. All I ever wanted was taken away from me. I need my revenge."

"And Naruto?"

Sasuke paused, "If I ever went back...I wouldn't be able to look him in the eye ever again. everything I've done to him would be reflected back at me. His coldness to me afterwards, his distance, his hatred for me...I wouldn't be able to take it."


"...She is...something else I'd really rather not deal with right now," He hissed under his breath.

After a long pause of consideration Kakashi tightened his grip on Sasuke a bit more, "I'm sorry Sasuke, but laws are laws, it's my mission, I can't let you go. Your reasons are legitimate but I'm sure everything will work itself out. as for your revenge, you know my advice. Take what you have now and and be grateful for it."

"But Naruto..." Sasuke trailed off. the blonde boy was working hard to stay conscious now but was failing. He was slipping back into that utter darkness in the recess of his mind. "Naruto is..."

"Unconscious once again and needs to be taken to the hospital immediately and I'm not going back to Konoha without you sasuke."

The Uchiha's eyes grew wide, "Once again?"

"He heard what you said about him," Kakashi explained, hauling the boy to his feet and creating a shadow clone to tie up his hands and feet.

"Shit," The uchiha swore under his breath, "I will never forgive you Kakashi-sensei."

Kakashi smiled at him and hauled him over his shoulder just as the medical ninja arrived to take Naruto. "And I'm a-okay with that. Now it's off to the hokage. She will listen to your story and then decide on a sentence for you if need be."

And with those last words Kakashi sprung off into the forest back towards Konoha. Sasuke mentally cursed Naruto all the way to hell and back, but a private little part of his mind hoped he would be okay.

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