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"Hey, you two."

Sasuke and Naruto whipped their heads in the direction of the mysterious voice, the blonde still pinned to the floor and the raven still on top of him, possibly the most awkward position they could be in as Kakashi-Sensei sat there on the window sill, looking down at them. Behind his mask, the jounin was turning a bright red, covering his eyes as the two righted themselves.

"S-sensei," Naruto stuttered, "It''s not what it looks like!"

"Sure, sure," Kakashi muttered under his breath, peeking through his eyes and finding the boys both standing again, removing his hand and staring at them. "I don't really want to know, do I?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, regaining his pride and glaring at his teacher from across the kitchen. "He was bothering me so I pushed him over in his chair and he grabbed my arm, dragging me down with him. We weren't doing anything, you nasty pervert. You should try getting your head out of those books every once in a while."

Kakashi sat there for a moment, stroking his chin in thought, before replying, "Touche." He climbed down from the window sill and walked in to the apartment, taking in its practically spotless state and throwing Sasuke a knowing look. Whenever he was stressed, the Uchiha boy cleaned. Turning back to the boys, he said, "I'm actually here on business."

"What's up Kakashi-sensei," Naruto asked, bouncing up and down, enthusiasm regained as he started to look just like his old idiot self again, that goofy grin in place. "You got a mission for us or something? It's been forever!"

He shook his head slowly, "The truth is...Sakura heard from Ino about what happened. She couldn't help bragging about knowing he was alive first, and now Sakura is in a state of extreme...mental instability and I think it would be best if-"

Just then, the front door to Sasuke's apartment was burst open, the door almost flying off its hinges, and standing there in the wake of the sudden noise was none other than the pink Shinobi, a furious and wild look of determination mixed with hope was on her face, eyes lit up with excitement. She stormed in to the apartment and headed directly towards the first person she saw; Naruto.

"Where is he," She screamed in his face, grabbing the blonde boy by his collar and lifting him off of his feet. She had surprising strength for someone who sucked so utterly on missions. "Sasuke's alive and in the village, Ino told me so! Where is he?! Tell me where he is!!"

The raven haired boy was becoming progressively irritated by the noisy girl's behavior and the way she was handling what was his. He tapped the girl's shoulder twice.

"What," She snapped, whipping around and coming face to face the legendary Uchiha who had tried to escape only a month before. Her jaw dropped and he instantly let go of the blonde, who fell to the kitchen floor with a thud. She threw her arms around Sasuke and squeezed him way too tightly again her chest, squealing in pitches unknown to man in his ear. "OHMAIGAWD! You're okay! I knew it! Oh Sasuke, I knew you'd come back! I knew you wouldn't leave me!"

Sasuke's face was dead as he let the pink haired girl crush him between her arms, facing Naruto and Kakashi. He could see the hints of a smile behind the jounin's mask and as the blonde picked himself up off the floor, a grin was slowly spreading across his face as well. He clearly mouthed to the Uchiha "You deserve it."

Sasuke threw him a death glare as he pealed the squealy girl off of him, taking a step back and holding her by the shoulders, fresh tears sparkling in the corners of her eyes. She wiped them away with the back of her hand and said, "Sasuke...You really did come back."

"I hate to disappoint you Sakura, but I was more or less dragged back here," the Uchiha admitted, averting his gaze to the floor and letting go of her shoulders. He could almost see the look of confusion on her face. "I...didn't come back for you...or anyone. Kakashi-sensei dragged me back here against my will."

"W-what do you mean," she asked, dumbfounded.

Sasuke sighed dramatically before looking back up at the pink haired kunoichi, "This village is weak, they can't offer me what I need to kill him and I've broken ties with anyone left here in Konoha. My destiny is to be out there, learning things these people are too afraid to know."

Sakura blinked a couple of times before opening her mouth...and closing it again, speechless. Finally, after another long moment of looking between Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke for reassurance of what she was hearing, she spoke her mind, "You didn't break ties with anyone here. Don't you get it sasuke?" The tears were flowing from her eyes now, grabbing his arms and shaking the Uchiha boy back and forth, "I...I love you! I've always loved you, Sasuke! You can't you've broken ties with everyone when I still love you! Please...don't leave us again Sasuke! Don't leave me!"

He stared emotionlessly at the pink haired girl for a long moment before shaking his head slowly. Realization was dawning on her face as well as Kakashi's, who was feeling nothing but empathy for the poor, soon to be heartbroken, kunoichi. "I'm sorry Sakura...but I didn't come back for you, or for anyone. I have no feelings for you what so ever. Don't you understand? You've deluded yourself in to thinking I'll ever feel the same way for you through several instances of nice things I've done for you, when nothing could be farther from the truth."

"What...what do you mean?"

Naruto was almost starting to feel bad as well. Poor girl.

"I don't like you at all," Sasuke glared at the girl harshly, arms crossed and eyes blank, "You think everyone likes you, but you're useless, weak, and all together annoying. You can't take care of yourself physically or emotionally so you cling to me for support, but you need to learn to stand by yourself, because I honestly don't like you at all, Sakura. You've been nothing but an irritant since the day I met you, so take a hint and back off. tell Ino the exact same thing for me."

"You...don't mean...any of that."

"I mean every word."

"Sasuke," Naruto interjected, "Maybe you're being a little too harsh-"

He shook his head confidently, "She needed to hear it."

"You," everyone turned to stare at Sakura who had spoken so quietly, "You're an asshole!"

She ran from the room, tears streaming down her face, eyes puffy and head, slamming the door behind her just as loudly as it had been flung open, only this time the noise held a much more final and depressing air to it. Kakashi looked at the Uchiha boy, holding his gaze for a moment before closing his eyes and shaking his head in disappointment.

"I realize there was no better way to make her understand instantly, but you could've done it gently over time," he explained, headed back towards the still open kitchen window. "At least you stood up for your feelings once instead of thinking only about how to escape and break ties. Oh, by the way, you have a mission coming up in 3 days." He threw the boys an amused look before continuing, "All three of you need to work as a team, hope you can patch things up by then. Later."

With that, he was gone in a flash, off to do god knows what in who knows where probably with Iruka-sensei. They had been spending an increasing amount of time together, which is normal for friends.

Naruto looked over at Sasuke who had begun to clean up the coffee mugs from earlier that morning and placing them in the dishwasher. "You could've been a lot nicer to her. She really tried to stop you. She made me promise to bring you back here, she was really torn up about you leaving."

Without facing the blonde boy, the uchiha replied, "She needed to learn one way or the other. I don't like annoying people."

Naruto stared down at his feet, his head filling with memories of all the times Sasuke had called him baka, dobe, teme, all the names and all the insults, constantly calling him stupid...Sasuke couldn't really have any interest in him, he was just as annoying as Sakura...right? Maybe even more annoying. He kept constantly pushing Sasuke and just generally acting like a loud idiot where as Sakura was at least supporting him...

The raven haired boy turned around and saw the conflicted expression on the fox boy's face. Confused, he approached the boy, trying to figure out the reasons behind that torn up look...but he moved away from the Uchiha. "Naruto?"

He raised his big blue eyes to stare deeply in to pitch black ones before turning away and walking upstairs. Utterly confused, Sasuke let him go.

Naruto had spent the better part of the morning and afternoon sitting in the bedroom he shared with Sasuke just...thinking. He realized it was completely out of character for him to do something as serious as sit there and think deeply, but the situation called for it, and he wasn't as much of an airhead as he made himself out to be.

Okay, so he hadn't just sat there all day doing absolutely nothing of course, that would be incredibly dull and Naruto always needed something to occupy his attention with so he stripped the bed of its sheets, hauled them to the washer and threw them in along with various accumulated clothes over the weeks. Sasuke was pretty diligent about keeping his place clean, but when it came to trivial girl things he just steered clear of them...not saying that Naruto didn't either. The grow pile of clothes, however, was starting to get on his nerves.

After washing and folding all of the laundry, making sure to steer clear of Sasuke who was working on mandatory paper work given to him Tsunade-sama as a requirement for paying back his debt to the city-in other words, the old grandma was lazy and hated paper work so she pushed it off on Sasuke-and he was not in a good mood.

The whole atmosphere of the apartment, despite the beautiful day it was outside, was beginning to grow extremely dark and oppressive. By two pm Naruto had had just about enough. Pushing himself off of the clean mattress, he stomped his way downstairs to make sure his presence would not be a surprise to the Uchiha.

Standing In the doorway to the stairs, he crossed his arms over his chest and called out to the raven haired male. "Hey, Sasuke, lets go."

Taken off guard by this, he whirled around and came eye to eye with a bored and aggravated looking blonde. Raising one curious eyebrow, he closed the file he was working on and set it on the table. Rising steadily to his feet, he asked, "Go where?"

Naruto shrugged. "Anywhere but here. It's a nice day, we could use some air."

"And training," Sasuke threw in.

Slipping on their shoes, they made their way out of the front door and in to the glaring rays of the calm, afternoon sun. The water from the river sparkled gently in the golden light and put both boys at ease instantly. The shade filtering through the trees provided a cool break from the pleasant wether, not that it was needed, but it still felt nice.

As they headed towards the sparring grounds in silence, thoughts were still flooding the fox boy's head. Sure, he was irritating, sure, Sasuke would probably rather still leave the village than stay with him...even after what they had been through in the kitchen that morning...

That instance seemed so far away in his mind now. He was beginning to question if it ever really happened...

Wait! he was no idiot! he was more useful than Sakura, more outgoing, at least trying for fuck's sake! If Sasuke thought he was just as annoying and useless...well than what better than a sparring match to prove him wrong! How dare that Uchiha toy with his emotions like that! He was probably the reason he tried to leave the village in the first place. Well, what the hell! why not let him! Naruto didn't need him, let him leave!

His mind made up, resolve strengthened, Sasuke could sense something different about his demeanor instantly. He was the most sly person in the world, that was for sure. All the Uchiha knew was that he had been acting weird ever since he turned down Sakura that morning...was he angry about that?

They reached the grounds and Naruto walked off to the opposite end of the clearing, the place where they had first joined together as a team. Where Sasuke had fed him all that time ago when he was tied to a log...God, what a demented memory. Kakashi was a really perverted teacher!

Taking his stance facing the Uchiha, whipping out a Kunai, he crouched down in a defensive position and waited for Sasuke to do the same.

"I'll try to go easy on you, dobe," the raven haired male replied, whipping out a weapon as well.

This only made the blonde's rage flare inside of him, he had been right. Sasuke only thought of him as a dobe, a teme, nothing else. He couldn't even refer to him by his actual name on a constant basis. He would prove sasuke wrong!

With a cocky smirk, Naruto replied, "Good, this'll be over a lot quicker then."

After a prolonged moment of staring each other down, they both launched themselves at each other, blades colliding in a screech of metal before they recoiled from the force of the attacks.

Sasuke whipped out his shuriken and flung it at the boy as a distraction, expecting him to jump up, which is exactly what he did. Seeing his opening, he flung several kunai at him, the blonde dodging each blade only to come face to face mid air with the raven haired boy. He swiftly flung a fist into Naruto's abdomen, knocking him back to the ground and falling to his hands and knees. Sasuke landed above him and lifted his leg up to prepare for a heavy kick to his back, but in a flash of motion Naruto caught his foot and flung him to the earth. Landing on his back with a thud, both of the blonde's hands coming at him, he gripped the boy's wrists and flung him backwards as well.

Rising to his feet with a jump, he whipped out another kunai as Naruto got up as well. Facing off once again, the boys preformed their signature jutsuus at the same time. Naruto summoned 20 clones as Sasuke blew fire at each and every one of them. In the confusing smoke they gave off as they disappeared, Sasuke could sense the real naruto and flashed behind him, holding a kunai to his throat.

Not even hesitating a moment, the blonde ducked down and kicked out his feet from under the Uchiha, only he jumped in time to miss be punch harshly and unexpectedly in the stomach.

The wind knocked out of him, feeling two hands firmly on his shoulders, he was pushed to the ground with Naruto straddling him, a blade at his throat, hands pinned above his head with the boy's free hand.

A vicious snarl was on his face.

"Naruto," he whispered softly.

"I am not like her," He shouted in the Uchiha's face, "I am nothing like Sakura! I can stand on my own two feet! I don't need you! You really want to leave that badly, what's stopping you? You've had countless opportunities these past couple of days. You wanted to leave to get away from me in the first place, so why are you still here!?"

"Kakashi-sensei captured me, remember," Sasuke whispered, utterly confused.

"So," Naruto exclaimed, "He's not here right now and I couldn't give a shit if you left or not. I am not an idiot, I can fight for myself. Especially against you. You hate Sakura because she's annoying, am I! It's who I am! So why are you pretending to like me when I'm nothing more than Sakura in your eyes!?"

"Who...told you that," Sasuke asked, understanding dawning on him now. Naruto was insecure because of all the things he had said to the boy in the past.

The blonde shook his head, the blade pressing harder in to the soft skin on the Uchiha's neck, blue eyes narrowing in to black, "No one needed to tell me."

"You truly are an idiot," Sasuke replied, a smirk growing on his face as the boy above him continued to rant in anger. He waited for the fox boy to finish before saying, "If you honestly believe that, you really are dumber than I thought. I'm still here because of you, baka. You still need me too, your dreams are clear evidence of that, so don't even try to delude yourself in to thinking you don't. As for comparing you to Sakura...never really thought about it that way. You're a lot different than she is. At least you can think for yourself."

" call me so many names all the time...why are you toying with me," Naruto asked, his resolve faltering.

The blonde's grip loosened on his hands and he slipped one free, bringing it to the sun kissed face above him and trailing it along those features he knew so well. Naruto could only stare. "You may not need me, but for some reason, I need you."

Threading his hand through that feathery blonde hair, he pulled the stunned boy closer to him, closing the distance between their lips.

Little to their knowledge, a certain pink haired kunoichi was watching the scene unfold with tears streaming down her cheeks. Little did she know, a certain whited haired teacher watched her as she ran away from the tormenting vision of the boys tangled together in the dirt.

Sighing dramatically, Kakashi-sensei pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger, squinting his eyes shut tightly. "Their mission is just going to be one pleasant trip through utter hell."

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