Digimon: One-Shot

What is One-Shot?: A bunch of One-Shots from various Digidestined points of view. I'm hoping I can get all twelve of the Digidestined to interact with each other. (So I guess that'll be 144 "chapters")

Why One-Shot?: This is partially inspired by Arcynic's Butter Fly series. But also because I wanted an unreachable goal. Call me a dreamer. :-I

What's in One-Shot?: There's probably going to be a little something for everybody (except citrus lovers, no lemon's or limes for you.) You're probably going to get some of my leanings wherever I can slip them in subconsciously, I suppose you'll have to deal with that. Alright, with that out of the way, lets get to it.

Mirror: (MattxCody)

By: Sonfaro

He's a lot like me. And that scares me.

No I don't mean that he's a good musician. I've only ever seen Cody play one instrument, the recorder, and that had been forced upon him (and us as well) and promptly destroyed by Davis as soon as he no longer needed it. He wasn't much good with his hair either, preferring to wear the bowl cut his mother always got him without question. And not even in partners; Gabumon isn't a true mammal, nor does he seem to share Armadillomon's incessant need to cause trouble.

No. He's a lot like me, in that he does nothing… absolutely nothing, and yet he's still hounded by a myriad of preteen hearts that really have no business having a crush on my brooding friend in the first place. He hops off my scooter with a simple step and automatically switches from honorable youngster into angsty-boy heartthrob. I've never seen anything like it.

"Thanks for dropping me off Matt," Cody sighs and twists his head away from them, walking instead into class without a moments glance. I feel a bead of sweat fall down my face.

It's like looking into a bizarro mirror or something.


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