Birth, and ReBirth 02: College Time Blues.

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A/N Forward:

High School is over for our heroes Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, and it wasn't the end of the world.

It was the end of high school, however, and the beginning of a totally new adventure for them and all of their friends and families...and foes.

It's a Birth of new emotions, friendships, and ways of life, and a ReBirth of old emotions, friendships, and ways of life; but, after all, isn't that what college is all about?

The beginning of college at MIST actually started as high school ended; the summer prior to the fall semester is always a cornucopia of exciting events for both the institution as well as the students. For MIST, it's even more so this year, with Middleton having been in the center of the Lowardian invasion events.

Some things will remain the same, and some will change, drastically….

It's time for everyone leaving high school, and others, to have the College Time Blues….


Chapter 5: Revelations 3: classes start 2


"Welcome to MIST," he announced from across the living room, "and Inquiry 1101J, World Politics and Reconstruction. My name is Dr. Jamison Stephens Snodgrass, and my co-professor in this class is someone special: our newest member of the MIST faculty, Dr. Wade Agamemnon Load," Jamison nodded toward Wade, and he smiled at the applause.

"Excuse me?" the tall, slender young man spoke, and Jamison nodded. "My name is Telmund Holtzmann, from Iraq. Dr. Load, you are famous in my country for your software algorithms, but I was wondering about two things," he grinned.

"Yes?" Wade replied.

"Sir, just how old are you?" he asked, and several voices murmured.

Wade laughed. "I'll be 15 in a few months, and my girlfriend will be 16 shortly after that," he replied, and several girls in the room chuckled. "What can I say: I like older women," Wade added, generating more chuckles from ladies in the room.

"The other question: can you introduce me formally to this beautiful young woman I'm sitting with?" he pointed to Kim, and several people in the room smiled. "She said her name was Kim, and she says she knows you, but I did not get her last name," he added, and the smiles turned to chuckles as Kim blushed.

"What?" he asked, looking down at the fly of his pants, "did I do something wrong?" and several laughed.

"Y'all don't know who she is, or that she's engaged to the most totally perfect hottie on the planet?" Kim turned to see a grinning brunette with a deep, golden, sun-created tan, laughing. "Kim, face it: Your BFF is H-O-T HOT," she stood and walked over to Kim, who by now was smiling and only a bit blushing at the girl's comments about her fiancé. "After all, what can be hotter than those looks, his personality, and the fact that he can save you and the world, all before a dinner Naco?" she laughed before continuing. "Ah'm Annabelle Stephanie Cartwright, from West Eden, Texas, by the way: where 'men are men and sheep are afraid'," she grinned as the room burst into laughter.

"Hi, Annabelle, I'm-"

"'Kimberly Ann Possible,'" came the chorus from several people in the room.

"'Check my name,'" was added by a handful of others, and Kim blushed.

"I'm not that bad," Kim laughed, and Wade and Annabelle both smiled.

"Really, I'm not," she added, and several still continued to chuckle.

"I am sorry, but should that name mean something to me?" Telmund inquired, and the room became deathly quiet.

Annabelle would have sworn she could hear the tumbleweeds blowing across the road in the silence that Telmund had created.


Emerson Brooks Moore smiled, his bright white teeth totally outshining his almost black skin. "I mean, should I know him?" he said in his Chilean accent and pointed at Ron, who grinned back at him.

"Dude," Ronny Rowell, a pudgy Japanese student laughed. "He invented the Naco, or haven't you had 'the food of the gods' yet in your country?" he laughed, and Ron pushed Rufus back down into his pocket before he could comment.

"He had a slow year last year, so he had a lot of spare time" a young Amer-Asian woman said with more then a hint of laughter, "not much to do… just save the world...but not a lot else besides that." She walked over to stand in front of Ron and smiled as he stood up and bowed to her. "Stoppable-San is, indeed, a hero," Cathryn Cochran added quietly and returned the bow.

"Saved us from what?" Emerson asked, his native Spanish accent bleeding over into his English.

"The Lowardians," Cathryn replied, slightly amused. "They were in all the papers, and they took 'pod-casting' to a whole new level," she added with a grin, ignoring all the groans from other students in the class.


"It should, Telmund, if you were alive last May when the Lowardians came a'callin'" Annabelle smiled. "They left enough pods for everybody, or didn't you notice?"

"Pods? Lowardians?" Telmund repeated, with the confused look on his face showing quite clearly to everyone.

"Those 20-foot-tall monstrosities sent by the aliens: the destroyed anything and everything that they could. Surely you didn't miss that… did you?" Annabelle asked with a lopsided grin.

"The Iranian government said that those were sent by the Great Satan to cause suffering of the people of Islam, but I didn't believe it," he whispered. "We were truly attacked from space?"

"Indeed, we were," Dr. Snodgrass stated. "And that's one of the reasons for this class this semester: together we will explore what happened to each and every one of us, so each of us can confront and defeat our demons before they take us over," he added, and Wade looked at him, surprised at his choice of words. Kim glanced at Wade, caught his eye, and winked. Wade smiled back at her and returned the wink.

Kim looked at Jamison and smiled.

Jamison recognized her look, and he shuddered inside. 'Not again, and not her,' he thought, realizing that her background made her the perfect candidate.


"Well," Dr. Zappa laughed at the exchange, "besides saving the world, Mr. Stoppable is a pretty fair cook in his own right. In fact, I asked him to prepare the meal for today, which is why you are the only group that didn't have to contribute funds or food for the meeting today," and the cheers made Dr. Zappa laugh.

"Since we won't really get around to introducing ourselves until later, I thought you should know who I am. My name is Tamara Zappa," and a couple of students looked up in surprise, "and, no, I'm not related to him," she added as Ron slipped out of the room just as the doorbell rang.

"That'll be Ron's help for today," Dr. Zappa explained as she called out, "come in."

Emerson and Ronnie both almost fell from their seats when the two young women entered the room.

"I'm in love," Ronnie called out, staring at the blond. She giggled in response to his statement.

"In my country, we have a saying," he announced as he stood and walked over to the other young woman, took her hand, and kissed it: "'Boys do make passes at girls who wear glasses,'" he stated emphatically, and the young woman blushed. "How does Ron find all of these beautiful young women, or does Middleton just grow lovely ladies by the gross?"

"Heel, Emerson," Ron laughed from the kitchen. "First, the young woman in the glasses is engaged to a man who could have you for a midnight snack. Besides, she will be one of your professors in the future, most likely: meet Dr. Justine Flanner," and Justine smiled and nodded to the applause and the blushing of Emerson.

"And, Ronnie, you do NOT want to mess with Tara Strong, if you know what's good for you: she'll run you over with her Gourd and then laugh when she backs up to get you again," and Tara dimpled while Ronnie gulped.

Tara smiled: she knew what affect she would have with her attire. The white silk blouse that she had chosen showed her off, and the black leather miniskirt went perfectly with her black seamed stockings and two-inch heels. She had managed to get Justine to play along, but not as much: Justine stuck with a silk white blouse, as well, but she had added a red scarf to the ensemble. Her skirt was black, but not leather, and went to her knees. She did match Tara in stockings and heels: both ladies wore 2-inch black patent leather Pradas.

Justine took out a disk from her folder, popped it into the changer, and started it. The music started softly, rhythmically, and a couple of people chuckled: they recognized the tune: Ravel's Bolero from movies that their parents watched.


Jefferson listened as several people tried to explain to Telmund just who Kim Possible was, but he was more concerned with her watching him. He had seen her looking at him when he came into the room, and he had seen her surreptitious glances at him during the opening. He wished he had asked Wade more about her, but he never would he have expected that she would be one of them. He decided that, for his own sanity (and safety, he grinned inside: 'after all, she could really hurt me!' he thought), he would have stop this before it ever started by having 'the talk' with her after everyone had left tonight. He'd get his daughter to take any stragglers home so there would be no student witnesses should she have any unexpected, or undesirable, reactions….


Ron tossed his cleavers in the air just as the music was about to end. They spun, and he caught them as the music ended.

The room grew silence for a second. Then, a single pair of hands started to applaud and was quickly joined by the entire gathering of students and faculty.

"Wait!" he shouted, and they all gradually quieted down, looking at him expectantly.

"You haven't tasted anything… yet," he pointed at the pile of large paper bowls at the front of the serving line. "Nacos a'la Ronald are now being served," he announced regally, and everyone moved toward the same destination: the beginning of the line.

"Ron, that was incredible," Tara said softly as she kissed his right cheek. "I've never seen a display like that, even at the Teppinyaki restaurants."

"My Ronald," Justine purred, nibbling on Ron's left ear. The combination must have been drawing an inordinate amount of blood to Ron's face from his other extremities as evidenced by the staggered steps he took after Justine finished her 'pre-meal snack'.

"Justine, that was pure evil," Tara grinned as she joined Justine and both watched Ron's first wobbly steps toward the serving line. Justine smiled at Tara's comment. "I never knew you had it in you," Tara continued as they moved to the serving stations to assemble dinner.

Ron carefully wiped off the cleavers and placed them in a case, closing it, and then locking it before he took his head position at the end of the line to properly inspect and complete the Nacos before anyone dined on his product.


"Miss Possible, may I speak with you, please?" Jamison tried to steel himself inside: he had no idea of how she would react to his statements.

"Sure, Dr. Snodgrass," she replied, grabbing her bottled water and following him into his study. She stopped in her tracks as she took in the sight before her: a classic, old-style Victorian Study done in deep dark hardwoods with bookshelves on every wall.

"Wow, this reminds me of Granddad's study," she announced as she walked around the outside book-laden walls.

"Miss Possible," he began, but Kim chuckled.

"Please, it's Kim," she replied.

"Kim," he nodded. "I have a question for you," and Jamison asked the question that, he knew, would open up the gates.


Monique and Julia Peeples, her roommate, stepped off a rather nice bus at the Mall stop, or so Monique had thought when they got on back near the campus. 'Public transportation: well, at least it's not tubes underground,' Monique thought with an inner grin.

The entire time, though, Monique had to convince Julia to come with her into the store.

"You'll be fine," Monique said one last time as the bus pulled away.

"All right," Julia nodded as she followed Monique into the mall.

Once they made their way inside, Monique quickly and efficiently guided them to the escalator. Riding up to the third level, Monique stepped off and immediately headed to her right.

"Wait!" Julia called as she hurried to catch up, and Monique stopped and turned to face her.

"You know where we're going?"

"Nine stores down, on the right," Monique responded without hesitation, then turned and headed toward her goal, her purse and portfolio in hand.

'How does she…never mind,' Julia grinned inside as she followed as quickly as she could.

Monique turned into the store without checking that Julia was behind her.

"Oh, snap: more probe shoppers, or even worse yet: applicants," the assistant manager mumbled to herself as she watched Monique walk into the story, head for the latest shipment rack, thumb through it quite rapidly, and pull out a blouse.

"Julia: come here," Monique called just as Julia came in the store. Julia walked over and gasped at what Monique had in her hand: the blouse was the most beautiful garment she'd ever seen.

Monique held it up to her front, gave it a critical eye, and then smiled. "GF: it's you; go and try it on," she handed it to her. Julia stared for a moment, and then looked around.

Monique sighed. "At the rear of the store, behind the registers and on the right," she said, and Julia headed down the aisle as the assistant manager, reluctantly, came walking toward Julia.

"Welcome to Club Banana: may I help you?" she smiled at Julia and pointed to the dressing rooms which were just were Monique had said they were when Julia muttered about them, but Monique could see that the manager's smile was painted on and that she was not amused. 'Probably thinks we're student lookers only, or just look for job apps,' she thought as she watched the manager's face as she watched Julia enter a dressing room then started making her way to where Monique was as she looked over several racks of blouses.

When the manager asked is she could help, Monique asked innocently "Yes, have you received the new shipments from Milan?" She knew that the shipments were supposed to be on the floor weeks ago, but she hadn't seen them where the standard floor plans for a Club Banana stated they should be.

"Well, we have," the manager replied, more than a bit patronizingly, "but we've been busy with all of the new students coming in for their first visit to Club B," she crossed her arms over her chest with a smug look hidden behind her smile.

"Well, aren't you lucky?" Monique asked rhetorically.

Julia, just returning from the dressing room, chuckled at Monique's comment. The blouse fit her perfectly, and she felt like a million.

Monique looked up and smiled broadly. "GF, that blouse is screaming your name: that new look is so you," she said, eliciting a nod from Julia and a surprised look from the manager.

"So," Monique continued, turning back to face the manager, "if you're that busy, you must not have filled those extra positions that you got from Corporate. We'll take two of them and solve some of your problems for you," she added with a grin that would have made the Cheshire Cat jell.

"Do you have any retail experience?" the manager asked, fully expecting a BullsEye reject and not thinking about Monique's knowledge of her staffing plans..

"As a matter of fact, I do, and I have a reference," Monique replied, reaching into her purse and pulling out her cell phone.

"We don't take phone references," the manager replied haughtily.

"Oh, it's not a phone reference," Monique replied with a hidden grin. "It's a video: my 'reference' wanted to make certain that you believed who he was." She pulled up the video on her cell phone, punched the play button.

"If you are watching this," the voice boomed from the cell speaker, "Then Monique Jenkins has come into your store and is looking for a job.

"Coco says, 'hire her yesterday,'" and the image on the phone's screen cleared to reveal a smiling Coco Banana, head of the Club Banana empire of stores and all things fashion.

Monique was certain that the manager would need to change her underwear very, very soon.

"Coco says that you would make a major error in judgment by not hiring Miss Jenkins for several reasons, not the least of which is her absolute amazing set of customer service skills. Miss Jenkins could sell my own clothes to me and make me happily pay retail," he laughed, and Julia stood very still and was more than a bit stunned at her good fortune in roommates.

"And, the traffic she will draw to your store when the word gets out that you have one of the people who fought against and helped to defeat the Lowardians… well, Coco says you would be a fool not to snap her up.

"If you are not a Club Banana Manager, Coco says 'Oh, Snap: we didn't grab her when we had the chance,'" Coco smiled. "And, if you are a Club Banana Manager and have any questions about her skills, just pull up her employee number and see how many CB accounts she opened this last year.

"Coco says 'Ciao,'" he laughed. "And Coco says 'Good luck, Miss Jenkins,'" and the video froze with the grinning face of the Club Banana owner.


"Dr. Snodgrass, how did you know?" Kim, by now, red-eyed and tear-streaked, was sitting in a chair and holding a box of tissues in her lap. The table next to her had a growing pile of used ones on it. Now, Dr. Snodgrass sat across from her.

"Kim," he smiled, "you don't want to know how many young ladies and men have become infatuated with me," he replied. "Of course, my wife keeps asking me where I hide my pheromone spray," he laughed, "because she still cannot believe that these young people would fall for her old goat of a husband."

"You're not old," Kim shot back, and Dr. Snodgrass shook his head.

"Kim, I'm older than your father," he replied with a knowing smile. "I know: I remember him as a freshman here at MIST when I was a graduate student, mainly because we all loved watching him and his friends when they tried to get dates," he added, and Kim couldn't help but snort out a laugh. "And, thank you, by the way, for believing that I'm not old and for not hurting me," he stood and motioned for her to do the same.

"Hurt you?" she asked, standing and still holding a tissue to dab against her now-red eyes, red from all of the tears.

"Kim, I've watched your 'career' from the news, and I did not relish having you get angry and teach me 1-16 of Kung Fu," he replied matter-of-factly, and Kim couldn't help but smile. "Besides, if I was ever stupid enough to try anything, I'm quite sure you boyfriend would do to me what he did to the Lowardians… if he could find enough left after you and my wife finished up," he added, and this time Kim couldn't hold back her laughter.

"Are we all right, Kim?" he asked, holding out his hand.

Kim took it and shook it. "We are, Dr. Snodgrass, and thank you for not treating me like some young lovesick fool."

"Oh, you're lovesick all right, Kim, but I've seen the ring. Mr. Stoppable is, indeed, a very lucky young man," he added, and Kim couldn't help herself.

She pulled him into a quick hug, the kind that one would give an uncle or grandfather. "Actually, Dr. Snodgrass, I'm the lucky one," she said after she pulled back and smiled. "Besides," she smirked, reaching up and planting a chaste kiss on his cheek, "I'm full of surprises. If I really wanted to hurt you, you'd never feel the pain." Turning, she walked to the door and opened it. "See you later, Doc, and thank you, again," she called over her shoulder. She stopped for a moment, turned, blew him a kiss, giggled, and left the room, closing the door on Dr. Snodgrass.

Kim walked to the front door and headed outside. She was surprised to see the same young woman that she'd met on the way in. "So, you're his daughter," Kim remarked as she pulled the door closed.

"Guilty as charged," she laughed. "Sandra D'Anne Snodgrass, but I go by Sandy," she continued, and smiled when Kim winced. "I know, it's sad, but Mom and Dad have a very perverse sense of the absurd when it comes to their kids."

"Kim Possible," Kim said with a smile as she extended her hand to shake Sandy's.

"I know," she laughed. "Dad let you down easy?"

Kim blushed. "How did you know?" She asked.

"Kim, if I wasn't his daughter, I'd be hitting on Dad: he's a real hunk of a man. You really don't want to know what Mom calls him in private," she grinned.

"TMI," Kim laughed.

"Besides, this happens at least once a semester," Sandy said as she and Kim walked toward Kim's car.

Kim slapped her forehead. "My friends!" she yelled.

"No problem," Sandy replied. "I already took them back in Dad's car. Use the 'rent's gas and save mine," she chuckled.

"Thank you," Kim said.

"Like you say, Kim: 'no big,'" Sandy said as they walked up to Kim's car. Sandy's eyes grew big when she saw Kim's car, and she ran to the front of it and grinned really big. Then, she ran to the back and stared at the rear of the car.

Kim sighed: she knew this reaction.

"Wow, A Sloth SL-1," Sandy's grin was huge. "Let me guess: your dad had it in the garage all these years and gave it to you so he didn't have to buy you a new car, correct?"

"It was this car or work five jobs, all at one time," Kim laughed, remembering her shock when she saw the prices of the cars she wanted.

"Trust me, I heard that," Sandy replied. "I got my grandmother's Gourd when she had to stop driving; at least she'd bought a replacement only four years before she had to stop.

"Let me guess: your Dad tricked out the car, right?"

"Actually, it was the Tweebs that did the deed."


"Twin dweebs: my brothers, Jim and Tim," Kim explained.

"You're so lucky: my brothers almost destroyed the car when they tried to 'help' me with a tune-up: I swear they'd put spark plugs in upside down," Sandy sighed, remembering the smoke that came from the engine before she, figuratively, 'pulled the plug' and stopped the engine before it ground to a permanent halt.

"Not mechanical?" Kim laughed as she opened the door and got in the car.

"As mechanical as a cloud, Kim," she laughed as Kim lowered her window. "They are more musical and artistic than mechanical. I do love them, but don't you dare tell them I said so."

"Same here, and same reaction, Sandy," Kim stuck her hand out. "Sandy, it was nice to meet you, and I hope we can become friends."

"As long as you don't go all 16 kinds on Dad, we'll be cool," Sandy laughed.

"Deal," Kim started the car and headed back to the dorm.

She drove out of the neighborhood, but she didn't head home. She knew where she wanted to go, though: back to their park, back to their swing.

She pulled into the parking lot, turned off the engine, ran out of the car and to the swing, and threw herself into it, the tears having started halfway to the swing.

She went as high as she could, reaching for the sky several times and crying the entire time for what seemed like hours. She finally calmed down, and her swinging went from competition to relaxing. Closing her eyes, Kim gave into the feeling and tuned out everything but the rhythm of the swing and the sounds of the unit to the point that she didn't hear an approaching person.

"I wondered who was attacking the swings," a woman's voice, a voice that brought Kim out of her introspection and back to the real world. Opening her eyes, she noticed that she had been swinging a little higher then she had started when she closed her eyes. On her next back swing, she could see a young woman in a silk blouse, a red scarf around her neck, and a black skirt standing just out of the way.

"Hi, Justine," Kim said as she reached the highest part of her back swing. As she started to swing forward she added "Give me a sec, and I'll…"

She didn't finish as Justine interrupted her, "No, you hang on a sec; I'll join you," and she quickly moved to the empty swing to the right of Kim, sat down, made a small adjustment to her skirt, then she started her own swing after watching Kim make one full swing back and forth.

Kim hadn't made the needed motions to keep her self swinging at the same rhythms and height and was slowing down. In just a moment or two, Justine was matching Kim's motions in perfect sync.

"Remember when we used to do this back in First Grade?" Justine asked as they swung back and forth. "We used to have contests when one of us was upset about something."

Kim could not help a small smile at the young woman beside her on the swing set. Then, her smile got bigger as Justine kicked off her Pradas and sent them flying, continuing to swing and laugh in her his hose-clad feet.

"So, what is it, Kimberly?" she asked, and Kim came down on the forward swing and stuck her feet out to stop. Justine did the same, and she turned to look at Kim.

"You've been crying!" she exclaimed.

Kim nodded. "I did something stupid, Justine," she admitted.

"Well, unless you cheated on Ronald or hit on Steve Barkin, it couldn't be that bad," Justine grinned, and Kim couldn't help but laugh.

"So, is this college-related, Kimberly?" Justine asked, restarting her swing.

"Yes, Professor Snodgrass, to be precise," Kim admitted, and Justine stuck her feet out and came to a screeching stop.

"Professor Snodgrass…" Justine said with a hint of surprise and amazement in her voice. "Chocolate Thunder? You've got 'Chocolate Thunder?'" Justine asked with a grin, and Kim burst out laughing. "Girl, he's the reason I started seriously looking at Mike," Justine's grin turned into a full bore smile. "My very own frozen vanilla pop, Grande-sized, there for the licking," she added, her smile transforming into an evil grin.

"Justine!" Kim stared and laughed at the same time. "TMI!" she shouted.

"What?" Justine laughed. "Jamison IS a hunk, and I had just turned 16 when I first met Chocolate Thunder. Dad was gone, and I was looking for a father figure, anywhere, to hang onto. Well," Justine smiled, "that's what I told myself, anyway.

"Kimberly, you remember what I was like the beginning of junior year, and you remember what I was like the summer between Jr. and Sr. year," and Justine re-started her swinging. "It took my falling in severe like-like with Jamison and him talking to me to help me realize what I was…" Justine got quiet and stopped suddenly, turning to stare at Kim wide-eyed. "Oh, no, you didn't!" she whispered as her right hand cupped her own right check. "You didn't fall for him, too!" she whisper-shouted.

Kim lowered her face and replied, "Uh-huh."

"Well," Justine said as she stood up. Slowly, she closed the distance between them as she walked over to Kim, her stocking-clad feet becoming coated in the playground sand. She gently lifted Kim's face to look into her eyes, "That just confirms, by experimentation, that both of us have great taste in men Kimberly: first Ronald, and now Jamison. Just don't go after Mikey, please and thank you," she said with a smile.

"You're safe, Justine," Kim replied, and the two friends hugged.


Kim, sitting in her first college class, couldn't help thinking that 'it's finally starting' when her Kimmunicator gave a 2 second vibration on her wrist letting her know that she had just received a text message. She looked at the display and grinned:

"Kim: We've got to stop meeting like this... Ron and Rufus are starting to talk… ;-) Wade."

The classroom door opened, and Wade entered, carrying his PosComm. Several students snickered as he walked across the front of the class until he stopped at the lecture podium. Kim watched as he opened a laptop that no one had noticed already there and running, and pressed a button either on the computer or the podium that brought up the large screen behind him with an innocuous screen-saver, already up and running: an old-fashioned flying star field, not unlike one from the bridge scene on a Captain Constellation episode.

"Good morning. I'm Dr. Wade Load. Use the keypad on your desk to register your name, please and thank you: that way, I'll know who is here and who to credit for solid responses to my questions." The room was quiet except for the clicking of fingers on the keypads.

After a couple of minutes, Wade's PosComm beeped. He looked at it and smiled. "Thank you. Now, for the opening question: who here can tell me where Grace Hopper is buried?"

Kim grinned but did not respond.

Wade waited for a moment or two then asked "James Bakeson?"

"In her grave," James replied with a smirk.

Wade made a sound like that of a game-show buzzer before replying "Actually, no, but thanks for playing, James," Wade gave a lopsided grin. "Looks like you just earned the first four-page report, due tomorrow, on the life history of Grace Hopper and her contributions to the computational sciences," he added, and James groaned.

"Anyone?" Wade called out, and then he centered his focus in Kim's direction.

Kim punched the button.

"Yes, Miss Possible?" Several heads shot up and craned to see where Kim was sitting.

"Arlington National Cemetery," Kim replied.

"You are correct, Miss Possible," Wade replied.

"That's not fair," James snorted. "You probably fed her the answer with that phone of yours, since you work for her."

"First, Mr. Bakeson," Wade shot back, "I did not feed Miss Possible the answer: it can be found on page 3 of the course syllabus. If you had read the first 25 pages of the class syllabus, which was the pre-work assignment for the start of class, you would have known the answer.

"Second, this is not a phone, it is a PosComm: I built it for my almost-fiancé to use in her activities. Since then, Team Possible has begun to adopt the unit as standard equipment.

"Third, I work for the Institute, not Miss Possible. I have no more reason to give her answers than to give them to you." Wade's smile returned. "Now, if you had legs as good as hers in a skirt," he winked at a now-blushing Kim, "there might be a reason for me to give you favor," his smile now took on an evil tint, "but I doubt that you can pull off the look," and the ladies in the class all hooted.

"And, finally," Wade continued when the ladies quit laughing at the now red-faced James, "I'm a full partner in Team Possible. I am not a minion, lackey, or henchperson. If you want henchpersons, you can call Jack Hench at HenchCo: I have his number."

"I don't deserve to be treated like this: I want to transfer to another class, with a different instructor" James snorted, crossing his arms over his chest in what he clearly saw as a victory.

Again Wade made a sound like a game show buzzer, "Sorry, but you lose, again," Wade's smile was now totally evil and would have giving Drakken or Dementor a run for their money. "I'm teaching this class and the other sections of CS1101 for Doctor Jonathan Smith; he's been called to NASA in Houston for a new study on spacecraft design. Besides, I assumed you came to MIST to learn from the best, correct?

"Yeah, why?" he asked, and Kim got ready for the "download" on his head.

"I guess I should take a moment or two and tell you my background, then," Wade replied as he walked around the podium until he was standing in front of the teacher's desk, where he leaned back on it and grinned like the cat that had devoured the canary, whole.

"I have my PhD in Computer Science, a joint PhD in Aeronautical and Particle Physics, and a third PhD in Economics." Kim could see James wince. "By the way, I graduated Summa cum Laude in all three, and I'm currently completing my fourth PhD in Chemistry, specializing in Lowardian chemical compounds. I received the Stinson, B. I. Frey, and the Bernstein-AutoRef awards for artificial intelligence and cyber-robotics, alternate energy solutions research, and economics, respectively." Wade's grin returned to normal as he paused for a second to let what he had just said sink in. "In my spare time I have a couple of partnerships in which I participate, one of which I've already mentioned," he reached over to the podium and pressed a laptop key that shut down the screensaver and brought up, on the overhead screen, two large logos:

Team Possible; and BlazeIT! Search and Rescue.

The lack of sound was deafening.

"Now that I have you attention," his evil grin back at full force as he gave a very pronounced pregnant pause, "let me inform you that I'm your worst nightmare." Kim was unable to totally stifle her laugh at the sight of her friend standing there wearing that grin. Wade looked at her and gave her a quick and almost invisible wink before continuing, "…a professor who doesn't care what you think about me. I'm concerned about your capabilities as a student, and I will do everything I can to assist you and make you a success.

"Conversely, I'll nail your rears to the wall if you don't work.

"Can you escape me? As I'm teaching all four sessions of the class this fall, I think your chances of missing me equal slim and none."

Pausing again, Wade looked squarely at James then said "Spring session? Sorry, James, but you lose again: I've got them covered, as well.

"Good luck," he said with a smile as he stood up and moved to the rear of the podium again. The silence in the room was deafening before he spoke again, looking at no one in particular but, at the same time, staring directly at James.

"Now, for something completely different, a general question that I will not hold against anyone: is there anyone here that believes I treated James with anything but respect?"

Kim finally did let out her whole laugh, as did several other students, as the only hand in the room that went up was James'. He looked around and shrank into his chair.

"You all still have to take the mid-term and the final," and the room laughed as one.

"So, how about we continue with a little more CS History?" Wade asked as he popped up the first slide from the syllabus.

'It's started,' Kim thought as she opened her syllabus and pulled out her notebook.


Author's afterward:

Kim survived her first professorial crush, and no one was hurt.

Classes are starting…and the real fun is about to begin for all.

This will move much faster, so grab a handhold and get ready for a wild ride.


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