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This oneshot came random to us after watching the Doctor Who episode "The Unicorn and the Wasp". It's based after the episode, and involved the Doctor and Donna talking about that little kiss…

Title: "An Odd Discussion"

Summary: Based after 'The Unicorn and the Wasp' -spoilers-. The Doctor and Donna talk about that kiss she planted on him, and a weird discussion ensures! No romance! Might possible be funny…Our take on what the episode left out - Co-written by PlutoForPlanethood04!!

An Odd Discussion



The Doctor watched as Donna carefully replaced all the things he'd brought out of his trunk, and placed it back under the panels on the floor. She then stood up and dusted off her pretty 1920s dress.

"Better go change…this outfit will be just a tad outdated," Donna grinned, about to leave the console room.

"Um, Donna?"

She turned around, "Yeah?"

"Erm…" the Doctor was visually uncomfortable now, and kept rubbing the back of his neck and running a hand through his hair.

"Well…quick question. Why did you kiss me?"

Donna shrugged brazenly, "You said you needed a shock, remember?"

The Doctor nodded, shoving his hands in his pockets, "Yeeeeah…but, you could've hidden somewhere, jumped out and yelled 'Boo!'."

Donna chuckled, pulling the hairpins out of her red hair and letting it loose, "I was a little more creative then that, ya think?"

"But…you kissed me!"

"Yeah, I gathered that…"

The Doctor shrugged, "It wasn't half bad. You're a good kisser."

That wiped the brazen expression off Donna's face, "You what?"

The Doctor smiled, "Just saying—"

"You…you did not just say that!" Donna cried, "You'd better not be bringing up the mating thing again!!"


"Oh my God, you are!!"

"I am not!"

"I told ya, sunshine, I ain't mating with you!"

"Donna!" the Doctor cried, "I don't want to mate with you!"

"Oh, that's nice, innit?" Donna said huffily, folding her arms crossily.

"I can't win with you, can I?" the Doctor exclaimed, "You're very insufferable!"

Donna leaned against the console, and smirked, "Am I bovvered?"


"Am I bovvered though? Do I look bovvered?"

The Doctor shook his head and refused the urge to whack it on some sort of wall.

"All I said…" he repeated slowly, as if talking to a 2-year-old, "Was you weren't a half-bad kisser…and thanks for helping me out there! You saved my life, remember? Poison? Me? Drink? Ring a bell?"

Donna smiled, "No problem, then. You weren't too bad yourself,"

The Doctor smiled at this half-compliment, before Donna giggled and said, "My guess is you've kissed a different woman for every year of your life."

The Doctor scowled, "Have not."

"Bet ya have."

"Do you think of me as some Playboy?"

"I ain't calling you Hugh Hefner!"

The Doctor ran a hand through his hair and suggested, "How about we just never speak of that kiss – or this conversation – again?"

Donna nodded, holding out a hand, "Alright."

They shook on it, and the Doctor said they should go to bed as it had been a hard day. As they took off towards their own rooms, the Doctor smirked and yelled something over his shoulder.

"I still insist you're quite a good kisser!"


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