Digimon: One-Shot

What is One-Shot?:A bunch of One-Shots from various Digidestined points of view. I'm hoping I can get all twelve of the Digidestined to interact with each other. (So I guess that'll be 144 "chapters")

Why One-Shot?:This is partially inspired by Arcynic's Butter Fly series. But also because I wanted an unreachable goal. Call me a dreamer. :-I

What's in One-Shot?: There's probably going to be a little something for everybody (except citrus lovers, no lemon's or limes for you.) You're probably going to get some of my leanings wherever I can slip them in subconsciously, I suppose you'll have to deal with that. Alright, with that out of the way, lets get to it.

Oneshot (Digidestined)

By: Sonfaro


There are twenty four of them on the hill that day. They are waiting.

This will be their last shot before the rest of their summer adventure, the first time they will all be together at once in many weeks. It will be the first time the world is not under threat, or someone isn't looking for revenge, or that a monstrous creature has warped into their lives. It's just them, up the mountain, for the first week of summer. This picture will forever immortalize twenty four individuals who came together to change the face of the universe. Twenty four friends.

For they are friends. Twenty four of them. Twelve humans and twelve digimon. Each bound and chosen by a destiny they never could have dreamed of. Joking and teasing and laughing and waiting together. Friends, till the end of time. Happy. This is the last shot they will take before the rest of their adventure. One last shot before the rest of their lives. And though this will be far from a perfect image, they all know it will be fine. They are together. And this one shot will be their favorite.

"Ready everyone? Five… Four… Three… Two… One!"

The camera flashes, signalling the ending of one story...

And the beginning of everything else.